£200,000 Compensation for Military Parachute Accident

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Gavin Hughes

Partner, Military Claims Solicitor

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One of our Personal Injury Solicitors who specialises in Military Accident Claims, successfully represented an experienced British army soldier at the rank of Corporal, who was serving in the Pathfinders Regiment.

Our client was involved in an accident whilst on a parachute training course, attempting a challenging patrol landing, which our client had been briefed to do. However, it was beyond our client’s skill and experience level at that time.

While trying to make the jump in the way he was told, our client lost control of the parachute and suffered a very heavy landing, leading to a fracture to one of the vertebrae in the client’s lower back (bones in the spine).

Our client was treated in hospital after the parachute accident and had to be immobilised using a brace for several weeks.

Our client continued to suffer with significant pain in his back, which did not resolve, and unfortunately led to our client being medically discharged from the armed forces.

The client contacted our Personal Injury Solicitors and shortly thereafter Solicitor Gavin Hughes (who has niche expertise military parachute claims) started a Military Accident Claim for compensation against the Ministry of Defence (MoD).


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How We Helped Our Client

Our client was forced to change his career following his medical discharge from the British army, and retrained in IT. Personal Injury Solicitor Gavin Hughes obtained a report from an employment consultant, which showed that our client would suffer a significant loss of earnings as a consequence of the career change, as his earnings and pension on his career trajectory had he remained in the military, exceeded his projected earnings in the position he now found himself in, in a new career in IT.

It was a cause of great disappointment to our client that he was unable to continue with his dream career in the army, and was forced to undertake sedentary work, when he had always hoped to be able to pursue his career in an active job, working outdoors. An allowance was made in the claim for distress and disappointment as a consequence of the change of career.

Substantial claims were also made for the personal injury itself, and for other financial losses, such as paying for DIY assistance, as our client was no longer able to do heavy work around the house.

The MoD denied liability for the parachute accident and the injuries sustained by our client. However, Gavin  obtained an expert opinion from a parachute expert, who supported our client’s position that he had been asked to undertake manoeuvres which were beyond his parachute experience and skill levels. The MoD obtained their own evidence to support their position.

Our Client 

Gavin and his team secured a compensation payout of £200,000 for our client who was delighted with the outcome, which will help him provide future financial security for himself and his young family.

Also see £350,000 Compensation in MoD Non Freezing Cold Injury Claim.

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Our Dedicated Military Claims Solicitors

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury following an accident while working in the military, we can help secure you the right support and practical legal advice. Our expert team understand that you are likely facing many challenges in your day-to-day life, so we strive to make the process as stress free as possible.

Our Military Claims Solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will guide you through the legal claims process as smoothly as possible. Our focus is to make sure that you feel supported whilst we secure you a compensation amount that will allow you to lead an independent, fulfilling life.

Types of Military Claims We Handle

Here at Simpson Millar, we have experience with a variety of military claims, in all shapes and sizes. We have secured compensation for members of the Armed Forces and veterans to help them re-build their life.

Here are some of the different types of claims we can take on:

  • Military Training Accidents
  • Military Non Freezing Cold Injury
  • Military Parachute Accident
  • Military Bullying and Harassment
  • Assault and sexual assault
  • Military Medical Negligence
  • Military Compensation Schemes

Key Details about a Military Compensation Claim

It can feel daunting when you’re thinking of making a military compensation claim, but we are here to help alleviate any stress and anxiety. We will help you to understand what will happen and how the claims process works, here is some key information you need to know.

Cost of Making a Compensation Claim

We understand that at a time like this you won’t want to be thinking about legal costs, which is why we have removed this stress by offering a No Win, No Fee agreement to most of our clients. Most of our injury claims are handled on a No Win, No Fee basis, which we will be able to offer you.if we take your Claim on  After your initial claims assessment, we will let you know more details about how this works. But in a nutshell, you won’t have to pay a penny towards legal fees unless your claim is successful. After a successful claim, amy fees will then be deducted from your compensation amount automatically, so you never have to worry about it.

3 Year Time Limit

For any Personal Injury Claim, whether it was an accident at work, road traffic accident, or a military claim, you will have the same time limit to open a claim. This is usually 3 years from when the accident occurred. If you weren’t aware of your injuries straightaway or the extent of your condition, the 3-year time limit will begin from the ‘date of knowledge’ which is when you first became aware.

Because of strict time limits, it is essential that you get good legal advice as soon as possible. It is also easier to obtain evidence when the accident was recent, as witness evidence is vital in these types of claims. To strengthen your case, we recommended seeking practical legal advice from our team as early as you can.

Claiming Against the Ministry of Defence

The thought of making a claim against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) can feel overwhelming, but rest assured that you are in safe hands with Simpson Millar. We have experience in handling claims against the Ministry of Defence, so we are familiar with the process, and we can successfully negotiate compensation that our clients deserve.

If the Ministry of Defence accepts responsibility for your accident, we may be able to secure an early interim payment ahead of the full settlement. We always do this where possible to help our clients with immediate costs, such as home adaptations and loss of earnings.

Even if the Ministry of Defence doesn’t accept liability for your military accident, the fight isn’t over. We will stand behind your case the whole way, giving you our full support. These types of cases are usually settled outside of Court, but if it does go to Court, we will do everything we can to succeed on your behalf..

Why Choose Us

We will handle your claim will the sensitivity you deserve. Our team have connections with a lot of support services and if you feel this would be beneficial, we can get you in touch with the right services for you.

From the get-go, we pride ourselves on transparency and clear advice. We will only ever communicate with you in plain English, so you don’t have to worry about complex legal jargon. We will break down all the legal terms for you, so you always know where you stand.


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Gavin Hughes

Partner, Military Claims Solicitor

Gavin is a Partner in our Personal Injury department and Head of the Military Accident and Injury Claims team. He also runs his own caseload of military personal injury cases.

Gavin shows a personal touch with his clients and works closely with them to achieve the best results.

He is a robust and determined litigator and has secured many six and seven-figure settlements for clients throughout his career.

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