Disputes with Independent or Private Schools

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It’s never pleasant when an educational dispute arises with a school, but from time to time they do. While these disputes take many forms, resolving them requires a mixture of tact, diplomacy and legal expertise.

Our specialist Education Law Solicitors and Lawyers have significant experience of representing parents of children who attend an independent or private school.

Areas We Can Help You with include:

Exclusion from school, Pressure to withdraw a child from school, Problems with drugs, alcohol and social media, Appeals and complaints, Bullying, Disability discrimination, Investigations, Special Educational Needs (SEN)

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How We Can Help You

We can help where children are at risk of, or have been, excluded, or when a school is seeking to force parents to withdrawn their child from a school.

We look at each case on its merits, take a view as to the prospects and work out with the client the optimal way of getting the best outcome for their child. Sometimes that may mean seeking to keep the place, and on other occasions that may mean seeing if other ways forward may be preferable.

Our Education Solicitors and Lawyers have considerable experience dealing with day schools, private schools and boarding schools, and with issues ranging from concerns about academic performance to problems arising from the alleged misuse of drugs, alcohol and mobile phones. Drugs and alcohol have been around for some time, but mobile phones created a whole new level of hazard for teenagers. In some cases, we work alongside Criminal Lawyers, if required.

We have also assisted victims of bullying, including cyber-bullying in circumstances where the issue was not being taken seriously enough by the school, leading to significant detriment to the child concerned. This includes cases which have led to the involvement of mental health and social services.

Disability discrimination in the independent/private school sector is another area where we can help you, both in respect of ensuring that reasonable adjustments are made for children with disabilities, and also in ensuring that children are not excluded from a school because steps have not been taken to make adjustments necessitated by their difficulties.

We can provide discrete behind the scenes help to parents seeking to resolve these issues, or alternatively our Education Lawyers can formally deal directly with the school if required.

How We Work

We seek to assist our clients by resolving disputes as rapidly and amicably as possible.

We believe that early identification of both the underlying facts and the options at the outset is key to achieving a satisfactory resolution, and ensuring that the money is spent wisely.

We take a diagnostic approach when initially receiving instructions, and guide parents through the options that are open to them. In appropriate cases, it’s obviously very important to hear the child’s perspective and, where appropriate, give them the opportunity to explain to our Solicitor/Lawyer what has happened, however awkward the facts may be.

It’s never pleasant for parents and children to have to confront these situations, but we are here to help you.

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