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Although bone fractures are fairly common, the impacts of these accidents vary. They can have a huge impact on your life and affect your ability to work and live independently. If the fracture was the result an accident which wasn’t your fault, our Personal Injury Solicitors can help get you access to the right medical treatment, rehabilitation and financial compensation to support you.   

We have a specialist team who can guide you through the claims process, support you with getting treatment which sometimes may not be available on the NHS and help you get your life back.

We offer a free claims assessment and legal advice, and could handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. Get in touch with our Serious Injury Solicitors for a free claims assessment and we’ll be happy to speak with you about your situation.

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Our expert team have many years of experience of helping people who’ve suffered bone fractures, multiple fractures and compound fractures at work and on the road for reasons such as:

  • A road traffic accident
  • Fall from height
  • Getting a finger or hand caught in machinery
  • Being hit by a falling object

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Can I Claim Compensation for a bone fracture?

If you’ve sustained a bone fracture and it wasn’t your fault, you may have a claim for compensation.

Bone fractures can often take a long time to heal and can cause huge disruption to your life.

Maybe you can’t get to work and earn money to pay the bills. Perhaps you can’t drive to the shops, pick the kids up from school or enjoy an active social life. And your physical fitness could also be affected if you’ve suffered a bone fracture, along with your body image and mental health.

We’ll consider everything from your loss of earnings, any extra costs you’ve incurred as a result of your fracture, the pain and suffering you’ve gone through and how your injury has affected your quality of life.

Even consequences that you might not think have a financial cost can be reflected in your claim. For example, if you’ve had to rely heavily on help from family and friends since your injury, you can claim for the equivalent private cost of the care received, as it was likely above and beyond the type of help, they’d usually provide.

Common Types of Bone Fractures

Fractures are either open or closed. If it is open, then this is where the bone breaks through the skin. In a closed fracture, the bone doesn’t penetrate the skin.

A spiral fracture is a fracture which occurs when a bone is broken by a twisting force where the break spirals around the bone. They often can occur when one part of the body, such as a leg, is in one fixed position whilst the rest of the body is in motion.

Spiral fractures are serious injuries and tend to require a combination of surgery and rehabilitation. 

This where the bone breaks or splinters into two or more fragments. This type of fracture often results where there has been a high impact/force to the bone. For example, being run over by a car or having your leg crushed by a fork lift truck.

A compression fracture is a fracture to the vertebrae (the spine). The vertebrae are stacked on top of one another to support your spine. A compression fracture can cause the vertebrae to collapse making them shorter in height.

This can cause serious and life-changing symptoms if the pieces of bone press on to your spinal cord or nerves in the surrounding area.

Compression fractures can occur in a traumatic accident. They can also commonly occur in accidents involving the elderly if they fall and in people who suffer from osteoporosis and have thinning and brittle bones.

Even if you have a previously diagnosed condition of osteoporosis before the accident, the law says that you have to take your victim as you find them.

It’s called the Egg Shell Skull rule, so this means that if you’re more vulnerable because you have broken bones due to a condition like osteoporosis and then you fall and suffer from fractures, the Defendant still has to compensate you for this.

The person who has caused your accident is not able to rely on the fact that you are frail, more sensitive or have a pre-existing weakness in the area you fracture to try and defend your claim. They have to take account of this weakness and compensate you.

A depressed fracture is a fracture to the skull which causes the skull bone to be pressed into the brain. They generally occur as a result of a force or trauma to the head, such as a fall from height, being assaulted/kicked, or being hit by a hammer or falling object such as a rock.

It’s a severe type of head injury and 11% of severe head injuries arise from a depressed fracture.

This is a type of injury which happens to children. It’s an injury to the growth plate area of a child’s bone. The growth plates tend to be a weak spot in children and can be injured by a fall, a collision or excessive pressure. 

Sometimes known as a Salter-Harris Fracture, it really is important it’s diagnosed as soon as possible so the right treatment can take place.

A greenstick fracture is a break to the bone of a child when their bones are soft, generally in children under 10. It occurs when the soft bone is bent and it cracks on one side only, not all the way through the bone.

How Does the Claims Process Work?


    Free Claims Assessment

    When you contact us for a free claims assessment, one of our team will speak with you about your bone fracture, including what caused it and what effect it’s had on your life. We can then let you know if we think your claim has a good chance of success and if we can help you.


    Investigating Your Injury

    An expert Serious Injury Solicitor will be assigned to your claim and immediately begin investigating what led to your injury. This will include collecting evidence such as photographs of the accident scene and witness statements where possible.


    Medical Experts

    We’ll arrange an independent medical assessment, so an independent expert can draw up a medical report on your condition, how it may affect you in the future, and what treatment you may need in the long-term.


    Calculating Your Compensation

    This evidence can help us calculate a reasonable amount of compensation you should claim, reflecting the pain, suffering and distress you’ve gone through, any loss of income and other financial costs and the cost of any future care, support and rehabilitation you may need


    Admitting Responsibility

    We’ll contact the other party or their insurance company and ask them to admit responsibility for your injury.


    Interim Payment

    If they do, we can apply for an early interim payment of compensation. This could be vital if you have urgent financial needs or can’t wait for legal proceedings to end before getting medical treatment or rehabilitation.


    Negotiating a Settlement

    We’ll negotiate a suitable settlement with the other side, and once agreed, make sure it’s paid to you as quickly as possible.

What Risks can Bone Fractures Pose?

Every bone fracture is potentially serious and can be a life-changing injury depending on the type of fracture, your age and your general health at the time of the accident.

Common Risks with Bone Fractures include:

In bone fractures where the skin has broken, there is a particular risk of infection developing and cellulitis. You can claim compensation for the effects of infection arising from your fracture.

As some injuries limit your mobility, there’s always a risk of developing blood clots, which in some cases can be life-threatening and for some sadly fatal.

Many people will need to take blood thinning medication or injections such as Warfarin or Heparin for life. You can claim compensation for the effects of clots following a fracture.

Depending on the type of bone fracture you have suffered, you can develop problems which affect your circulation and drainage and this can cause swelling. It’s important to get the right specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

Often a fracture to a limb can result in shortening of the limb and a difference in the length between right and left leg. This can affect, for example, the way you walk and you can claim for this. There are treatments available to extend the length of the limb to get uniformity.

There are orthotic aids and specially adapted shoes which can really help. It’s important you get the right expert legal advice on your options and treatment plan. You can claim for the cost of ongoing specially adapted shoes and aids and adaptations for life.

Some bone fractures can cause nerve damage which can trigger very painful and disturbing neurological symptoms and pain conditions such as Complex Regional Syndrome (CRPS).

Many people can be left with tingling and altered sensation around the wound site of the fracture or where you have scars from surgery and the fitting of a fixation device. We can access you specialist advice on treating your scar, protecting your scar and camouflage options if you’re bothered by its appearance.

Again, you might need access to camouflage make-up, UV stockings and treatment therapies for life which you can claim for.

Many bone fractures do carry a risk of developing arthritis in the future at the sight of the fracture and it’s important that the likelihood of that risk happening is assessed by an expert, as this can affect the amount of compensation you could receive.

For example, if there is a strong risk that you will develop arthritis in the site of your fracture and the expert says this could affect your ability to work, or that you’ll likely need future treatment and increased help and assistance, then you can claim for the risks of this happening and future costs / losses.

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FAQs about Bone Fracture Claims

You have 3 years from the date of your accident to take legal action (make a claim). This is not the case if the claim is for a child under 18 or someone who lacks the mental capacity to make a claim.

Most serious injury claims are handled on a No Win, No Fee basis, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Please ask us for details.

Many bone fracture injuries do sadly result in hospital admission and we can offer you a free hospital or home visit (in England or Wales) if you want this as part of our service. 

Our mission is to get you early access to medical treatment and rehabilitation, as we work to secure the compensation that you are entitled to.

We also offer help and support to your family and loved ones. Getting the right support for your family so they’re in the best position to support you on your road to recovery is very important to us.

As many bone fractures can affect your mobility and your ability to carry out household chores, you might need help and assistance from your family and friends.

Even though you haven’t paid for this care, as it’s provided voluntarily by a loved one, you can claim for the equivalent private cost of the care received.

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