Medical Negligence

Jamie Carrington

Litigation Executive, Medical Negligence


Jamie Carrington is a Litigation Executive in our Medical Negligence team, based in our Liverpool office.

Professional Biography

Jamie started his journey into the legal field by achieving a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Edge Hill University in 2018.

Jamie has been specialising in Medical Negligence since October 2019, after spending a year in the Road Traffic Accidents legal sector. His expertise in Medical Negligence is built on a foundation of handling challenging cases effectively, even when medical evidence was not strongly in favour or when facing particularly stubborn defendants. His proactive approach has involved direct negotiations to resolve complex issues, showcasing his commitment to achieving the best outcomes for his clients. In October 2023, Jamie brought his skills and experience to Simpson Millar. His day-to-day role involves managing Medical Negligence cases from beginning to the end. This process starts with introducing himself to the client, and beginning the critical work of gathering medical records and organising them for review. He then moves on to instructing medical experts for reports, assessing the case's prospects based on their findings, and preparing letters of claim to be sent to defendants.

Jamie actively engages with clients to gather important information about their financial losses and the impact of their injuries, which are key for figuring out the value of their claims. Based on this information, he submits settlement offers to defendants. In situations where admission is not readily obtained, Jamie collaborates with counsel to determine the best next steps for reaching a settlement, ensuring his clients’ needs and interests are front and centre throughout the legal process.

Whilst Jamie’s experience covers all areas of Clinical Negligence, he has notably engaged in a significant number of Orthopaedic cases. His experience in this field has granted him insights and a comprehensive understanding of the specific challenges associated with Orthopaedic negligence. This knowledge not only improves the effectiveness of his representation but also ensures that his clients benefit from strategies that are specifically tailored to their individual needs, leading to better outcomes and more personalised legal advice.

Case Studies / Notable Cases

Jamie has been instrumental in achieving successful outcomes in challenging situations, such as:

  • Complex Surgical Error Case: Jamie successfully negotiated a complex case where a client had a Colovaginal Anastomosis following Bowel Cancer surgery. The procedure was incorrectly performed, leading to unintended complications. Despite the lack of strong expert evidence, Jamie skilfully negotiated a settlement, resulting in the client receiving £80,000.
  • Delayed Cancer Diagnosis: Jamie managed a case of an 8-year delay in Cancer diagnosis resulting in a terminal prognosis. Through careful legal work, he obtained full admissions of fault, and the case is expected to settle for approximately £400,000.
  • Another Delay in Cancer Diagnosis: Another memorable case involved a delayed Cancer diagnosis, where initial expert evidence did not strongly support their position. Despite Jamie's supervisor's initial inclination to close the file, he advocated for sending a speculative letter of claim, which resulted in full admissions from the defendants. This case is due to settle for around £600,000, demonstrating the value of persistence and thorough case preparation

Jamie's path to law was initially uncertain, but a keen interest sparked during an additional year studying Law at college, which led him to pursue this career passionately. This path became personal when his father, a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver, was involved in a near-fatal car accident. Despite his minor physical injuries, the mental toll was significant, not least because of the initial blame placed on him. The legal representation and psychological support he received during his claim affected Jamie, steering him towards a career where he could offer similar help to others.

Jamie's personal qualities of stubbornness and attention to detail make him particularly suited to the meticulous nature of Medical Negligence cases. He takes pride in being able to support his clients through difficult times, drawing on his skills to challenge defendants effectively and achieve favourable outcomes. For Jamie, the greatest satisfaction comes from making a meaningful difference in his clients' lives, helping them navigate through their darkest times and towards recovery.

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