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If your child didn’t make it into your chosen school, you can make an appeal and our Education Lawyers can help you.

The school admissions appeal process is designed to be parent-friendly, but while this might be your first appeal, our Education Lawyers have years of experience in advising and representing parents. We know the system and the best tactics to help you win your appeal.

It can be disheartening when your child doesn’t get a place, especially if the school is already oversubscribed. But it’s important to remember that there are processes in place to make sure no child is overlooked.

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How to Appeal a School Place

Download our free, practical Guide to School Place Appeals, which explains everything you need to know about appealing a school’s decision not to give your child a place. The guide includes information for both primary and secondary school places. 

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What to Say at a School Appeal Hearing

A school admissions appeal can be daunting. When considering your argument:

1. Submit Everything You Want to Say before the Hearing

Before the Hearing, the admissions authority should have given you a date that you need to give them any additional information by. You should make sure you say everything you want to in this information, so you can get ahead when giving all of the evidence you need to at the appeal hearing.

2. Do Your Research

Ask your school what categories the children who got in were accepted under, so you know what a successful school place looks like. This should help you know what to say, applying these categories to your own circumstances.

3. Keep a Level Head

When arguing your case, it’s easy to get frustrated and upset, especially when the stakes are high. But remember you’re arguing for a school place not against the school. Our team are experienced in finding the balance between arguing your case and keeping a good relationship with the school.

These are just general tips that anyone going through the school admissions appeal process should think about. For advice tailored to you, get in touch with our experts to give yourself the best chance of winning your appeal.

Fixed Fee School Admission Appeals

We can look at your situation and give initial advice on your situation and arguments that may assist an appeal for just £300 (VAT Included).

The package is for a full hour of work which includes:

  • A review of 15 pages of paperwork of your choice
  • An in-depth call to give you advice on tactics and the appeals process

We can tailor our advice to you and your child so you can go into the process knowing exactly what to do. We will always be open and honest with you about your child’s chances of getting a school place.

Our Education Lawyers have helped many people with school admissions appeals and we can help you through the entire process if you want us too. Read about just a few of the people we have helped.

Examples of Successful Secondary School Appeals

An example of how we were able to help a client:

We were advised and supported by Emma Davies (Simpson Millar) following a rather unjust school admission appeal. Emma was absolutely amazing and we cannot recommend her highly enough. She was able to speedily review a huge amount of complex information and prepare a letter before action prior to judicial review proceedings which was spot on! Emma was very supportive to us as a family - she was always approachable, understanding and honest. We now have the school place we so badly needed and cannot recommend Emma highly enough, particularly if you have issues in dealing with Education law.Mrs Oldhams

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