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Here’s a selection of the many accident and injury claim cases which our Personal Injury Solicitors have successfully dealt with for Road Traffic Accidents (including Car Accidents, Motorbike, Cycling and Pedestrian Accidents), Fall Accidents and Assault ClaimsAlso see Examples of Accident at Work Claim Cases.

Road Traffic Accident Claim Case Studies

£2.4 Million Compensation after Car Accident Led to Amputation

Our client was a passenger in a car which crashed into another vehicle resulting in a serious injury to his left leg. He had to have several operations over several years including amputation of his left leg below the knee. As a result of the car accident he couldn’t return to his job which required travelling.

This substantial amount of compensation will help him while he remains unemployed and receives further treatments. It will also provide funds for his living expenses, physiotherapy and to adapt his home so he can live as independently as possible. See case study.

£515,000 Compensation Payout after Car Accident

Our client was injured when his car was hit in a head on collision by a car being driven on the wrong side of the road. He suffered very serious injuries and was taken to hospital. His injuries were severe and included brain damage and orthopaedic injuries.

The other drivers insurance company didn’t agree with our medical experts about the amount of compensation, so a Trial date was set, but we settled the case out-of-court with our client being awarded £515,000 compensation.

£492,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Injured by Untraced Driver

Our client was walking across the road when a car hit her and the driver of the car drove away. The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) rejected her claim, so she asked us for help. The first offer of compensation we got from the MIB was £15,000. We rejected this and settled the claim for £477,000 more than their first offer.

£40,000 Compensation Payout in Car Accident Claim

Ms H was involved in a car accident when her car hit a piece of wood on the road, causing her car to swerve and crash into a road sign.

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) referred to conflicting versions of the accident events, that it was not clear whether she had over-reacted to the situation and if the wood had been deposited by a negligent driver. They offered a compensation award of £20,000.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors took issue with the MIB's interpretation of the car accident circumstances and, following further detailed negotiations, an award was made of £40,000 compensation for our client.

£32,650 Compensation for Passenger Injured in Car Accident

Mr I was a passenger in a car accident when the car left the road and turned over. He was initially represented by another firm of Solicitors, who obtained an offer from the insurers of the other car driver for £15,000 compensation which would reduce to £12,500 if not accepted.

Mr I consulted our Personal Injury Solicitors and, on our advice, he rejected the offer. Court proceedings were started following which the claim was settled at £32,650 compensation.

£30,000 Compensation Payout in Car Accident Claim

Miss P was involved in an accident whilst driving her car, when she sustained significant personal injuries. However, the other vehicle did not stop and we made and application to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). The MIB refused to make a compensation award and so we submitted an Appeal.

The Appeal was allowed, albeit with a 25% reduction for fault on her part. Our client Miss P received £30,000 compensation.

£20,100 for Facial Laceration in Car Accident

Miss H was involved in a car accident where she received a significant laceration to her face, however the defendant insurer denied the injury had been caused in the accident.

Evidence was provided to support how the injury occurred, and the insurers eventually conceded. An initial offer to settle the claim was made and, after negotiation, the claim settled for £20,100 compensation.

£7,500 Compensation for Road Traffic Accident

Mrs F was involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in spinal pain and bruising, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and specific phobia of driving.

Liability for the accident was not disputed. For pain and suffering the insurers offered £1,250 compensation stating that should their offer be refused and proceedings instituted, then they would make a payment into Court for this amount.

The offer was refused, Court proceedings were instituted and the payment into Court of £1,250 duly made. Then a further payment of £3,750 was made into Court. Then a further payment of £2,500 was made into Court. Our client Mrs F received a total of £7,500 compensation.

Motorbike Accident Claim Case Studies

£155,000 Compensation for Motorcyclist and Pillion Passenger

When the driver of a car tried to turn in front of our clients’ motorbike, the car hit the bike, and our client and his wife riding pillion were thrown to the ground. The biker sustained multiple injuries and couldn’t return to work for over a year. His wife fractured her leg requiring surgery to insert a metal rod. We secured £65,000 compensation for the biker and £90,000 compensation for his wife.

£35,000 Compensation after Skateboarder Caused Motorbike Accident

Our client Mr W was injured in a motorbike accident when he was in collision with a child who came off the pavement on a skateboard directly in front of him.

Liability and the value of the claim were both in dispute and it was decided that a Trial on liability would take place first of all.

At the Trial on liability, the Judge found in favour of Mr W without any deduction for contributory negligence as had been alleged by the other side. Mr W sustained serious injuries, and changed his job as a result.

After obtaining medical reports and collating financial losses, the case settled before Trial to determine the value of compensation. Our client Mr W received £35,000 compensation.

Cycling Accident Claim Case Studies

£1.5 Million Compensation for Cycling Accident Injuries

A boy was riding his bicycle home from school when he was hit by a car. He suffered a severely broken leg and fractured his nose when his head hit the windscreen. In hospital he suffered an epileptic seizure and had to be sedated while they treated his fractures.

His parents weren’t told that he may have suffered brain damage in the accident. When our Serious Injury Solicitors investigated the case several years later, we discovered that a CT scan of the boy’s head taken at the hospital had shown evidence of brain damage. The case went to trial and just before a judgement was handed down, the other side offered a compensation settlement of £1.5 million. See Case Study.

£9,700 Compensation Payout after Cycling Accident

Mr H was injured in a cycling accident when he collided with a dog. The insurers for the dog owner repeatedly denied liability.

We obtained a Legal Expenses Insurance Policy and pressed on with the case. The insurers then offered to settle liability on a 50% contributory fault basis. The compensation was ultimately settled on a 25% liability basis. Mr H received £9,700 compensation, an increase of £3,750 on the first offer.

£500,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Crushed by a Lorry

Mr L was injured in a pedestrian accident when he was severely crushed by a lorry, which did not stop. We submitted an application to the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB), but the MIB refused to make a compensation award. Our Personal Injury Solicitors lodged an Appeal, which was granted with no reduction for fault on Mr L's part.

Mr L was awarded £500,000 compensation a £65,000 increase on the first offer.

£50,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car

Our client was walking on a pavement when a car mounted the pavement and hit our client causing multiple injuries. He was lucky in that he didn’t have to have several operations, but he had to endure intensive physio treatments. The accident also caused our client to suffer from depression and PTSD. The person responsible for the accident admitted liability, and the case was settled out of Court.

£19,000 Compensation Payout in Pedestrian Accident Claim

Mr C was a pedestrian when a car was deliberately driven at him. Application was made to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) who took the view that Mr C did not sustain injury as a consequence of a road traffic accident and they declined to deal with the claim.

Following our further representations, the MIB offered to settle the matter on a 50/50 liability basis, which they refused to increase. So we started Court proceedings.

A settlement offer was then made of £11,000 compensation, which was increased to £16,500 with the comment that it would be withdrawn in not accepted within 7 days. We settled this case with our client being awarded £19,000 compensation.

£17,800 Compensation after Pedestrian Knocked Down

Ms O was knocked down by a van. The initial response from the van driver's insurers was that he did not hit her. Court proceedings were instituted and although the defence admitted the collision, liability was still denied.

A payment into Court of £10,000 was made. The case settled 4 weeks before Trial and Ms O received £17,800 compensation.

Fall Accident Claim Case Studies

£170,000 Compensation Payout in Fall Accident Claim

Mr M sustained serious injuries to his head and arms when he fell from a third floor window. The insurers for the owner of the property denied liability (fault).

Three weeks before the Trial Mr M was awarded £170,000 compensation.

£7,500 Compensation Awarded for Pothole Trip and Fall Accident

Mrs J sustained a snapped Achilles tendon after stepping in a pothole (which she had not seen) and falling. She required surgery to repair the damaged tendon, and was absent from work for 4 months following the accident.

Liability (fault) was admitted by the defendant; however Mrs J was put to strict proof as to the accident circumstances and subsequent treatment. The defendant made an offer to settle the whole of Mrs J's claim of £5,500 and paid this amount into Court. On our advice, the offer was rejected and the matter proceeded to a full hearing at Court.

The Judge found in favour of Mrs J and awarded her £10,000, reduced by 25% to take into account contributory negligence for not looking where she was walking; so Mrs J received £7,500 compensation.

£4,250 Compensation Payout in Fall Accident Claim

Mr H fractured his ankle as he was leaving a pub, when he stumbled on a defective paving stone. The brewery denied liability, arguing that the premises were safe, implicating Mr H in an altercation and that it was he who was at fault.

Court proceedings were instituted and settlement terms were reached 10 days before Trial. Our client Mr H received £4,250 compensation.

£2,750 Compensation for Fall Accident Resulting in Twisted Ankle

Mrs W twisted her ankle on a defective speed hump. The Council admitted responsibility for the site, but put Mrs W to strict proof of her injury. The Council relied upon an entry in the hospital records, but it was Mrs W’s case that the entry had been wrongly made.

Court proceedings were instituted and liability was conceded only 7 days before Trial. Our client Mrs W received £2,750 compensation.

£10,000 Compensation for Slip and Fall Accident at Shop

Mrs S slipped in the entrance to a shop and sustained injury to her back. Liability was denied on the basis that the shop keeper had allegedly implemented appropriate safety measures and that Mrs S caused the fall herself. Court proceedings were instituted and Defence received.

However, we settled the case for £10,000 compensation.

£10,500 Compensation for Fall Accident in Shop

Mr S was injured in a slip and fall accident in a shop. Liability was denied by the insurers. A proposal for a Legal Expenses Insurance Policy was refused.

After our legal representations, the insurers admitted liability in full. The insurers initially offered £6,000 but we eventually settled the case with our client being awarded £10,500 compensation.

Assault Claim Case Studies

£500,000 Compensation Awarded in Assault Claim

Mr C was assaulted, as a result of which he received a serious head injury.

Application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was completely rejected upon both the initial application and review, on the basis that his injury was not directly attributable to a crime of violence.

We submitted an Appeal and succeeded at the Hearing, when it was decided that Mr C was entitled to a full compensation award and the decision on the amount was adjourned to await further medical evidence.

A Hearing took place to determine the value of the award, which was made at the maximum which the CICA can pay of £500,000.

We set up a Personal Injury Trust, the effect of which is to ringfence the value it contains and to keep compensation outside the scope of the state benefits means test. However, Income Support was stopped because the Job Centre alleged that the Personal Injury Trust did not have such effect. We therefore appealed the Job Centre's decision, which was successful.

£67,200 Compensation Payout in Assault Case

Mr M was assaulted, as a result of which he suffered Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and left his employment. A claim was made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The claim was rejected. Evidence was provided in support, and an offer was received of £1,100.

We submitted an application to the CICA Review Panel, and a payout of £67,200 compensation was made.

£6,500 Compensation Payout after Dog Bite Attack

Mr O went onto a premises by prearrangement, where he was attacked by a dog. Liability was denied, but Mr O succeeded at Trial. Mr O was awarded £6,500, after reduction by 20% because he did not see a sign warning of the dog.

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