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Charlotte Rankin

Senior Associate Solicitor, Serious Injury Claims

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In this guide, we show the amounts of compensation awarded for amputation or loss of limb in personal injury claims in the UK. In most amputation claims when compensation is paid out, the award has two parts, compensation for General Damages and also for Special Damages which we explain below.

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How Much Compensation for an Amputation?

The amount of compensation you can claim for an amputation depends on the type of amputation or loss of limb you have undergone, and the extent of your financial losses such as lost earnings. In the most severe amputation claims, where both legs have been lost, you could be awarded in excess of £2 million.

The compensation you are awarded for an amputation should reflect your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. It should also recover all your past and future financial losses. These are explained in further detail below, but before you read on, you might just want to know how much compensation you could receive.

It’s hard to say exactly because every amputation claim is different. With regard to pain and suffering, your Personal Injury Solicitor will assess the judicial guidelines. These suggest how much compensation should be awarded for certain types of amputation, including the amputation of:

  • Both legs/arms below the knee/elbow
  • One leg/arm below the knee/elbow
  • Both legs/arms above the knee/elbow
  • One leg/arm above the knee/elbow
  • Both feet/hands
  • One foot/hand
  • A finger or thumb

Your Personal Injury Solicitor will then calculate your past financial losses, and your estimated future financial losses. Although nothing is certain, this could mean that:

  • In the most severe amputation claims, you could be awarded between £190,000 and £240,000 in General Damages. Your final settlement could be £2 million or more with significant financial losses
  • In moderately severe amputation claims, you could be awarded between £70,000 and £190,000 in General Damages. This could be £1 million or more once your financial losses are accounted for
  • In moderate amputation claims, you could be awarded up to £500,000

A severe amputation claim is when where both arms or legs have been lost. A moderately severe amputation claim might be one where both hands have been lost. A moderate amputation claim might be a below the elbow amputation.

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Pain and Suffering

When you make a personal injury claim, you will be awarded compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced. Where an amputation is concerned, this compensation is likely to be significant.

Even though the body part has been removed, people who have undergone amputation frequently suffer phantom limb pain or neuropathic pain (pain caused by damages to nerves). The stump can also hurt, become infected and require ongoing medical attention.

Along with these physical symptoms, there will no doubt be a raft of psychological issues to deal with too. Amputation can drastically impact your body image, damaging your self-esteem. The loss of function can also result in depression and anxiety.

Loss of Amenity

The compensation you are awarded for your pain and suffering is called your General Damages. General Damages also reflect the loss of amenity you have experienced. This means the way in which your quality of life has been affected.

For instance, if you are a keen pianist and you have had an arm amputated, your piano practice will be severely hindered. Or if you play sport and you lose a leg, you may not be able to participate in your usual hobbies.

Any amputation can seriously disrupt the way you normally live your life. When considering your compensation settlement, our Personal Injury Solicitors will take this into account, ensuring you get full access to justice.

Financial Losses

Along with pain, suffering and loss of amenity, you must also be awarded compensation for your financial losses. These are known as your Special Damages.

For instance, your amputation may mean that you can no longer work. Or maybe you can secure employment, but only in a reduced capacity or a lesser-paid role. You may also need help with domestic chores, ongoing medical rehabilitation and prosthesis.

Furthermore, your current home may no longer be fit for purpose, so will need to be adapted, or you could need to alternative, more suitable accommodation. All of this can be extremely expensive, both for you and your loved ones. Family members may have to work reduced hours in order to care for you.

You may also need treatments that aren’t available on the NHS. But by making an amputation claim for compensation, you may be able to access private medical treatments and rehabilitation support quickly, to help get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

How Simpson Millar Can Help You

Our Personal Injury Solicitors who specialise in amputation claims may be able to deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis. We may also be able to visit you at home or in hospital (in England or Wales).

When pursuing a claim on your behalf, we will investigate your General Damages and Special Damages in detail. This ensures you can receive the correct amount of compensation and rehabilitation support.


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