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Our Legal Services
Medical Negligence Compensation
C Diff Compensation
Misprescription of Drugs Claims
Delayed or Misdiagnosis Compensation
Birth Injury Compensation Claims
Birth Injury Claims - Children
Birth Injury Claims - Mothers
Stillbirth Pregnancy Claims
Wrongful Birth Compensation Claims
Birth Injury Claims – FAQs
Cervical Cancer Claims
Medical Negligence Claims Referrals
Plastic Surgery Compensation
What is Medical Negligence?
A&E Treatment
Hospital Complaints
Medical Negligence Claims Process
Medical Neligence Claims - Video
Bedsores Compensation
DePuy Hip Replacement Claims
Medical Negligence: Sports Injury Claims
GP Negligence Claims
Orthopaedic Negligence Claims
Nurse Negligence Claims
Surgical Error Claims
Medical Consent Compensation Claims
NHS Never Events
Laser Eye Surgery Compensation
Anaesthetic Awareness Claims
Dental Negligence Claims
Employment Law Solicitors
Employment Law - Employees
Redundancy advice
Settlement Agreements
Settlement Agreements
Guide to Sick Pay
Equal Pay Claims
Unpaid Money Claims
Discrimination at Work Claims
Employment Law - Employers
Gender Pay Gap Reporting
Employment Law - Unions
Employment Law: Example Fees
A Guide To Restrictive Covenants
Legal Helpline
Wills, Probate and Trusts
Wills and Probate Services - Video
Wills Solicitors
UK Wills
Writing a Will
Wills - FAQs
Probate Solicitors
Trusts Lawyers
Contested Wills and Estates
Challenging the validity of a will
What to do if you have been excluded from a Will
How to defend a disputed Will
Financial Services
Inheritance Tax Advice
Enhanced Annuities
What is a Pension Annuity?
Types of Annuities
Industrial Disease Claims
Occupational Asthma Compensation Claims
Disease & Illness At Work Useful Resources
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) Claims
Vibration White Finger (VWF)
HAVS/VWF Compensation
Miners' Claims – Vibration White Finger (VWF)
Industrial Deafness Compensation
Noise Induced Hearing Loss
BT Hearing Loss Claims
Heavy Metal Poisoning at Work
Metal Poisoning Compensation Claims
Chemical Poisoning Compensation Claims
Cancer Compensation
Bladder Cancer Compensation Claims
Occupational Illness Claims
Wood Chip Dust Claims
Degenerative Disease: Knee Injury Claims
Beat Knee Compensation
Osteoarthritis of the Knee Compensation
Road Accident Compensation
Car Accident Compensation
Cycling Accident Claims
Motorbike Accident Compensation
Pedestrian Accident Claims
Animal Accidents
Road Accident Compensation Awards
Family Law and Divorce Solicitors
Divorce Advice Services
Disputes over Children: Contact, Access, Visitation
Child Arrangement Orders - FAQs
What is Legal Separation?
Family Mediation Services
Get a Pre-nup Agreement
Domestic Violence at Home
Non-Molestation Orders - FAQs
Occupation Orders: Protecting You At Home - FAQs
Child taken into Care - Legal Advice
Family Law - Legal Costs
Divorce, Separation & Relationship Coaching
Stalking and Harassment: Advice and Legal Help
Surrogacy Legal Advice
Non-EEA National Parents
Injury Compensation Claims Service
Defective Product Claims
Compensation For Unsafe Or Contaminated Food
Compensation For Bed Bug Bites
Compensation For Food Allergy Reactions
Compensation For White Goods
Product Recall Compensation
Dangerous & Defective Toys Compensation
Negligent Beauty Treatment Claims
Workplace Stress
Workplace Stress - Employees
Sofa Contamination
Accident At Work Compensation
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Claims
Effects of Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Dog Bite Compensation Claims
Sports Injury Compensation Claims
Criminal Injury Compensation
Polish Personal injury
Roszczenie Powypadkowe
Slip, Trip and Fall Claims
Firework Accident Claims
Personal Injury Claims Involving Children
Back Injury Compensation
Tattoo Compensation Claims
Whiplash Injury Claims
Facial Injury Compensation Claims
Foot Injury Compensation Claims
Neck Injury Compensation Claims
Shoulder Injury Compensation Claims
Arm Injury Compensation Claims
Hand/Finger Injury Compensation Claims
Chest Injury Compensation Claims
Leg Injury Compensation Claims
Knee Injury Compensation Claims
Ankle Injury Compensation Claims
USA Personal Injury Claims
Chronic Pain Compensation
Vehicle Defect Compensation Claims
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Corporate/Commercial Solicitors
Commercial Property
Corporate / Commercial Law
Landlord Law - Legal Services
Commercial Property Services - Video
Trade Union - Legal Services
Union Services
BALPA member services
CWU member services
Accident Scene
Gathering Evidence
FPS member services
ISU members services
GMB Member Services
Asbestos Compensation
Mesothelioma Legal Advice
Mesothelioma Compensation
Mesothelioma Symptoms
Mesothelioma treatments
Mesothelioma illness
A Guide to Asbestos
Asbestos-Related Illnesses And Claims – FAQs
Asbestosis Compensation
Conveyancing Services to Help you Move
A Helpful Guide to Conveyancing
Conveyancing Solicitors
Your Guide To Conveyancing
The Conveyancing Process
Buying or Selling a House
Buying a Property Through Shared Ownership
Conveyancing Fees, Costs and Disbursements
An A-Z of Conveyancing Terms
Your Guide to Stamp Duty and Land Registry Charges
Conveyancing FAQs
Catastrophic/Life Changing Injury Claims
Serious Injuries
Life Changing Injury Useful Resources
Brain / Head Injury Claims
Head Injury Compensation
Head Injury Guidelines
Head Injury Treatment
Serious Brain Injury
Head / Brain Injury
Brain / Head Injury Prevention
Brain / Head Injury Symptoms
Brain / Head Injury Side Effects
Head Injury Advice
Spinal Cord Injury Claim
Amputation Compensation
Interim Payments - Serious Injury
Motorcycle & Motorsports Injury Claims
Claims For Fatal Accidents
Debt Recovery
Care Home Fees Advice
Care Homes - FAQs
Holiday Claims Experts
Holiday Illness Claims
Food Poisoning on Holiday Claims
Guide to Salmonella on Holiday and Compensation Claims
Guide to E. coli on Holiday
Guide to Campylobacter Holiday Claims
Cryptosporidium Abroad Claims
Guide to Dysentery caused by Shigella Abroad
Guide to Cyclospora on Holiday and Compensation Claims
Holiday Accident Claims
Airplane Accident Claims
Accident Abroad - FAQs
Accident on Holiday Compensation
Personal Injury on Holiday
Types of Accidents Abroad Claims
Road Accident Abroad Claims
Balcony Fall Accident Claims
Holiday Swimming Pool Accident Claims
Glass Shattering - Hotel Accident Claims
Waterslide Accident Abroad Claims
Hotel Slip, Trip and Fall Claims
Hotel-Watch Illness / Sickness
Cruise Ship Compensation Claims
Guide to Ruined Holiday Complaints and Compensation
Accident/Illness - UK Hotels
Holiday Destinations
Egypt Holiday Claims
Dominican Republic Holiday Claims
Turkey Holiday Compensation
Bulgaria Holiday Compensation
Tunisia Holiday Claims
Mexico Holiday Claims
Cuba Holiday Compensation
Balearic Holiday Compensation
Guide to Holiday Claims in Spain
Guide to Canary Islands Accident and Illness Claims
Guide to Greece Holiday Illness and Accidents
Cyprus Holiday Claims
Egypt Nile Cruise Claims
Cape Verde Holiday Claims
Portugal Holiday Compensation
Caribbean Holiday Compensation
Goa, Sri Lanka, Maldives Holiday Claims
Morocco/Kenya Holiday Claims
Djerba Holiday Compensation Claims
Thomas Cook Complaints
Thomson Complaints
Holiday Complaint Claims
Booking holidays
Mis-sold Holidays
First Choice Complaints
Guide to Jet2 Holidays Complaints
Guide to Red Sea Holidays Complaints
How to Make a Holiday Complaint Directly to your Tour Operator
Holiday Slips and Trips
Court of Protection
Deputyship Advice
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Court of Protection: Mental Capacity Act
Court of Protection: Deprivation of Liberty
Mental Capacity and Best Interests
How is Capacity Assessed?
What Does Best Interests Mean?
Capacity Disagreements and Litigation Friends
Capacity and Best Interests - How We Can Help
Community Care Legal Services
Child Abuse Compensation Claims
Care Fees - Continuing Care Health Funding
Court of Protection Issues - Carers
Support for Migrants
Public Law & Human Rights
Young People And Children In The Law
Education Law Solicitors
Special Educational Needs
Asperger's Syndrome
Autism - Education Law
Cerebral Palsy - Education Law
Cystic Fibrosis - Education Law
Down's Syndrome - Education Law
Dyslexia - Education Law
Dyspraxia - Education Law
Muscular Dystrophy - Education Law
Legal Advice for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Cases
Transferring Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Children To Secondary School
EHC Plans and Post-16 Education
A Guide to School Admissions & Exclusions
Judicial Reviews
Education Law - FAQs
Representation for Non-Attendance
Taking Children Out Of School During Term Time
Solicitors for the Elderly
Financial Advice - Elderly Clients
Mental/Physical Capacity
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Legal Services Video
Professional Negligence Claims
Electricians - Professional Negligence
Plumbers - Professional Negligence
Builders - Professional Negligence
Financial Advisors - Professional Negligence
Accountants - Professional Negligence
Architects - Professional Negligence
Barristers - Professional Negligence
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery - Negligence
Dental Negligence Claims
Medical - Professional Negligence
Surveyors - Professional Negligence
Solicitors - Professional Negligence
Immigration Advice and Legal Support
High Value/Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Application
Sponsored Workers - Visa Applications
Temporary Worker - Visa Applications
Student - UK Visa Applications
Visiting the UK - Visa Application Help
Joining Family in the UK - Immigration
Asylum and Protection Applications
Settling in the UK or Indefinite Leave to Remain
EU Nationals and your family
Becoming British - Naturalisation
Your Right to Appeal an Immigration Decision
Reviewing Immigration Application Decisions
Specjalisci od prawa imigracyjnego
Children Resident in the UK
Brexit – The Latest Immigration Law Updates
Pro Bono Immigration Services
Specialist Business Immigration Solicitors In The UK
Recruiting Overseas Workers (UK Businesses)
Set Up A Business Or Invest In The UK
Compliance And Sponsor Licences – Protecting Your Business
Polish Legal Services
Mediation Services
Motoring Offences & Driving Endorsements
Appeal Against a Conviction and/or Sentence
Careless Driving Offences
Ignoring Traffic Signs and Signals
Dangerous Driving Offences
Death by Dangerous Driving
Drink Driving Offences
Driving Whilst Disqualified Offences
Driving Licence Return after Disqualification
Exceptional Hardship - Motoring Offences
Failing to Provide Driver Identity
Failing/Refusal to Provide a Specimen
Motoring Offences - Foreign Drivers
Inconsiderate Driving Offences
Logistics - Motoring Offences
Mobile Phone Driving Offences
New/Young Driver - Motoring Offences
Reopening Motoring Convictions and Sentences
"Road Rage" Motoring Offences
Special Reasons - Motoring Offences
Speeding Tickets - Motoring Offences
Totting Up of Penalty Points
Defective Vehicle Loads - Motoring Offences
Tachograph Offences
Motoring Offence Fees
Taxi Licensing Disputes
Motoring Offence Codes
Recommend a Friend Scheme
Recommend a Friend T&Cs
Legal Services: Example Fees
Abuse Claims
Child Abuse Claims
Child Abuse At Sports Centres & Football Clubs
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Legal News
Community News: Equality in the Workplace
Community News: Working Mums
Community: Students
South-west NHS trust fined after failure to contain dermatitis
Insurers Push For Industrial Deafness Reform – Claimants Lose Out
How We Look At Tinnitus May Be Changing
What is Tinnitus, and Why Does it Cause so Much Despair for Sufferers?
The Volkswagen Scandal - The Impact on Consumers and Our Health
The VW Emissions Scandal – How This Could Affect You
Tinnitus Awareness Week
Simpson Millar is Proud to Support the British Lung Foundation's Mesothelioma Research Fund
Asbestos Q and A – How One Man Copes with Diagnosis
Diesel Fumes and Industrial Disease
Canada Commits to Asbestos Ban
Supreme Court Challenge Could Result In Landmark Compensation Ruling
Simpson Millar Lawyer First With Disease And Asbestos Accreditation In Wales
Miners Are Set To Receive Thousands Of Pounds In Compensation After Being Shortchanged By Law Firms
How Could New Chronic Pain Treatment Schemes Help Sufferers
Toxic Household Chemicals Linked To Cancer And Infertility
Welsh Research Links Mesothelioma Survival With Cell Differences
Companies House Drops Plans To Destroy Public Records
Welsh Lung Cancer Sufferer Praises NHS Treatment
Simpson Millar Co-Sponsors South West Regional Lung Cancer Meeting
Ex-RAF Unit Struck Down By Terminal Illnesses Seek To Sue MOD
Busy Roads And Diesel Fumes Linked To Ill Health And Dementia
Simpson Millar Industrial Disease Team Attend Annual BTOG Conference
Employment Law
Missed Work Because of Bad Weather?
Not Allowed To Take My Rest Breaks At Work
May Day and the Fight for Workers' Rights
Do you Really Know What Discrimination is?
Long Awaited Review of Employment Tribunal Fees Announced
My Employer Owes Me Money – What Can I Do?
Woman Awarded £250,000 for Pregnancy Discrimination at Work
Trade Union Bill Published Today
Employment Contract Confusion
Eva Carneiro's Demotion, and 5 Other Reasons for an Employment Tribunal
Why We Need to Keep the Human Rights Act – Defending Employment Rights
Changes to the Legal Services Act 2007: What Does it Mean for HR Professionals?
6 Steps to Deal with Mental Illness in the Workplace
A to Zee – The Festive HR Guide You Need This Year
HR Oracle Explained
6 Steps to Deal with Mental Illness in the Workplace
Transgender Rights at Work: Creating a Supportive Workplace
Employment Law Changes
Employers Encouraged to Pre-empt Equal Pay Claims with Early Measures
Big Brother Boss
How to… Spot a Workplace Bully
Pacquiao's Problem: Dealing With Discriminating Employees
SM Film Festival: The Danish Girl
How To: Beat The Bullies At Work
Flexible Hours Controlled by Management Cause Stress for Low-Paid Workers
Controversial Trade Union Bill Becomes Law
How a Brexit Could Affect Employers
Fawcett Society 150th Anniversary
Ramadan: What All Employers Need to Know
MPs Invite Female Employees to Share Work Experiences in Discrimination Row
Businesses Urged to Adopt Flexible Approach for European Championships
Chelsea FC and Constructive Dismissal
Potential BHS Job Losses Create Redundancy Questions for Employees
How A Brexit Vote Could Spell Uncertainty For Employees
Research Highlights Continued Workplace Bullying For LGBT+ Staff
19 Drivers Are Taking Uber To Court In A Fight For Employment Rights
Sports Direct Derbyshire Staff Are Set To Receive Back Pay Of Around £1Million
Employers Caught Flouting Minimum Wage Law Named and Shamed
TUC Survey Reveals 52% Of Women Have Been Sexually Harrassed At Work
Rising Numbers Of Women Are Facing Maternity Leave Discrimination
US Presidential Election Shines Light On Fitness At Work
Foster Carers Form First Ever Trade Union
Obsession With Youth Makes Experience A Liability
Care Workers Are Suing A Care Provider In A Battle Over The National Minimum Wage
Expensive Employment Tribunal Fees Are Preventing Access To Justice
The Trade Union Act 2016 - Update
Employers Are Still Making Excuses Not To Pay Minimum Wage
A Guide To Supporting Autism In The Workplace
Are You Thinking About Extending Your Lease?
New Year, New House?
To Buy or Not to Buy: Houses, Flats or Terraces?
How to Buy Your First Property
Conveyancing For Buyers: What Does The Process Involve?
Property Sales and Mortgage Lending Falls from 2014
What Does the Autumn Statement Mean for Housing?
DIY Conveyancing
Help to Buy ISA Proves Popular
Could More Have Been Done To Prevent Flood Damage?
Are Things Looking Up for First Time Buyers?
Stamp Duty Changes
Separating Couples at Risk of Higher Rate Stamp Duty Penalty
Help to Buy ISAs Already Accelerating, "Escape from Generation Rent"
Brexit Could See Fall in House Prices
UK House Price Inflation Jumped 9% Before Stamp Duty Rise
All You Need To Know About Conveyancing Searches
First-Time Home Buyers Look To Complex Funding Schemes
First-Time Buyers Forgo Legal Protection In Increasingly Complex House Purchases For Fear Of Damaging Trust In Relationships
Rising House Prices In A Post-Brexit World
Only 9% Of Future UK First-Time Buyers Will Be Able To Afford To Buy Alone
Buying Your First Home – What To Consider
Use Of The Bank Of Granny And Grandad On The Rise As First-Time Buyers Struggle To Get Onto The Property Ladder
Protecting the Silver Pound – Funding your Grandchilds First Home
A Guide To Listed Buildings
Help to Buy Isa Leads to First Time Buyer Confusion
Property Inflation Outstrips Wages
Personal Injury
Blame the Workmen and Their Tools
Calls For Regular Path Gritting
Paying The Ultimate Price In Sports
Store Worker Hurt by Mislabelled Box Receives Compensation from M&S
Camarthen Firm is Found Guilty of Health and Safety Breaches
Accidents Due To A Lack Of Inspection
£7,000 Fine For Leeds Chocolate Maker Who Failed Employee
Assault in the Workplace
Global Asbestos Awareness Week
Crazy Health and Safety Putting People at Risk
Could Your Favourite Sport Leave You With a Brain Injury?
Retired Woman Secures Compensation After Town Centre Fall
When Can I Make A Claim For A Tattoo Injury?
Postal Worker Receives Compensation Following Hand Crush Injury
Gary Tierney Wins £30,000 for Lorry Driver
Postal Worker Forced to Take Early Retirement Receives Compensation
Pupils Secretly Filmed by Teacher Could Claim Compensation
A Checklist for Starting a New Job – Top Tips on Office Ergonomics
A New Years Eve To Remember... Forever?
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2015
The Main Outcome of the CO Conference? – That More Needs to be Done!
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Infographic
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Top 3 Questions Answered
Are We Doing Enough To Prevent Dog Attacks?
When the Clock Stops on Making a Claim
Common Construction Site Accidents
Personal Injury vs Personal Privacy
Compensation Awarded to Client Following a Back Injury At Work
Tinnitus Arising from a Head Injury
Eating Disorders Arising from an Accident
Selfie Slips, Trips and... Deaths
Morrison's Employee Violence Case: Will This Signal A Change In Employers’ Attitudes?
Top 3 Questions Asked by Personal Injury Clients
The Rise of Coin Throwing Incidents in Football
World Health Day and Diabetes
Brain Injury Awareness Month: The Importance of Early Rehabilitation
When Families are so Helpful They Hide the True Extent of a Brain Injury
Brain Injury Awareness in the Construction Industry
What Happens when Someone Mishandles your Claim?
Stressed: Out of Office
MPs Warn Personal Injury Reforms Will Penalise Innocent Claimants
APIL Annual Conference 2016
International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
Mental Health Awareness week
Personal Injury Claims and Brexit - What Do You Need To Know
Jack Straw Backs Ban For Soft Tissue Injury Claims
The Dangers Of Medicating Chronic Pain
Chilcot Report Suggests Forces Were Ill Equipped For Iraq War
The Aftermath Of Brexit – Changes To Personal Injury Claims
A Guide To Soft Tissue Injuries
Rogue School Head Secretly Filmed Pupils & Staff In Toilet
The Danger of Lyme Disease in the Workplace
Sports Star's Knee Injury Highlights Debilitating Nature Of Ligament Damage
When Adventure Sports Go Wrong
Dangerous Animals On The Prowl
National Road Victim Month: Remembering Victims Of Road Traffic Accidents
RSPCA Claim Dangerous Dogs Act Fails To Keep People Safe
Golf Spectator Needs Stitches After Being Injured By A Golf Ball
The Blood, Sweat And Fractures Of Rio 2016
Virtual Reality Technology Helps Paraplegics Feel Their Legs
Study Suggests Virtual Reality Technology Could Help Relieve Chronic Pain
Horrific Accident Prompts Warning Of Bio-Ethanol Burners
Staying Safe Around Sharp Tools In The Garden
TV Doctor Calls For Prescription Overhaul For Chronic Pain
Study Crowdsources Information On How Weather Affects Chronic Pain
British Supermarkets Stocking MRSA Variant Pork
Chronic Illness Sufferers To Avoid Re-Tests For ESA Payments
One In Seven UK Takeaways Fail Food Hygiene Tests
World Mental Health Day Shines Light On Psychological First Aid
Explaining The Duty To Mitigate Loss During A Compensation Claim
Government Puts Brakes On Whiplash Reforms
Could Alternative Treatments Tackle Complex Conditions?
Funding Figures Suggest Mental Health Budgets Continue To Be Cut
Staying Safe While Cycling In The Winter
Rise In Prison Attacks Prompts Extra Staffing Commitment
Tattoo Epidemic Raises Health & Safety Questions
Foot And Ankle Injuries FAQs
High Court Orders End To Prison Strikes
Whiplash Reforms: What Could They Mean For Motorists?
Agnieszka Lipko Wins At Personal Injury Awards
Serious Injury Results In £2.2m Fine For Retailer
Is Your Furniture Safe For Children?
Consumer Protection
Cold Call Scams: The Law's Changing – But What Can You Do Meanwhile?
Why Mr Beavis Lost Parking Fine Case Is Not So Bad for Motorists
The New Consumer Rights Act - Know Your Rights
When Buying A Car Turns Into A 4-Wheeled Disaster
Simpson Millar In Another Test Case Success In Court Of Appeal
Road Traffic Accident
The First National Pothole Day - Small But Damaging
Winter Is Coming… To The Roads
Get Smart on Cycling Safety for the Tour de Yorkshire
29 Year Old Struck Down by Car Receives £57,500 in Compensation
Summertime On The Roads: A Question and Answer Session With Our Experts
How Do You Get To Work and What Does It Say About You?
Road Safety Awareness Week – Have You Taken The Pledge?
A Guide to Winter Road Hazards
Potholes Are Continuing to Get Worse: Our Expert Answers Your Questions
UPDATE: Changes to Whiplash Law
Blitzing Drink and Drug Drivers
Family Law
What Influence do Children Have on Divorce?
Divorce Trends - What Will 2015 Have in Store?
Marriage Rights and Cohabitees – Should The Law Change?
2015 - The Year of The Facebook Divorce?
Arguing with your ex about holidays
What Does Domestic Violence Really Look Like?
Milestone First UK FGM Case
Be #ShareAware With The NSPCC
Protecting Your Children in a Divorce Case
FGM & Forced Marriages - An Issue at Home Not Just Abroad
How a 'Pre-nup' Can Secure a Family's Inheritance
Do Househusbands Get A Raw Deal With Divorce?
Cafcass Statistics Show Real Impact of Reforms
Clare's Law Update
Welsh Bill To Get New Name Recognising Female Domestic Abuse
Modern Law Magazine – Emma Pearmaine In The Spotlight
Are You A Digital Spy?
Silver Splitters – In 2015
Paternity Tests – Not Just For Daytime TV Presenters
Legal Aid and Political Power
The Funding Crisis Facing Child Contact Centres
A Timely Reminder To Show Racism The Red Card
"Get On With it" and Get A Job, Judge Tells Ex Wife
Family Drug and Alcohol Courts (FDAC) To Spread Across The UK
Seven Grandparents a Day Apply to See Their Grandchildren
It's Mother's Day, But Am I The Mother?
Ex Coming Back For More Money? There Is A Solution
Mother's Day? But It’s Not Mum’s Weekend?
Curfews and Travel Bans – The New Face Of Family Law Enforcement?
St Patrick's Day Drinking is Not an Excuse for Domestic Violence
Do Cohabiting Couples Have Rights?
TV Soap Brings Parental Responsibility Issues to the Fore
New Domestic Violence Law in Wales Passed Unanimously
DIY Justice – The April Fool's Joke That Keeps on Giving
Easter Holiday Survival Guide For Single Parents
Is Fault Based Divorce Fair?
National Stalking Awareness Week
A Guide to PLO or Pre Proceedings Meetings
Divorce Law Roundtable
Does Shared Custody Make Happier Children?
What are the challenges for Family Law after May 7th?
Unintended Consequences of Pension Reforms Threaten Divorcees
Domestic Violence does not Take Holidays
Acrimonious Divorce Should Be Avoided
Dont Disregard Pensions When Getting a Divorce
Adoptions Are Falling, Do You Need A Special Guardianship Order?
Grandparents and Special Guardianship Orders
NI Abortion Law: Law Changes will not Address All Women as Landmark Case Heads to Court of Appeal
Baroness Scotland To Talk About Domestic Violence in the USA
Teens in Care Need More Stability
Domestic Violence: Get Your Facts Straight
Still Think Fathers Get A Bad Deal in the Family Courts?
Can a Broken Home Still be a Happy Home?
Deception over Disclosures – Is The Financial Settlement the End?
Inspiring Innovation in Combating Domestic Violence
Baroness Scotland Gets To Work in Washington DC
Why Is Rehabilitation So Important To Medical Negligence Cases?
Cheap Should Not Mean Unprofessional When it Comes to Divorce
Is Divorce Really Bad for your Health?
Fathers – What has Changed?
Silver Splitters Could See Rise in Silver Surfers
Holiday Claims Travel Laws
Would You Benefit From A Shared Parenting Plan?
Why Court Orders are Crucial During Divorce
The Rising Popularity of Pre-Nups
Restrictions on Domestic Abuse Victims Loosened
Plan Together, Stay Together – Holding Onto Your Second Marriage
Cuts to Early Intervention Funding – The Real Cost
Sharia Marriage in the UK and the Problems Muslims Face
Court Fee Hike Makes Divorce Harder
Divorce Over The Last Decade
Rare Case Used to Reduce Financial Settlement
Is the Law About to Start Recognising Cohabitees?
Back to Basics: What are Legal Grounds for Divorce?
I Have Received a Divorce Petition - Now What?
Did the Cost of Care Really Justify the Removal of a Child?
Simpson Millar LLP's Family Law Team in Manchester
Surrogacy Around The World
The Financial Costs of Marriage... And Divorce
Simpson Millar LLP's Family Law Team Excels in Legal 500
Unbundled Family Advice Becomes More Popular – But is it Right for You?
No Fault Divorce Motion Could Prompt Change
A Debate on the Reasons for a Drop in Child Contact Centre Referrals
Who's Fault Divorce?
Charity 'Show Racism the Red Card UK' Helps More Refugees
Divorce can be a Tall Order, But Planning Ahead Helps
The Human Rights Act is Under Threat #ActfortheAct
Civil Partnership Discrimination Must End Now
Increase in Divorce Fees
Simpson Millar Celebrates the Bristol Child Contact Centre: 25th Anniversary
Female Genital Mutilation Reporting Duty to Come into Force
Simpson Millar and Show Racism the Red Card Wales Enjoy Successful Fundraiser
Bank of Mum and Dad Prompts Pre-nup Boom
Repairing the Damage Caused by the Slashing of Legal Aid
A Guide to Child Maintenance – Your Options
Family Law on the front line – what do the Lawyers say?
Haircuts and New Partners Fuel Christmas Rows for Divorced Parents
Yorkshire Lawyers Work Together to Keep Divorcing Couples out of Court
Clarifying Section 20 – What Does It Mean For Your Family?
Family Dispute Resolution Week 2015 – Putting Children First
Orange the World For 16 Days of Activism
Child Contact This Christmas: Remember The Children
Hollie Guard: How An App Could Keep You Safe
16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence
16 Days of Activism & the 16 Warning Signs of Abuse
Think Twice Before Introducing Children to New Partners at Christmas
Campaigning Lawyer Issues Christmas Domestic Violence Warning
More Babies Removed From Mothers' Care
The Rise of Financial Abuse
Family Conflicts Don't Just Happen in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…
Online Error on Form: E - Storm in a Teacup?
No Reasoning This Christmas
Vindictive Spouses Racking Up Court Time with Bogus Claims
Renewed Criticisms of the Destruction Caused by Legal Aid Cuts
Update: Serious Crime Act
Divorce is Named the Most Stressful Life Event – But Does it Need to be?
How To: Mortgages When You're Divorced
New Adoption Laws Aim to Speed up Placements, But at What Cost?
Siri, Where Can I Find A Lawyer?
The Cohabitation Myth
Going to Court Without a Solicitor: What is a McKenzie Friend?
Civil Partnership or Marriage: What's The Difference?
Cohabitation Agreements: How to put it in Writing without Popping the Question
Three in Bed
Is it Time to Make the Move Online?
Operation Olympus: A Mission to End the Fear of Domestic Abuse
Ray Of Light For Victims Of Domestic Violence
9 Shock Celeb Splits of 2015
Saying No to a Forced Marriage?
Relocation, Relocation: A Guide to the Law on Family Relocation
Domestic Abuse a Potential Factor in One Fifth of Divorces
Simpson Millar Takes a Pledge for Parity
Male Domestic Violence – The Lost Legal Aid
Suffragette: The Right to Vote, and Much, Much More
People of Faith and None
Simpson Millar Expands Support for Polish Speaking Clients
Government Defeated - Access to Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence
It's Time for Victims of Stalking to be Heard
How To: Divorce as a Family
Access To Justice - The Bach Commission
Teens Suing Estranged Dads for Uni Fees
66% of People Do Not Seek Legal Advice
New Legislation to Provide Anonymity for Forced Marriage Victims
Fathers and Children with Physical and Learning Disabilities
Justice Select Committee Says Divorce Fees Are "Unjustified"
Review: Call The Mediator
Ellie Butler Case
Mature Divorcees Most Likely To Squander Funds During Divorce Act Quickly On Reckless Spending Sprees, Says Lawyer
Woman Seeks Bigger Slice Of Ex-Civil Partner's Fortune
Campaign to Prevent Naming of Revenge Porn Victims
Parliament Debates Term-time Holiday Fines
Police And Victims Urged To Use New Coercive Control Laws
Former Spouses Returning To Claim Accrued Wealth In Post-DIY Divorce Fall-Out
Could The Brexit Affect Your Family?
Legal First As Family Law Judgement Is Given In Plain English
A 24-Year-Old Man Is The First Person To Be Jailed For Coercive Control
Lawyer Calls On Tougher Sanctions For Cash-hiding Hubbies
Domestic Violence Prosecutions Fall By Over A Third In Some Regions
Should British Courts Be Able To Grant Islamic Divorces?
'Focus On The Child's Best Interest': The Polish Parliament's Conference
Speak Up For Justice
The What Women Want 2.0 Project
Law Firm Launches Domestic Abuse Training For The Police
Wills & Probate
Opera Singer Wins Share of Fortune After Contesting Will
Daughters Unsuccessful In Challenge To Their Mother’s Will
Leaving Money In Your Will To Charity and The Inheritance Tax Benefits
Should I Be Worried About Inheritance Tax Changes?
No Will - Now What?
YODO! - You Only Die Once
This Will Be Yours When I Go…
Is Making a Joint Will a Good Idea?
Heir Hunters
Budget 2015 - What The Inheritance Tax Changes Mean For You
Simpson Millar LLP Answer Your Contested Probate Questions
I Can Give my Estate to Charity, but Only if the Courts Let Me?
Can You Disinherit An Adult Child From Your Will?
I Want to Leave a Gift to Charity When I Die – Can I Do This?
Clarity from the Court of Protection
A Relative Has Died – How Do I Start Handling What They Have Left Behind?
Simpson Millar Support Charity Will Campaigns
User-friendly LPA Process Could put Vulnerable People at Risk of Abuse
Where There is a Will, There is Almost Always a Way
Cash in the Attic Mentality Fueling Inheritance Rows
Human Rights Every Day
Legal Jargon Explained – What is Private Client Law?
An Estranged Parent Has Died – What Should I Do?
How To: Spot Financial Abuse
Relatives Challenging Unfair Wills in Growing Numbers
Your Say and Control – End of Life Choices Matter
Dignity Action Day: How Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Protect The Dignity of those in Care
The Importance of Appropriate Communication when Assessing Capacity
Sign o' the Times
Lynda Bellingham's Inheritance Dispute: A Stark Reminder to Put Your Wishes in a Will
Man Contests Ex-Mother-in-Law's Will
Social Care And NHS Services Are Struggling To Support The Elderly
Raising Money For Charity – Walk The Thames 2016!
Is Adult Social Care Funding In Crisis?
Listening To People With Dementia
Clarification Of DoLS Challenges And Funding – The Case Of Re Briggs
Supporting Crisis At Christmas
Medical Negligence
Would Any of These Cases Have Existed Post LASPO?
Cervical Screening
Diabetes UK – State of the Nation
Patients Neglected at Hinchingbrooke Hospital
Changes To The Structure Of The NHS: Part 1
Mitochondrial Disease and Three Parent Babies
NHS Whistleblowers: Freedom To Speak Up
CQC Issue Guidance on Secret Filming in Care Homes
Coronary Heart Disease Amongst Women
HRT and Ovarian Cancer
Liverpool Solicitors Run for Birth Injury Charity
Doctor who narrowly escaped death hits out at NHS targets
Ovarian Cancer – The Hidden Killer?
Action for Brain Injury Week: Simpson Millar Can Support You Today, Enable You for Tomorrow
The Practicalities of a Brain Injury
Dying With Dignity Matters
Changes to the structure of the NHS: Summary of the Organisations CCGs are working with – Part 2
The Independent Living Fund
Save On Clinical Negligence, at the Victims Expense?
Radiologist Failed to Notice Breast Cancers on Mammograms
Disability Awareness Day 2015
Cosmetic Surgery Guidance Hopes to Afford Greater Protection
NHS Pays Out Billions for Blunders: The Truth Behind The Lie
Woman Left with Brain Damage after Hospitals Negligence
The NHS: Overuse, Underuse and Misuse
Do Not Forget Human Cost of NHS and Its Lawyers Fighting Valid Claims
The Real Cost of NHS Litigation: Basma's Story
The "CARRY ON" Policy of our Government towards victims of Medical Mistakes
International Day of Friendship Helping the Elderly
18th Century Justice for Victims of Medical Negligence?
Prostate Cancer - Don't Take No For An Answer
NHS 111 Failures Put Lives At Risk
Two Front Teeth Missing – Can I Sue My Dentist?
All Out War between Government, Doctors and Patients
Don’t Get Sick In August As Black Wednesday Hits NHS Patients!
Government Ponders Increase In Proposed Cap On Victims Costs
£25,000 for Woman who Suffered Due to Hospital Negligence
Male Doctors 2.5 Times More Likely To Be Sued for Medical Negligence
Brain Damaged Girl Would Be Denied Access to Justice Under Government Policy
Patients Should Be Entitled To Know How Tired Their Doctor Is
Press v Medical Negligence Lawyers: How Did It Come To This?
New Guidelines proposed for Improving Standards of Care at the End of Life
Medics Now Instructed to Say Sorry for Their Mistakes
National Health Review into Care for Newborns
World Sepsis Day 2015
Medicines Causing Birth Defects
World Cerebral Palsy Day 2015
What is Going on in A&E? NHS Fails to Meet Target Waiting Times
Private Hospitals - Are They Equipped to Deal with Emergencies?
Little Hiccups Fundraising Ball 2015
Still Births – Can They be Avoided?
Human Rights Day 2015
Too Little, Too Late: NHS Says Sorry For Avoidable Deaths
Hospitals are Getting Patient Discharges Wrong
Is British Dental Care The Best?
Comment on Multi-Million Pound Settlements
Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
Trust's Managers - Deliberately Delayed Ambulances to up to 20,000 Patients who called 111: Potentially Putting Public at Risk
Making Clinical Negligence Simpler
Why Are The Elderly Reluctant To Complain About Poor Standards of Care?
Grandmother Dies After she is Refused a Scan
Are GPs Under Pressure?
Inquest Finds: Hours Old Baby Dies from Sepsis
Is Child Cancer Being Ignored By GPs?
Our Care for the Dying is Not Good Enough!
Incorrect Diagnosis of Asthma in Children
Do Not Resuscitate - Families Not Told!
Cancelled Operations Wait - a Record High in 10 Years!!
Delays in Treatment Cause Death of Cancer Patient
Experienced Lawyer Kay Barnes Joins Simpson Millar
NHS Looking to Europe to Recruit GPs
How Can Networking Transform Your Career?
Understaffed A&E Slammed by Care Quality Commission
NHS Wales Publishes Details Of Never Events
Brits Are Going Abroad For Laser Eye Surgery
Increased Funding Aimed At Reducing GP Stress
NHS Figures Reveal Mental Health Services Are Failing Children
Troubled Hospital Trust Could Close A&E Department
NHS Figures Highlight Missed Treatment Targets
Fast Surgical Intervention Required For Testicular Torsion
Complications In Bariatric Surgery
Telemedicine Technology Could Help Patients Access Immediate Care
Nurse Struck Off From Practice For "Posing A Significant Risk To Patients"
Dental Negligence Proven By General Dental Council
Drugs Tested on Children Without Consent
Patients Undergoing Night-time Surgery Twice as Likely to Die
Sepsis FAQ
Are NHS Cuts Forcing Brits To Go Overseas For Cataract Treatment?
Proposed Maternity Unit Closures Prompts Protests
Inadequate Budgets Mean GP Receptionists are Left to Vet Patients
MPs Share Traumatic Experiences For Baby Loss Awareness Week
Survey Finds NHS Is The Most Widely Held Public Concern
Sepsis Kills Interior Designer After Going Undiagnosed
Midwifes Medical Negligence Results in Ban
Inspectors Raise Safety Concerns About Majority Of A&E Units In England
Desperate Man Amputates Own Toes Following Cancelled Operation
Medical Negligence Partner Publishes Practical Guidance
Avoidable Incidents At NHS Hospitals Raise Questions Over Deaths In Childbirth
Mother Sues Medical Professional For Not Warning Of Risks From Epilepsy Drug
Plans To Centralise NHS Treatments Could Cost Lives
NHS Delays Q&A
Holiday Claims
SUMMER 2015 UPDATE: Is Illness spreading at another Holiday Village – Cala Millor?
UPDATE: New Illness Outbreak at the Holiday Village Majorca – Cala Millor?
Coral Sea Waterworld – Illness Victims Sue Tour Operator for Compensation
Is Salmonella on the Menu at Your All-Inclusive Hotel?
What Happens If You Have A Road Accident, Abroad?
Pilot from Berkshire sues Thomson for serious Salmonella in Egypt
UK Travel Law Firm backs MEPs Call for Tighter EU Food Poisoning Regulations
Protecting Against Malaria on Holiday
IIlness Strikes Holidaymakers at El Dorado Seaside Suites
My Holiday Made me Ill!
Continuing Hygiene and Illness Problems at Red Sea Holiday Village
Does Terrorism in Tourist Hot Spots Affect Our Decision to Book?
Medication and Treatment for Sickness Bugs in Egypt – Our Advice
Reports of Cryptosporidium at First Choice's Tenerife Holiday Village
Reports of Sickness Outbreak at First Choice Tenerife Resort
Why Are We More Susceptible To Illness On Holiday?
The Return of Cryptosporidium in Spanish Hotels
The True Cost of Illness and Accidents Abroad
Victims of Illness at the Coral Sea Aqua Club Seek Compensation
Suspected Food Poisoning as 50 Children Fall Ill on a School Trip
Parasites in the Coral Sea Aqua Club Swimming Pool?
Flying Home For Christmas? The Problems With Festive Travel
Illness Outbreak Reported at the Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville Hotel
Holiday Village Tenerife – Food Poisoning and Illness at Half Term?
Reports of a Further Illness Outbreak at Tenerife Holiday Village
Terrorism and Tourism
Should Holidaymakers Worry about the Brexit?
Severe Diarrhoea and Gastroenteritis at the Thomson Azul Sensatori Hotel in Mexico
Top 12 Tips for Avoiding a Nightmare Package Holiday
Do Not Book Your Package Holiday Before Reading This
Illness Outbreak at Marina Parc Menorca
Terrorism has Changed the Way We Travel
How The Vote To Leave The EU Will Affect Your Holiday
Attack On Istanbul Ataturk Airport In Turkey
Questions About Lowcostholidays Answered
Sensimar Seaside Suite Illness Ruining Brits Holidays
Reports Of Guests At The Catalonia Riviera Maya Suffering From The Cyclospora Infection
Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green in Rio
Could Post-Brexit Britain See An Increase In Holiday Claims?
Holidaymakers Report Cryptosporidium Outbreak At The Hotel Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes
Christmas Is Nearly Here Along With The Norovirus And Other Holiday Illnesses
Landmark Court Of Appeal Judgment Favours British Tourists Who Have Been Ill On Holiday
Education/Community Care
Secondary School Places are Announced Today – Are you appealing?
Leave Emotional Appeals at the School Gate this National Offer Day
Primary School Admissions Appeals
Act for the Act – Public Law, Abortion and the Human Rights Act
Disabled Teenager Takes on a Charity Run for the Seashell Trust
Does your Child have a Statement of Special Educational Needs and are they Transferring to Secondary School in September 2016?
Two SEN Schools Close Suddenly, Leaving Many without Specialist Education
Local Authorities Set to Miss Transition Deadline for Special Needs Children
School Admission Appeals: Simpson Millar Can Help You
Parents Face Rejection as 2016 School Intake Massively Oversubscribed
School Admissions Myths Cracked
Will Limiting School Admissions Complaints Make the Process Quicker?
Successful Claim of Disability Discrimination
No ECHP, No School?
Toys R Us Open for World Autism Awareness Week
Diabetes and Family Life: Ensuring Your Diabetic Child Stays Safe in School
Autistic Child Locked in Metal Cage at School
School Admissions Tuck Shop: Ability
World Autism Awareness Week: Stand Out For Autism
School Admissions Applications Begin – Dont Miss Your Deadline
A Checklist on Surviving Primary School Admissions
Primary School Admissions 2014 - What We Learnt
Human Rights – Not just for Human Rights Day
Give Us A Break!
Giving a Voice to People With Learning Difficulties and SEN
World Autism Awareness Week 2016
Adults with Autism Left to Fend for Themselves
School Admissions Mythbuster
What can we expect for education over the next five years?
Parents Emotional Appeals Damaging their Chances in School Admissions Lottery
More Families Appeal Over Autism Provision
NI Abortion Law: Law Changes will not Address All Women as Landmark Case Heads to Court of Appeal
Paralegal Helps Launch BPP Scholarship Scheme
Secondary School Appeals: Lessons To Be Learnt
Success for Dyslexic Family After a Decade-long Battle for Education
SEND Reforms – There is Still Such a Long Way to Go...
Challenge to Bar on NHS Abortion Services for NI Women to Continue
Another Successful Appeal
Green Paper Brings Our Dudes and Dudettes a Step Closer to Home
Support for Children with Special Educational Needs - Without a Statement of SEN or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
SOS!SEN Come to Manchester
New Autism School To Be Built In Essex
Infant Class Sizes
Has Your Autistic Child Been Illegally Excluded From School?
Department For Education Withdraws New Guidance On School Exclusions
A Guide to Primary School Admissions Appeals
Parents of Primary School Starters face Regional Appeal Lottery
Infant Class Size Appeals
Thinking Of Making A Primary School Admissions Appeal?
Local Authorities Miss School Deadline For Over 3,800 Special Needs Children
Council seeks clarification from High Court on term-time holiday fines
High Court back parents in term-time holiday challenge
May Half-Term Madness: Top Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained
Parents instruct Lawyer over Dean Trust Scandal
Government to Consider Microbeads Ban
East Sussex Drags Heels on Naming School for Severely Dyslexic Boy
Parents take Dean Trust to Court over Unlawful School Swap
Goodbye Maxwell Gillott. Hello Simpson Millar!
Local Authorities Tell Parents They Are Unable To Meet New Deadline
Education vs Social Care
Mother Takes Trafford Council To Tribunal A Third Time For Failing Her Special Needs Son
Be On Guard Against Academy Proposals, Lawyer Warns
Trafficking Victim At Risk Of Being Re-Trafficked Not Entitled To Protection From The Home Office, Court Rules
Schools Can Expect A Delay Of 1 Year For A New Funding Scheme
Poll Reveals Children With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Are Not Being Supported
SEND Tribunal Pilot Scheme – Appealing EHCPs
Securing Post-16 Education - Young People With SEN/EHCPs
Partner And Senior Law Lecturer Appointed To Human Rights Committee
Show Racism The Red Card Event Highlights Racism In Welsh Schools
Councils Issue £6.8 Million Worth Of School Fines In A Single Year
Celebrating National Pro Bono Week
Does Super Parenting Improve A Childs Level Of Autism?
Over 4500 EHC Plans Delayed As Local Authorities Claim Special Circumstances
Plans To Increase Grammar Schools Cause Controversy
Transport Review For Disabled Children In Bury Causes Concern From Parents
Simpson Millar Welcomes A New Addition To The Education Team
Government Announces Multi-Million Pound Funding For Children With SEND
Care of Elderly
The Election 2015: What Lies Ahead for the Elderly After May 7th?
Care Costs Capped – Dont Stand for Substandard Care
Care Home and Third Party Top Up Fees Often Charged Incorrectly
Budget for Guardian Angel in Old Age says Lawyer
Challenging the Stereotypes of Solicitors
A Guide To NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding
Chronic Delays in NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims Continue
Battling Dementia With Lewy Bodies
Deadline for Welsh NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims Approaches
Are Bupa Care Homes Putting The Most Vulnerable At Risk?
Former Pensions Minister Warns Of Care Crisis
Streamlined Visit Visa Process Announced
Biometric Residence Permits
Immigration Act 2014 Update
Is Your Mother’s Day Wish a Fair Immigration System?
Minimum Income Requirement Continues To Tear Families Apart
Immigration Fee Increase – Can You Still Afford Your Visa?
What is happening to Human Rights?
Simpson Millar LLP Represents Syrian Raja Khouja in Fight Against Deportation
UPDATE: Simpson Millar Succeed in Staying Vulnerable Refugees' Deportation #SaveRaja
UPDATE: Couple Bound for Saudi Deportation are Released from Detention in the UK
Let Us Learn – Young, Gifted and Blocked from Higher Education
Families Being Kept Apart by Legal Aid Reforms
We Answer Your Immigration Questions
Student Update: What The New Immigration Rules Mean For You
Unregulated Legal Advice – Why is it so Risky?
Immigration Bill Aims to Heighten Enforcement, But at What Cost?
Immigration Specialists Host Seminar at the British University Fair
The British University Fair for International Students – Your Questions Answered
English Language Deemed a Necessity, Not a Breach of Human Rights
Net Migration Hits Record High – Why is This?
New Landlord Immigration Scheme Failed to Deliver, Official Figures Show
Yorkshire Students Launch Legal Education Pilot for Local Charities
Immigration: How Old Is Too Old?
Simpson Millar Launches Citizenship Advice for Polish Speakers
EU Referendum Could Jeopardise Status of EU Nationals in the UK
Immigration Law Update: Tier 2 Changes
UPDATE: Immigration Fees Increase By Huge 500%
Manchester British University Fair: Working in the UK
Are you EU Compliant?
Brexit Debate Triggers Passport Stampede
Immigration Act 2016: Key Changes and Concerns
Free to Stay: An Immersive Theatre Production for Refugee Week 2016
Brexit – What Does It Mean For Immigration?
Immigration Lawyer Helps Stage Theatre Performance
Businesses Facing Minimum Charge Of £2,675 Per Foreign Worker
Join Us At The Manchester Mela 2016
A Guide To The Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006
How Can I Become A British Citizen?
Rising Numbers Of Long-term Migrants In The UK Are Being Told They Cannot Work Anymore
The Government Rejects A Points-Based Immigration System For The UK Post Brexit
Rising Numbers Of Lone Children Seeking Asylum In The UK Are Missing Out On Legal Support
UPDATE: Government Approve 500% Increase In Immigration Fees
Government Withdraw The 500% Rise In Immigration Tribunal Fees
Immigration Centres Are Facing Widespread Hunger Strikes
The True State Of Immigration In The UK
MP Calls For Rules On Health Insurance For EU Citizens To Be Scrapped
Motoring Offences
Should Wealth Affect Your Defence?
Taxi Driver Dodging Points Isn't Fare
Motoring And Prescription Drugs – New Rules In Force from March 2015
St Patrick's Day Drinking – The Morning After The Night Before
Road Rage On The Rise?
Surviving a Bank Holiday on the Roads
The Great Speedometer Debate
New Government Breathalyser Statistics Out Today
What is the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?
Blind Spots in Young Driver 'Drug Law' Knowledge
Spring Bank Holiday Motoring Madness
How Do We Get The Message Through To Women Drink Drivers?
Glued to Your Phone? It Could Lose You Your Licence
The First Prosecution for Middle Lane Hogging
From Drink Driving to Taking Selfies – A Review on Safe Driving
Too Famous for the Bus?
Drunk In Charge - I Knew I Was Drunk But...
I Was Just (Insurance) Frontin'
The Hidden Purpose of the Tax Disc Reforms
Motoring Convictions: The Gift You Would Rather Not Receive
7 Ways to Avoid Winter Motoring Offences
A Deadly Distraction: Motorists Put Social Media Addiction Before Personal Safety
Drivers Clouded by Urban Motoring Myths
Simpson Millar Now Offers Motoring Offence Advice in Polish
Whats Changed for Road Users?
How To: 3 Ways to Keep Your Licence after a Motoring Offence
Holidaymaker Wrongfully Accused of Breaking Speed Limit
Swedish Minister Resigns after Drink Driving
Survey Finds More Drivers Using Mobile Phones While Driving
When A 12 Point Driving Ban Isn't A 12 Point Driving Ban
The Risks of Swapping Penalty Points
Drink Driving Offences In Cheshire Rises By 13%
Using A Mobile Phone While Driving FAQs
Drivers Who Cause Death While Using Mobile Phones Face Life In Prison
Hit-and-Run Q&A
Increased Sentencing for Speeding Offences Q&A
Asbestos & Mesothelioma
Action Mesothelioma Day
Mesothelioma Death From Contaminated Clothing Leads To The Courts
Occupational Illness Figures Rise
International Workers Memorial Day
Asbestos and Mesothelioma - An Open Letter to The Telegraph and Christopher Booker
West Midlands Hazards Trust Annual General Meeting
7 Things You Need to Know About Asbestos
46-year-old Steel Erector Diagnosed with Fatal Asbestos Cancer
Engineer Dies after Handling Asbestos Every Day for Two Years
Increase in Evidence Showing a Link between Vehicle Pollution and Ill Health
Admit One: Asbestos Cinema, St. Albans
Asbestos Victims Gagged by Negligent Employers
Supreme Court Rule On Appropriate Date To Assess Multiplier For Future Loss In A Fatal Mesothelioma Case