Have You Received Treatment from Surgeon Paul Carter at Parkside Hospital?

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Georgina Emsley

Solicitor, Medical Negligence

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Our Medical Negligence Solicitors are representing a woman after she had surgery under the care of a Surgeon at Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon. We are concerned that other patients may also have been given substandard treatment – and if any of this sounds familiar to you, then please reach out to our medical negligence solicitors. 

We are currently acting on behalf of a woman who was treated by Paul Carter, a surgeon at the Parkside Hospital, which is a private hospital operated by the Aspen Healthcare Group.

Concerns about our client’s care were raised by another doctor who was asked to provide a second opinion. We believe that other patients must have concerns about treatment provided by this practitioner. So we would like to find others who may also have suffered life-changing consequences after being treated by Mr Carter, so we can help them get the care, support and rehabilitation they need and deserve.

If you have concerns about treatment by Mr Carter at Parkside Hospital, please get in touch with us so we can discuss your situation and how we can help you. You can speak to us without charge and with no obligation.

If you feel like the care, you received was substandard and fell below the expected level of care, then you may be able to claim for Medical Negligence.

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What is medical negligence?

Medical Negligence can affect anyone, and in 2020 - 2021, there were 12,629 clinical claims made against the NHS which is a 133% increase from the year of 2006. According to the statistics, payments in respect of claims for clinical negligence for 2021 totalled £2 billion, meaning that Medical Negligence is an increasingly growing issue. 

Medical negligence happens when healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals) fail to fulfil their duty of care towards their patients. In situations involving medical negligence, seeking help from a solicitor who specialises in this area of law claims is extremely important. 

To establish medical negligence, you must be able to demonstrate that the care provided to you was not of a reasonable standard and the negligent treatment was causative of injury/ put you in a worse position than you would have been in, but for the negligence.

How will the process work?

If we accept instructions for your case, we will:

  • Carry out initial investigations
  • Arrange an independent medical assessment
  • Approach the healthcare provider with details of our claim
  • Negotiate a settlement if possible

If the other side doesn’t admit liability, we may have to issue Court proceedings on your behalf. Even if this happens, we will continue to negotiate and try to resolve the case before it goes to trial. 

We will work with the NHS to bring your case to a successful conclusion without the need to go to trial. We may arrange mediation or some form of alternative dispute resolution at any point of the claim, as this can often lead to an amicable and fair outcome.

How We Can Help You

Our friendly, experienced team of specialist Medical Negligence Solicitors offer a free claims assessment, and we can let you know straight away if we think you could make a claim. If we accept instructions for your case, one of our expert team will be assigned to you and commence investigations into what happened.

We will take a detailed look at the impact of the negligence on your life and use independent medical opinion to determine what specialist care, support and rehabilitation you may need. This could include the cost of further medical treatment (such as private healthcare) that you may need as a result of the negligence. Our team will make sure your compensation reflects the seriousness of what happened to you and will cover the cost of your future needs.

We can apply for interim payments if the healthcare provider accepts liability early, meaning you shouldn’t have to wait until the claim settles (which can take years) before you get funding for what you need. 

Claiming compensation isn’t just about money, and we understand that.

That’s why we work hard to identify your needs and priorities and will put together a claim that reflects that. We’re committed to making the legal process as simple as possible for our clients, so you’ll be kept updated throughout the whole process and we’ll explain everything to you clearly, and without jargon. 

There is an exponential rise in medical negligence in the UK, with the NHS having paid out £2.6 billion in clinical negligence compensation in 2022/2023. Find out if you have a claim today by calling us on 0808 239 0691, and let us help you.


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Georgina Emsley

Solicitor, Medical Negligence

Areas of Expertise:
Medical Negligence

Georgina is a Solicitor who works in our Medical Negligence team here at Simpson Millar, based in our Manchester office.

She is a committed and highly reliable Solicitor with a track record of supporting clients through the process of making a claim to achieve the best outcome for them. Georgina has experience working on many high-value cases with a range of circumstances and complexities from start to finish, where she reviews medical records, liaises with experts and gathers evidence in order to negotiate the best possible settlement for her clients.

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