Child Abuse in Schools

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Helping children abused in schools

No child should feel unsafe in school or at risk of abuse. Sadly, abuse in schools can and does happen, and it can leave victims feeling too afraid to speak out.

Our Solicitors have a huge amount of experience helping people who have been victims of child abuse get the justice they deserve. We’ve helped survivors of child abuse get justice and compensation after they took the brave step of coming forward about their abuse. No matter how long ago the abuse took place, it’s never too late to get closure.

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TrustpilotStarsWe're ratedExcellent

Making a Claim for Child Abuse in School

The first thing you should do is report your, or your child’s, abuse to the police. We understand this is a difficult step and we can help guide you through this. If you have reason to believe that someone working in a school is abusing children, you should report these concerns to the police as well.

Abuse in schools can happen in different ways. For example:

  • It can be a one-off incident, or it can happen on several occasions
  • It can span several years
  • There can be more than one victim
  • There can been more than one abuser
  • It can be sexual, physical or emotional
  • It can happen in state, private, boarding and religious schools

Often abusers are in a position of trust and power, for example a teacher or another staff member, but victims can also be abused by another student.

Reporting to the Police

You can read our reporting guide here or give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process.

Seeking compensation will not take away what has happened but it can help secure your future access to treatment should it be needed and provide a sense of justice over the abuser, and in this case, the school who should have kept you or your child safe.

Once you have decided you’d like to take action and seek justice, either against an individual abuser or the school, get in touch.

The first step can be the hardest, but we will:


    Listen to you

    We need to get the information about what happened. This is part of the initial free, no obligation assessment.


    Talk you through your best course of action

    Once we have this information, our specialist team can let you know if we think you have a case which we can help with.


    Be open and honest about the process

    Unfortunately, we are not able to help everyone, but we will be open with you about this.


    Start work to help you

    Once we have assessed your case, we will then start putting together evidence for your case and gathering what we need to get you the compensation and justice you need.


    Help you make a claim

    We’ll identify who to bring a claim against. Usually, it’s better to make a claim against an organisation, as they’re legally responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse. For abuse that happened in a state school, the organisation responsible would be the Local Authority. If it was a private school, we would bring a claim against the owners of the school.


    Get the best outcome

    If your case is successful, you’ll receive compensation. We’ve been told by some of our clients that while this can’t take away what’s happened to them, it can help them get a sense of closure and go some way in making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Why You should Choose the team at Simpson Millar to help you

  • We’re specialists

    Our Abuse Team have over 30 years of experience helping survivors of abuse, so you can be confident that your case is in the right hands

  • Opening up the law

    As ‘Open Lawyers’, we’ll speak to you in straightforward language and keep you up to date throughout the process

  • Accredited Lawyers

    Many of our team are members of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL)

  • We'll Fight For You

    We’ll handle your case with sensitivity and compassion, and we’ll fight to get you the justice you deserve

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Abuse Claim against Boarding School

Our client was sexually abused by a volunteer when he was a pupil at a boarding school in the 1980s. The abuse began when he was just 7 years old, and despite the abuser being dismissed from the school after a complaint, the abuse continued into adulthood after the abuser got back into contact with our client.

After our client went to the police, the abuser was convicted for a year. We arranged an independent medical assessment for our client, and after seeing the effect the abuse had on him, the owners of the boarding school agreed to pay him £18,500 in compensation.

How Do I Pay for a School Abuse Claim?

Your legal costs for a School Abuse Claim can be paid for by:

  • Legal Aid – this will be calculated depending on your financial circumstances
  • No Win, No Fee – this means you won’t pay any legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful
  • Legal Expenses Insurance – this is sometimes an add on to home or motor insurance
  • Private funding – where you pay the legal fees directly

If you’d like to discuss funding options, get in touch and we’ll help you choose an option that is best for you.

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