Five Figure Settlement and Rehabilitation for Forklift Foot Fracture

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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

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We helped a manual worker receive a five-figure settlement for a forklift accident that left him with a fractured foot. Accidents at work are increasingly common, and in total, Britain saw £7.6 billion in annual costs of workplace injury in the year of 2019 until 2020. Our client was at work, adjusting the forks of a forklift, when the right fork fell onto his foot and injured him immediately.

Although he was wearing the correct protective clothing, those being steel toed boots, he suffered from a fracture which caused him significant pain and discomfort – He immediately sought medical help and attended hospital.

Our client experienced moments of immobility after this accident, when his foot was bandaged up, and when he had to wear a boot for the fracture.

A walker boot, or orthopaedic boot as they are referred to in medical terms, are used for injuries to the lower leg, foot or ankle. They are made to repair any damage, and prevent any more damage to the affected area. The amount of time in whichyou are required wear the bootdepends on the severity of your damaged limb.

This meant that he was on crutches for a considerable period of time, which made his quality of life far worse than it was prior to the accident. His parents and partner provided him with care and transport whilst he was unable to work, drive or take care of himself. He was subsequently unable to work for 10 weeks after the accident had occurred,

Our client made several visits to the hospital after his injury, as well as attending physiotherapy appointments. Due to this, he accumulated a significant amount of medical expenses, and other such out of pocket costs.

As well as incurring these costs,, our client was told he needed surgery to his foot, which would leave him unable to work for a further six months. Following the accident, our client also needed regular steroid injections to prevent his foot from deforming, or causing him any potential pain.

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How we Helped

We were able to provide our client with the right support moving forward. With our help, our client was able to gather all relevant medical and financial reports to show exactly what losses were incurred, which we then recorded in a document in order to retrieve the funds back for him. This allowed our client to focus more on his recovery, as we dealt with the all of the legal side.

The Outcome

We were able to secure our client a compensation award of £48,750.00. This payment helped our client to cover all of his past medical expenses, as well as any future appointments he needed to attend. This compensation also covered the time our client spent out of work.

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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

Amy is a Graduate Solicitor Apprentice within our Personal injury department, based in our Manchester office.

She helps clients who have sustained injuries resulting from accidents at work and accidents in public places to recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

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