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If your child has been denied admission into a school, call our Education Law Solicitors on the number below.

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Nobody wants their child to miss out on their education because they didn’t make it into their first choice school. But when a school admission decision goes against your child, our Education Law Solicitors can help you.

We deal with a high volume of cases where parents believe schools have unfairly denied admission to a child. In many cases, parents considered not appealing decisions, but it’s important to know that there are processes in place to ensure no child is unjustly overlooked for admission.

If your child has been denied admission into a school, get in touch with our Education Law Solicitors for legal advice.

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Simpson Millar's team of education law experts is the largest in the UK. We’re widely recognised as the UK’s leading specialists in school admission appeals, helping parents and guardians challenge their school place allocation.

Whilst many parents will choose to go through the appeal process alone, working with our specialist Solicitors and Lawyers can strengthen your appeal and improve your chances of getting the outcome you’re looking for.

At Simpson Millar, we’re committed to working hard to help you get the best outcome for your child while maintaining a good working relationship with the schools concerned.

We’ve created a free, practical guide for parents who want to appeal against their child's school placement.

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For more information see Primary School Admission Appeals Explained or
Secondary School Admission Appeals Explained.

Many parents will go through the appeals process alone, with no knowledge of the system or what tactics work best. However, our free downloadable Guide to School Place Appeals takes you through every step of the admission appeals process in a clear and straightforward way.

The guide contains comprehensive information about the appeal process, detailing what you can expect, what to consider when lodging your appeal, how to present your case and how to prepare for the hearing.

Our free Guide to School Place Appeals also includes handy tips for parents, things to avoid saying and guidance on how to find out your preferred school’s over-subscription criteria.

The type of appeal required for any admission case depends entirely on the age group, school, or academy in question. However, most appeals involve a simple two-stage admission appeal process. The standard two-stage appeal process applies to:

  • Secondary schools
  • In-year admissions
  • Some primary admissions

Appealing certain primary school admissions can add some complexity, as can appealing an infant class size decision (i.e. if your child is entering an infant school where there can be no more than 30 children to each qualified teacher).

No matter how complex the admissions appeal process, we can help review the evidence and will provide a tailored process required to lodge an appeal specific to your case.

We’ve helped parents appeal admission decisions based on a variety of factors, with the key step in every appeal case being the gathering of evidence and information that can be put forward to a panel to support the appeal.

Imogen Jolley, Partner and Head of Education and Community Care at Simpson Millar, has specialised in school admissions and procedures for over 15 years and has helped countless families appeal an unfair admission decision.

We understand that if your child didn’t make it into your first-choice school, it can be an extremely stressful time for you. And we recognise that your child’s school placement will have a profound impact on their learning and wellbeing. So we’ll use all our expertise to help get the outcome you want to achieve.

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