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More than half of drivers and motorcyclists broke the speed limit during 2020, so could riskier roads be a lasting legacy of lockdown?

According to government data, 56% of cars broke the speed limit on 30mph roads last year, along with 58% of vans and 67% of motorcycles.

As the British population were ordered to stay at home and traffic levels dropped dramatically, it seems some road users felt they could take advantage of the quieter roads and drive as fast as they liked.

But as the country has re-opened post-lockdown, have drivers who ignored road regulations suddenly changed their habits and decided to stick to speed limits?

Or have people carried on speeding and put more people at risk of serious injury?

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2022 Speed Limit Statistics

Now that we are further down the line, let’s take a look at how many drivers have been caught speeding since lockdown ended.

In 2022, the amount of people who compiled with speed limits was similar to 2020 and 2021. Around 45% of drivers broke the speed limit on motorways, with 11% of cars doing the same on single carriageways. An additional 50% of drivers broke the speed limit on 30mph roads.

As far as the above Government data shows, it doesn’t look like drivers are set to be more considerate and safer on the roads even with Covid-19 behind us.

But why do driver’s break the speed limits? Let’s take a look.

  • 42% of motorway users stated that they drive according to the speed of other drivers.
  • 47% of 20mph road users stated that they speed due to the limit being inappropriate for the road.
  • 31% of motorway users said that they felt that it’s safe to sometimes go over the speed limit.

The Home Office has reported that there were 2.4 million speed offences in 2021 in England and Wales, which is an increase of 59% when comparing the data to 2011. 221,927 people were given a speed limit offence in 2022, which is an increase of 98% since 2011.

What Does this Mean for Road Safety?

Motor vehicle traffic levels between June 2022 and June 2023 were 3.1% below pre-pandemic levels.

But much of the speeding activity we saw during lockdown took place in built-up areas, close to houses and schools.

So, there’s a very real possibility that these roads could be particularly dangerous, unless action is taken to curb speeding all over the country.

An Epidemic of Speeding?

Pedestrians such as people going to their local shop or children who are walking to school should feel safe. And law-abiding motorists, cyclists, and motorcycle riders should feel confident that other drivers around them are acting responsibly.

We don’t want to see a new epidemic of speeding drivers making our streets no-go areas, as we seek to rebuild our lives and learn to live with Covid.

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When to Start a Claim for Compensation

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Claiming Compensation for an Accident that was Your Fault

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What to Do If Your Insurance Company Recommends a Law Firm

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Medical Examinations

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Why Choose Us

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