Our specialist inquest solicitors can help with the questions you want to ask if you have had a family member or someone close to you die suddenly. Contact our team today who can offer you the support you need.

An inquest is a formal investigation conducted by a coroner to determine how and why someone died.

When someone you love dies and you’re struggling to cope with the loss, the prospect of being involved in an inquest can seem daunting.

However, an inquest into your loved one’s death could help you find the answers you need about what happened and, in some circumstances, how they came to die. The law around inquests are complex, the whole process can be overwhelming, and, in some cases, you might struggle to get the answers you’re looking for.

Our team of specialist Public Law Solicitors can help. We will deal with the Coroners Court, help you with the inquest process and represent you at the inquest to alleviate the burden at this difficult time. Contact is today to see how we can help you call 0808 2391344 or request a callback. 

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Legal help at an inquest is very important.

if you believe that failures by public bodies may be connected to your loved one’s death and to put you on an equal footing with the legal teams for the other interested persons.

How can Simpson Millar help you at an inquest?

An inquest into a death, potentially caused by the failures of a public authority can be a long process that’s often complicated, distressing and intrusive.

We can assist if your loved one died in prison, police custody, in immigration detention, in a mental health setting or following other contact with state agents in the community.

We are experienced at holding state bodies to account where an individual has died in their care or as a result of their failings and we work closely with the charity Inquest [hyper link to charity] in these cases.

What will we do before, during and after an inquest?

Our Public Law Solicitors will:

      • Preparing for the inquest: We will represent you at the inquest preliminary hearings to deal with the complex legal issues around the scope of the inquest, whether there is a jury and the appointment of an independent expert to assist the Coroner’s investigation.
      • Secure evidence. We will ask the Coroner to obtain all the relevant records and collect evidence to help uncover the truth about how your loved one died.
      • At the inquest hearing. During the inquest we would put your questions to the witnesses and address the law to make sure that steps are put in place to stop a similar situation from happening again.
      • Handle any press. Members of the press often attend an inquest, especially if it’s controversial or involves public authorities. We can speak to the media on your behalf.
      • Help you pursue a claim. If the inquest found that your loved one’s death could have been avoided, we can advise you on how you might be able to make a civil claim for compensation. [link to CAPA page]
      • Help you with funding. We can establish if you’re entitled to receive financial support to help you pay for our legal services.


How can I get help with funding?

Unlike normal inquests, if the inquest finds that the death of your loved one involved a public authority, you’ll probably be entitled to receive legal aid to help you pay for your legal representation. This may be non-means tested. We can help you with this process.

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