Compensation for Encephalitis

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If you or a loved one has suffered with Encephalitis and it wasn’t identified and treated early, you may have a claim for medical negligence compensation.

  • Was your condition misdiagnosed resulting in further damage?
  • Were the proper tests for Encephalitis not carried out?
  • Are you bereaved as a result of these failings taking place?

If any of these apply, then our Medical Negligence Solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation to cover expenses such as rehabilitation support, loss of past/future wages, medical costs, prescriptions and out-of-pocket expenses.

We take a collaborative approach to handling Medical Negligence cases, working with the NHS to secure appropriate amounts of compensation as soon as possible.

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What is Encephalitis?

Encephalitis is a condition that occurs following an inflammation of the brain. This can be a very serious condition as if left untreated it can lead to brain damage.

Anyone can suffer with encephalitis but the very young and very old are the most vulnerable.

What are the Causes of Encephalitis?

There are two types of Encephalitis – Infectious Encephalitis and Autoimmune Encephalitis. These both have different causes.

Infectious Encephalitis is caused by a viral infection following viruses such as the herpes simplex virus and the chickenpox virus. Any virus has the potential to cause Encephalitis but not everyone with these viruses will develop it.

Autoimmune Encephalitis develops following problems within the immune system resulting in it attacking the brain and leading to inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Encephalitis?

Encephalitis can sometimes begin with symptoms resembling the flu (such as a high temperature or headaches).

The following symptoms can also occur either quickly or over the course of a number of hours, days or weeks:

  • Confusion or a feeling of disorientation
  • Fits / seizures
  • Changes in personality or unusual behaviour
  • Speech difficulties
  • Weakness or loss of movement
  • Loss of consciousness
  • High temperature

Encephalitis symptoms can occur in both Infectious Encephalitis and Autoimmune Encephalitis. However Autoimmune Encephalitis does tend to have a longer period of onset.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Encephalitis?

If you or someone you know are displaying any of the more serious symptoms, there’s a chance it could be Encephalitis. In this case, you should seek immediate medical attention, as the sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of reducing long term complications.

Encephalitis can be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms often resemble a number of other diseases. As such doctors will use various methods for diagnosis of Encephalitis including CT and MRI scans, lumbar punctures and EEGs.

Treatment for Encephalitis will be undertaken in Hospital and will depend upon the cause of the condition. It is possible that a full recovery will be made from the condition but it’s common for the effects to be ongoing due to the damage suffered to the brain prior to treatment.  

Delay in diagnosis of Encephalitis

It’s important that a diagnosis is made as early as possible and the underlying cause is established. Treatment will be targeted at tackling the underlying cause, relieving symptoms and supporting bodily functions.

Encephalitis can be fatal and it’s vital that treatment is commenced quickly. It can also cause long term complications and therefore the sooner the treatment is commenced the better the chances of success.

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