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Encephalitis is a very serious condition that can lead to brain damage if left untreated. If the condition wasn’t identified or treated early enough by clinicians, it’s only right that you can get the help you need.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors can help you access the care, support and rehabilitation you need to live with your condition, and compensation for any financial losses such as lost earnings or pensions.

We understand that taking legal action can seem daunting, particularly if you are struggling with medical problems, but our friendly and supportive team are here to make the claims process as straightforward for you as possible.

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Why Choose Simpson Millar?

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors are highly experienced specialists, helping people like you rebuild their lives following avoidable medical mistakes. We will:

  • Consider your specific needs, wishes and circumstances every step of the way
  • Be open and transparent about the claims process and always communicate in a simple, straightforward language.
  • Keep you fully up to date with all aspects of your claim so you are always clear about what’s happening
  • Work to achieve a settlement that truly reflects the seriousness of your condition and meets your long and short term needs
  • Work constructively and positively with the NHS to settle claims as early as possible, whilst always fighting for what’s right for you
  • Help you with any other legal needs as we have specialists in many areas of law, such as arranging specialist education provision for your child or setting up a Personal Injury Trust

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Can I Claim Compensation for Encephalitis?

If you or a loved one has suffered with encephalitis, you may have a claim for medical negligence compensation if your condition wasn’t diagnosed, you weren’t given the proper tests for encephalitis or you lost a loved one because mistakes were made.

Encephalitis can cause long-term complications and can sometimes be fatal, so an early diagnosis and identification of the underlying cause is essential, so treatment can be given immediately.

The sooner any treatment starts, the better the chances of success.

Is There a Medical Negligence Claims Time Limit?

Yes. Medical negligence claims must be made within three years of when the negligence happened, or three years from when you became aware of a problem related to your treatment.

If you child has suffered from encephalitis because of medical negligence, you have until their 18th birthday to make a claim to their behalf and then then they have another three years to make the claim themselves.

What Will It Cost To Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

We usually handle medical negligence claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), this funding option means there’s no financial risk to you if you decide to make a claim.

What Is The Medical Negligence Claims Process?

  1. Free Claims Assessment

    Call us on 0808 239 6043 for a free claims assessment to see if you have a medical negligence claim.

  2. Making a Complaint

    If we think you need to complain directly to the NHS about the care you received, we can help you make the complaint and review at the outcome.

  3. Medical Expert

    We’ll ask an Independent Medical Expert to review the care you were given and ask them to tell us if they think it was negligent. This will help your case.

  4. Taking Care of the Details

    Medical negligence claims can be complex, but we’ll take care of everything for you.

  5. Interim Payments

    If we can, we’ll apply for interim payments of compensation, so you don’t have to wait for treatment, rehabilitation and financial support.

  6. Settling Your Claim

    We’ll work to settle your medical negligence claim with NHS Resolution as soon as we can. Most Medical Negligence Claims settle before going to Court, but we’ll support you all the way through.

  7. Personal Injury Trust

    Once we’ve agreed your settlement, we can get specialist Solicitors to advise you about setting up a Personal Injury Trust, so you remain eligible to claim state

Common Questions about Encephalitis

What is Encephalitis?

Encephalitis is a condition that occurs following an inflammation of the brain. This can be a very serious condition as if left untreated, it can lead to brain damage.

Anyone can suffer with encephalitis but the very young and very old are the most vulnerable.

What Causes Encephalitis?

There are two types of encephalitis - infectious encephalitis and autoimmune Encephalitis. These both have different causes.

Infectious encephalitis is caused by a viral infection following viruses such as the herpes simplex virus and the chickenpox virus. Any virus has the potential to cause encephalitis but not everyone with these viruses will develop it.

Autoimmune encephalitis develops following problems within the immune system, resulting in it attacking the brain and leading to inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Encephalitis?

Encephalitis can sometimes begin with symptoms resembling the flu, such as a high temperature or headaches.

The following symptoms can also occur either quickly or over the course of several hours, days or weeks:

  • Confusion or a feeling of disorientation
  • Fits / seizures
  • Changes in personality or unusual behaviour
  • Speech difficulties
  • Weakness or loss of movement
  • Loss of consciousness
  • High temperature

Encephalitis symptoms can occur in both infectious encephalitis and autoimmune encephalitis. However, autoimmune encephalitis does tend to have a longer period of onset.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Encephalitis?

If you or someone you know are displaying any of the more serious symptoms, there’s a chance it could be encephalitis. In this case, you should seek immediate medical attention, as the sooner it’s diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of reducing long-term complications.

Encephalitis can be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms often resemble other diseases, so doctors will use various methods of diagnosing your condition, including CT and MRI scans, lumbar punctures and EEGs.

Treatment for encephalitis will be carried out in hospital and will depend on the cause of the condition. You can make a full recovery, but some effects could be permanent.

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