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For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors and we will help you. Ask if we can deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors and we will help you. Ask if we can deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you’ve injured your arm and it wasn’t your fault, our Personal Injury Solicitors could help you make a claim for compensation. Arm injuries can cause long-term damage and unfortunately serious injuries are common. They can also cause longer term issues such as nerve damage, chronic pain and conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS). It could have had a massive impact meaning you have not been able to work, or could no longer be able to work. You should not be negatively financially impacted and we can help with this as well as getting access to rehabilitation which is paid for as part of your claim.

What constitutes an arm injury?

The law says that an arm injury includes the upper arm, forearm, elbows and wrist.

If it was your dominant arm, the impact can be much more significant so our lawyers will take this into account when they value your claim.

Get in touch with one of our Personal Injury lawyers, who are specialists helping people with arm injuries.  They’ll use their expertise to ensure the full impact of your injury is taken into account to get the compensation you deserve. If you’ve had to take time off work, compensation could help with financial difficulties. If your job was manual, you may need a career change or be at risk of losing your job in the future due to your injury, so compensation can ease these worries too.

We’ll give you a Free Claims Assessment, where we’ll listen to your situation and tell you if we think you have a claim. We try to get you early rehabilitation if you need it, to get you on the road to recovery quickly, before your claim has even settled. We can get you access to the best medical experts and work together to help you recover.

TrustpilotStarsWe're ratedExcellent

What Types of Arm Injuries Could I Get Compensation For?

We could help you claim for arm injuries such as:

  • Broken or fractured arm bones, e.g. humerus, radius, ulna;
  • Hand, Finger, Elbow or Wrist injuries e.g. Colles fractures;
  • Sprains;
  • Tennis elbow;
  • Brachial plexus injury;
  • Torn ligament/tendon;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Dislocations;
  • Dog bites;
  • Arthritis, which has been caused or accelerated by an arm injury;
  • Amputations, including above-elbow, below-elbow and arm amputated at the shoulder;
  • Burn injuries;

You might have sustained an injury at work, e.g.:

If you don’t see your injury here, you can still get in touch with us, as we’ve been able to get compensation for people with a wide range of arm injuries.

Why Choose Simpson Millar?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Simpson Millar to help with your injury claim.

  • We’re specialists

    We have a track record of recovering significant amounts of compensation for people with arm injuries.

  • We open up the law

    We use straightforward language to make things simple. We can also visit you anywhere in England and Wales, at home or in hospital.

  • Accredited lawyers

    We’re nationally accredited solicitors, and proud members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

  • We'll keep you informed

    You’ll be kept up to date at every stage in the process, while we gather evidence and work out your compensation amount.

How the Claim Process Works


    You contact us

    Get in touch with Personal Injury Lawyers and for a Free Claims Assessment. We’ll find out how your arm injury has affected your life and tell you about the next steps.


    We’ll contact the other party

    If we think you’ve got a chance of getting compensation, we’ll get in touch with the other party, to ask them to admit liability for your accident and arm injury. This might be your workplace or another firm or supplier. If you got your injury in a public place, it might be a local authority or business.


    We’ll gather evidence

    We’ll start to collect evidence to prove that your injury happened because of someone else’s actions or negligence. This might include CCTV footage, photos, witness statements or logbooks if it happened in your workplace.


    You’ll get a medical assessment

    We’ll send you to an independent medical expert, who will assess your injury and find out about how it has affected your life. We try to intervene early if we think you’d benefit from rehabilitation. Sometimes the other party can send you early interim payments, before the claim is settled.


    We’ll work out the compensation amount

    Based on your medical assessment, we’ll work out how much compensation you’re owed and take this to the other party.


    We’ll settle your claim

    If the other party does not accept liability, then the claim may have to go to Court. Luckily, this doesn’t happen with most personal injury claims. If it does, we’ll keep you informed and provide expert advice throughout the whole process.

FAQs about Arm Injury Claims

The exact amount of compensation you could get will depend on the severity of your injuries, and to what extent they’ve impacted your life. We’ll take all factors into account, including any loss of earnings, and long-term specialist care or rehabilitation you might need. Our Personal Injury lawyers have recovered thousands of pounds for people with arm injuries, so get in touch to see what you might be entitled to.

We could handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that if we don’t win your case, you won’t need to pay us a penny. However, we believe in open communication and complete transparency when it comes to billing our clients, so you will always be aware of what the final bill could be at the end of the process.

If the other party admit liability, we could ask them to make an early interim payment if you need urgent support and rehabilitation.

You may be entitled to compensation if your injury is the result of one of the following:

  • Your workplace or the Military – you may have got your injury at work due to inadequate training, protective clothing or faulty machinery. If your employer didn’t meet their legal responsibilities and failed in your duty of care, you could get compensation.
  • A road traffic accident – you might have injured your arm if you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist etc in a road traffic accident. If we can prove that someone else was fully or partially responsible, you may be able to claim compensation to help you recover and rebuild your life.
  • A public place – you could have injured your arm if you slipped on an icy pavement that should’ve been gritted, or perhaps a wet floor in a shop if there was no wet floor sign or safety measures put in place by the business. If so, you might be able to get compensation from the business or local council.
  • Medical negligence – your injury may be the result of medical negligence, such as a surgical error. Or medical complications might have resulted in an otherwise unnecessary arm amputation. If you think the medical care you received fell below typical standards, you can get in touch with our specialist

We will handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that if we don’t win your case, you won’t need to pay us a penny. However, we believe in open communication and complete transparency when it comes to billing our clients, so you will always be aware of what the final bill could be at the end of the process.

Yes, you might have multiple injuries from an accident, or be dealing with psychological effects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our Multiple Injury Lawyers will assess the overall impact of all your injuries so that you can achieve the maximum compensation.

We know that arm injuries can have a huge impact on other areas of your life. You can claim for any travel costs you’ve incurred, or for any ongoing support and rehabilitation you might need. This could include physiotherapy or adaptations to your home or car.

Your arm injury could affect your ability to push, pull, twist or lift, and we may be able to secure specialist rehabilitation for you, and care and assistance for your whole life if you need it.

There are many aids and adaptations to help people who have suffered from arm injuries, such as jar openers, grabbers and bra fasteners, which you might be able to claim for.

You can also get equipment that will help when you return to work after your arm injury, such as arm rests, ergonomic desks, keyboards, mouses and digital dictation if you’re unable to type.

If your injury affects your ability to drive, you may be entitled to claim for a driving assessment, special adaptions to your vehicle, or for the additional cost of buying an automatic car if this is recommended to you.

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