Police Urged to Investigate Historic Sexual Abuse at Stoke City FC

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Kate Hall

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George Blackstock and seven other former apprentice players are asking for a new investigation to take place into their allegations of abuse at Stoke City FC. 

Speaking to the Times, George Blackstock said he had “suffered deeply” and still continues to suffer every day as a result of the abuse he experienced and the way in which it was handled.

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What has Been the Police Response?

Staffordshire Police have confirmed that they are looking into allegations of historical abuse at Stoke City after receiving fresh complaints in 2022. But they have not yet confirmed if a previous case lodged by George Blackstock will be reopened.

George Blackstock has said on the matter, “I have said repeatedly that I will continue my fight for justice for myself and others who were affected at the club and I have done. Now other people have come forward with their own experiences of ‘the glove’, others have come forward as witnesses and more have come forward with their knowledge of what went on at Stoke FC at the time.”

The Glove’ is referred to by George Blackstock and the fellow six victims as a vicious act that was inflicted upon them during their time at the club in the 1970s and 80s. The men claim they were forced to lie down, or be held down, and degraded by having a goalie’s glove covered in Deep Heat and inserted into their bottoms, or rubbed on their genitals. This was also used on youth players according to George Blackstock if their duties had not been carried out correctly.

In 2010 the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to pursue a prosecution over Mr Blackstock’s claims because it was not believed at the time the case could be proved beyond reasonable doubt – but him and others are pushing the police to reopen the investigation, as since his original report, there have been additional  victims and witnesses that have come forward.

Staffordshire Police have stated that “investigations of this nature remain under scrutiny and if new information becomes available it is to be examined in the context of the overall case.”

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How Does Abuse Happen in Sports Clubs?

When parents send their children to a sports club, they trust that they will be looked after. Unfortunately, we know that in some cases, this trust is abused by people in positions of power.

At Stoke City football club, George Blackstock and other apprentice players have alleged that they were put in positions where they could be abused by numerous adult footballers, not just the goalkeeper Peter Fox.

Sadly, we’ve seen multiple cases where people who were abused as a child felt unable to speak out at the time because of the intimidation they experienced. This can be made even worse when there is more than one person inflicting the abuse or allowing it to take place.

In recent years, we’ve seen more media coverage that has shone a light on horrific abuse carried out in some of the country’s most prominent football clubs. In 2018, the conviction of youth football coach Barry Bennell was widely publicised and shortly afterwards, Manchester City launched an independent inquiry which uncovered further abuse that had taken place within the club.  

Manchester City has since launched a redress scheme for former players to provide a “speedier, cheaper and more predictable means of compensation”. We hope other football clubs like Stoke City will implement similar redress schemes to make the process more accessible.

Latest Developments

Since George Blackstock’s initial reports in 2010, there have been two investigations and fresh allegations relating to abuse in Stoke City FC. In October 2023, The Times reported that there are a number of former footballers who have complained to the Staffordshire police about their handling of this investigation and we would expect there to be further developments following this.

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