Over 10,000 people in the UK could claim given faulty Zimmer Biomet NexGen knee replacements

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Over 10,000 NHS patients have been given faulty knee replacements, which could require a secondary surgery. The NexGen Zimmer Biomets are the second most used brand of knee implants in the UK. They’re frequently recommended by doctors, but they’ve been failing at an unacceptably high rate. These failures mean many people may be able to claim medical compensation.

Knee replacements are expected to last over 15 years. However, worrying statistics reveal the implant has been shown to fail in up to 7% of patients after 10 years. This is double the accepted failure rate of 3.5%, set by the National Joint Registry. One of the most common issues identified is with the tibial component (the bit which attaches the device to the lower leg). It has a high rate of failure and can cause severe pain and discomfort. One concerning study even shows a 17.6% failure rate after just 5 years.

The NexGen product was voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer, Zimmer Biomet, in October 2022, despite concerns being raised over NexGen several years ago. However, this is little help to those who have already been fitted with the faulty knee replacement. In the meantime, many people have lived with expensive medical costs and severe pain, waiting for a solution. If you or a loved one have experienced the damaging effects of the NexGen implant knee replacements, you can get in touch with our expert Medical Negligence Solicitors.

What can you do if you've been affected?

If you’ve not seen an orthopaedic surgeon, this should be your first port of call. They can assess if any of the widely reported issues are present for you. If you have a NexGen replacement that has failed, you may be able to take legal action to compensate you for the current and future issues you might have. We recommend you get in touch with our lawyers, who have recovered hundreds of millions of pounds for people due to medical negligence.

Second knee replacement surgeries

You may have been experiencing severe pain and discomfort from the faulty knee replacement, and as a result may require a second knee replacement operation, well before this would’ve usually been necessary.

These knee revision surgeries are complex and difficult. You might be entitled to compensation for the damages around the second surgery, which may have been avoided completely if a different implant had been used. Your second surgery might have been brought forward due to the faulty implant. If your second operation failed due to the faulty implant, compensation may cover that too.

Usually, outcomes for patients after the second surgery are worse than the first. You can get symptoms which can affect you for your whole life including:

    • Ongoing pain
    • Weakness in the joint
    • Instability and loss of mobility

What compensation could you get?

You might be entitled to compensation if faulty NexGen replacements has affected your life. This includes:

      • Surgical expenses
      • Permanent disabilities
      • Loss of income due to an inability to work
      • The cost of rehabilitation
      • The cost of home care
      • The cost of physiotherapy

As part of your claim, you can also get general compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. You may also be able to get access to private treatment. This could be far quicker than getting it on the NHS and would be paid for as part of the settlement.

How we can help you make a claim

If you’ve been one of the thousands of people affected by the faulty NexGen knee implants you had in knee replacement surgery, you could claim compensation. Zimmer Biomet have recalled the implants after their proven issues, but it may be too late for you if you’re suffering from their debilitating effects. Our specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors can offer you a Free Claims Assessment and help guide you through the process of making a medical claim.

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