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We’ve helped thousands of British holidaymakers injured in an accident on holiday to get compensation and rehabilitation support. While some accidents may only cause minor injury, others can have a long-lasting and life-changing impact.

If you’ve been involved in an accident on holiday abroad that wasn’t your fault and it resulted in an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Simpson Millar has one of the largest teams of specialist Holiday Accident Solicitors in the UK, and most claims can be dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Why Choose Simpson Millar to Help You?

  • Experience - Between them, our specialist Solicitors and Lawyers have over 80 years of experience, several previously worked as Defendant Lawyers for tour operators including Thomas Cook, Thomson Holidays and First Choice Holidays, so you can rest assured that your case is in the right hands
  • No Win No Fee - We offer a free legal assessment of your holiday accident and most claims can be dealt with on No Win, No Fee basis
  • Open Lawyers - We understand that having an accident on holiday abroad can be very stressful, so we’ll always be open and honest with you, and speak to you without using legal jargon
  • Direct Communication - You’ll get the total support of our dedicated holiday claims team, and whenever you call us, you’ll be put straight through to the team that's handling your case


Holiday Accident Claims We Can Help You With


What are the Most Common Types of Holiday Accidents?

Our Holiday Accident Solicitors have dealt with many different types of accidents on holiday. Common types of accidents include:

                • Accidents on airlines
                • Accidents on cruise ships
                • Burns
                • Car accidents abroad
                • Diving and swimming pool accidents
                • Fatal accidents
                • Ski and snowboard accidents
                • Slips and trips in hotels and resorts
                • Working holiday accidents
                • Working or travelling abroad for a British employer

Whatever your individual situation is, we can help you.

What Can You Claim Compensation For?

An accident on holiday can not only spoil your trip, but it can also have long-lasting effects on your physical and mental health. As well as this, it can also be very expensive receiving medical treatment outside of the UK.

Some of the things you could claim compensation for include:

                • Personal Expenses - e.g. medical costs, travel insurance excess
                • Holiday Experience - the period of the holiday that was ruined because of your injury
                • Holiday Enjoyment - if you didn't enjoy the holiday because of an injury, you’re entitled to compensation by law
                • Loss of Earnings - you can claim compensation for money you could have earned but weren’t able to because of your injury
                • Care - due to your accident, you may need extra care and help, which can be compensated
                • Future Loss - this includes lost earnings, future costs and pensions that will be lost because of the injury
                • Pain and Suffering - this depends on the severity of your injury and will be awarded compensation accordingly

The amount of compensation which can be claimed is different in every case and is dependent on individual circumstances. Our Holiday Accident Solicitors can advise you about how much compensation you could receive.

How to Make a Holiday Accident Claim

  1. Free consultation

    Firstly, the main priority is to get medical treatment and get you on the path to recovery if this is possible. If you’ve suffered a holiday accident that wasn’t your fault, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll offer you a free consultation with legal advice and see if you have a strong case.

  2. Working towards an outcome

    While some holiday accident claims can be complex and time consuming, we’ll work hard to get you the outcome you’re after as efficiently as possible. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way too, and you’ll never have to be worry about any hidden costs or surprises.

  3. Medical Appointments

    For holiday accident claims that are more complex, we use a unique service called Premex+ which can secure medical records and arrange medical appointments for you while we get on with other parts of managing your case. It’s provided us with countless advantages and our clients too have benefitted from vital information being gathered much more quickly.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Holiday Accident Claim?

                • You have three years from the date when the accident took place to start your claim, but time limits can vary depending on which country you had your accident in. One of our Holiday Accident Solicitors can advise you on your individual case
                • The amount of time your claim takes will depend on the severity of your injuries and whether or not the other party accepts responsibility. A typical case in which the other party admits they were at fault can take up to 18 months to settle. If your case is more complicated, or if it needs to go to Court, it’ll usually take a bit longer
                • Even if your case is more complex, we will work to get you the compensation you are entitled to as quickly as possible so you can get your life back on track

People We've Helped

Read about some of the clients we've helped make holiday accident claims. 

£14,000 Compensation after Child Injured in Hotel Room on Holiday 
£12,750 Compensation for Accident at Hotel Insotel Punta, Menorca 
£10,000 Compensation Payout in Portugal Holiday Accident Claim 
£7,500 Compensation for Accident on Airline Flight to Mexico 

Am I Entitled to Make a Holiday Accident Claim?

If the cause of your accident or illness was someone else’s fault, then yes. For instance, if you got food poisoning on holiday after eating out, the restaurant may be responsible.

Or did you slip and fall on a wet hotel floor surface and there were no warning signs around? If so, the hotel might be liable for your injury.

The law also allows you to claim against the organiser of a trip if it was booked as a package holiday, so the tour operator or holiday company could be responsible for paying any damages.

How Much Will it Cost to Make a Claim?

We consider holiday claims where clients have pre-existing legal expense insurance.

If there isn’t any pre-existing cover, we may be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis, so providing you take our advice, you only pay us if your claim is successful and after you’ve got your compensation.

If your claim isn’t successful then we don’t get paid. It’s really that simple.

What Should I Do after Suffering an Accident on Holiday?

While your first instinct may be to panic, it’s important to stay calm.

                • Get Help
                  If you're lucky enough to have someone with you when you have an accident, then ask them for help, or if they're unable to help you, ask them to fetch someone who can.
                • Be Wary of Moving
                  Some injuries can be made worse by moving, so if you’ve seriously hurt yourself, then it may be best to wait until a medical professional comes to see you.
                • Make a Record of Your Accident and the Cause
                  Airlines, cruise ships and holiday hotels and resorts abroad know that British holidaymakers have a legal right to make a claim in instances where they've neglected certain safety standards. If you can do so safely, it's best to note down the time that you had your accident and, if possible, take photos of the area where it happened. It'll be difficult for a hotel or tour operator to deny your photographic evidence, particularly if they have fixed the cause of your accident after it has happened.
                • Inform the Staff
                  If you've had an accident and sustained and injury, let the hotel, airline or cruise ship staff know where, how, and when it happened. They should provide you with an appropriate level of care and try to correct the problem. Ask that the accident is recorded in their accident book, and request a copy of the details entered.
                • Tell Your Holiday / Tour Rep
                  If you know that there's a representative for your tour operator at your hotel or resort, then try to contact them and let them know what’s happened.

Should I Make a Complaint if I Wasn’t Seriously Injured?

If you don’t think that proper precautions were in place following an accident that didn't cause any serious injuries, then we still recommend making a complaint to the travel/tour operator to make sure that whatever caused your accident doesn't happen again.

If your accident caused a more serious injury or your complaint has been ignored, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

We can advise you on how to make a complaint to airlines such as Jet2 and tour operators such as TUI, and we're always expanding the list of travel/tour operators that we provide advice for making complaints against.

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