Survivor of Child Sex Abuse Gets Closure and Compensation

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Mr Wright was placed into care in the 1970s when he was a child because of physical abuse occurring in his family home. Sadly, while he was under the care of Leicestershire County Council he was sexually abused.

He had several different placements throughout his childhood before being placed at Rosehill Children’s Home in Market Harborough, which was where he suffered serious sexual abuse.

Mr Wright lived at Rosehill Children’s Home for several years during the 1980s and during this time, he was sexually abused on several occasions by the officer in charge of the home, Mr Kenneth Scott. The abuse continued until Mr Wright left the children’s home. He did not tell anyone about the abuse whilst he was there as Mr Scott was a well-respected member of staff and the local community and so Mr Wright thought that no one would believe him.

After he left Rosehill Children’s Home, Mr Wright was visited by the police regarding alleged sexual abuse by Mr Scott. At this point, he  give a statement. Mr Scott was then sentenced to eight years imprisonment at Leicester Crown Court for five counts of sexual offences, two of which related to Mr Wright.

Mr Wright recalls not being offered any support from the Local Authority after the investigation and he was simply left to deal with the aftermath by himself. His life became chaotic and led to him being in and out of police custody for many years following the abuse.

Understandably, Mr Wright found it difficult to deal with the abuse and he felt too embarrassed about it to talk to anyone about it. It wasn’t until he saw reports on the television relating to allegations of sexual abuse against well-known celebrities that he decided to draw a line under everything and finally deal with his abuse so he could try to move on with his life.

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How Did We Help?

Mr Wright got in touch with our helpful expert team of Abuse Solicitors when he was 50 years old and told us that he had been sexually abused whilst he was in care as a child at Rosehill Childrens Home. We listened to his story and learned about the devastating impact that the abuse had on his life throughout the years.

After assessing the prospects of success in the case, Abuse Claims Solicitor, Tamsin Johns-Chapman, who specialises in historic child abuse cases, took on his case.

After taking a full statement from Mr Wright, Tamsin reviewed his historical records. It was very important that we obtained evidence of Mr Scott’s conviction as the abuse Mr Wright suffered had already been proven by a criminal court.

Tamsin was able to obtain proof of the conviction from the court before sending a letter to Leicestershire City Council (the Defendant) setting out the details of Mr Wright’s claim.

Following this, the Defendant made an offer of compensation in the sum of £15,000 to settle Mr Wright’s claim. Leicestershire City Council didn’t deny the claim as they were fully responsible for Mr Scott’s actions because he was their employee. Additionally, there was no real basis to deny responsibility given that  the abuse had already been proven by a conviction in the criminal courts.


Getting Closure and Looking Forward

Ultimately, Mr Wright decided to accept the offer so that  he could finally draw a line under everything, allowing him to get the that closure he needed to move forward with his life.

More importantly, Leicestershire City Council gave Mr Wright a letter of apology for the abuse that he suffered and the lack of action which was taken at the time to prevent this or stop this abuse. This was an important acknowledgement of what had happened to him which he greatly appreciated and valued more than the compensation itself.

As part of moving forward, Mr Wright and his wife are planning on using the compensation to buy a camper van so that they can travel around the country together.



If you are a survivor of abuse whilst in the care of a Local Authority, and you’re ready to talk about your experiences, contact our expert Abuse Claims Solicitors for free legal advice and to see how we can help you. To fund your case, ask us about Legal Aid or see if we can deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We understand that access to legal support is crucial for survivors pursuing compensation and funding options like this as it makes sure that financial constraints don’t stop survivors from seeking the justice that they deserve.

Our friendly team can be contacted on 0808 258 1287, or you can request a call back. We’re here to listen and help in any way that we can be providing you with support and advice throughout the process.

We would encourage anyone who has experienced this type of abuse to come forward and discuss the prospects of proceeding with a legal claim as soon as they feel ready and able to. However, we understand that not everyone will be ready to do this and that coming forward to discuss such a traumatic event and difficult time in your life is far from straightforward.


Coming to terms with your abuse and speaking about it can be an extremely difficult and emotionally distressing time but can help you to achieve a sense of closure. If you would like to make a sexual abuse claim for compensation, our specialist Abuse Law Solicitors are here to listen confidentially, with no obligation for you to go forward with a claim.

Our experienced Child Abuse Solicitors will handle every case with sensitivity and understanding. Every person in our team of Child Abuse Solicitors is trained to navigate the complex legal process so that you don’t have to. They’ll make sure that you feel supported throughout the process and will advocate for you as much as possible. Here at Simpson Millar, we’re determined and dedicated to providing you with a safe and understanding environment throughout the legal process.

We also appreciate that abuse doesn’t only impact the survivor but the family and friends of the person who has experienced the abuse. If you want us to, we will do our very best to be there for both you and your support network too.

Given the impact abuse can have, we can also help with any physical health or mental health issues or conditions that you are experiencing. It’s important that you are compensated for the suffering that you experienced as well as taking care of your future. If any treatment was to be recommended in your case, this is something that we could arrange for you if you wished to proceed with the treatment.

Many of the survivors still live with the memories of the abuse but were able to achieve a sense of justice for what happened to them through legal proceedings.


For those Survivors who aren’t Quite Ready to Come Forward

For those survivors who aren’t quite ready to come forward, other steps can be taken to assist with any potential future claim you may wish to proceed with or explore. These steps may include:

  • Documenting your experience – put together a detailed account of the abuse you endured, including dates, locations, and individuals involved. This information serves as crucial evidence in building a strong case against the responsible parties.
  • Gathering supporting evidence – collect any available records, correspondence, or documentation related to the placement and the subsequent abuse. These materials may be able to contribute to the strength of your case.

We know that no amount compensation can ever make up for the traumatic experiences and suffering you have endured. However, this is something that you may be entitled to receive. The compensation you receive could cover all sorts of expenses, such as the cost of counselling or therapy, or loss of earnings if you’ve suffered a psychological illness because of the abuse which means that you can’t work.


Help and Support

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, our team can be contacted on 0808 239 1287. Alternatively, you can request a call back. We’re here to listen. The following organisations may also be able to provide you with some help and support:

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Tamsin Johns-Chapman

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Tamsin's academic journey started at the University of Liverpool where she studied for her degree in Law. She then advanced her studies by completing the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law (currently known as the University of Law) in Chester.

Her professional journey began with a specialist abuse firm, where she underwent training and qualified as a Solicitor in 2011. Broadening her expertise, Tamsin spent some time at a firm specialising in criminal injuries compensation claims. For over five years, she has been a part of the Simpson Millar team, dedicating her efforts to representing victims and survivors of abuse in various types of claims.


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