Helping negotiate an increase of £20,000 compensation for our client following a road collision

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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

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Unfortunately, road traffic accidents are inevitable and happen every single day across the world. According to Brake, The Road Safety Charity, five people lose their life on the road in the UK each day, and 82 are seriously injured. When you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation – like our client, who was involved in a head-on collision whilst driving his HVG vehicle.

Our client was an HGV driver, who was driving on the road when he was in a collision with an oncoming car. At the time, the oncoming  car was trying to overtake another car and hit our clients’ vehicle head on. Our client sustained a number of injuries to his neck, wrist, lower back and also some psychological injuries. Through no fault of his own, our client endured lifechanging psychological injuries from this collision, and it had a big impact on his life.

Following the accident 

After our client had received all of the medical treatment that was required, the reality of the financial impact of this incident started to hit home. Sadly, it would be unlikely that he would be able to get back behind the wheel for some weeks, which would result in a loss of wages and change of life compared to how it was prior to the accident.

Our client then reached out to our specialist personal injury team at Simpson Millar who were able to guide him through the process of making a personal injury compensation claim.

From the start of the claim, one of our personal injury solicitors engaged with the defendant's legal team to speed up the process for our clients benefit. The goal was to complete the claim swiftly and alleviate the financial stress he'd been grappling with since the accident.

The defendant’s legal team said that the driver who had crashed into our client’s vehicle was at fault, which meant that the next thing for us to do once medical evidence had been obtained was to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement for our client.

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Compensation Settlement

Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors are well versed in preparing for any kind of negotiation. We initially received a settlement offer from the defendant’s legal team of £15,000, which is far less than what was acceptable. Our team did not think this was a reasonable level of compensation for our client in his circumstances and with the injuries he had sustained.. After much negotiation and evidence provided, we were able to increase the offer from the defendant by £20,000 to a total of £35,000.

This result enabled our client to focus on recovery and also took away the worry of not being able to work or support his family. We wish him all the best with a speedy recovery, and hope this compensation will see him through back to full health.

How Simpson Millar Can Help 

Our expert Road Traffic Accidents lawyers have been ranked as some of the national leaders in their field and are currently members of the Motor Accidents Solicitors Society, which promotes the highest standards of legal services in the motoring industry. We recognize that every injury is unique, so you can rely on us to customize our services to meet your specific needs.

Reach out to us and provide details about the accident and how your injuries have impacted your life—and we'll conduct a total assessment to calculate the status of your claim. Based on this evaluation, we'll listen to your situation and provide guidance on whether you qualify to make a car accident compensation claim. If your injuries were particularly serious, we could even get you access to specialist medical care and rehabilitation with interim payments—so you can put your claim in the hands of our experts and focus on your recovery. Call us on 0808 239 6443 and let us help you.


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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

Amy is a Graduate Solicitor Apprentice within our Personal injury department, based in our Manchester office.

She helps clients who have sustained injuries resulting from accidents at work and accidents in public places to recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

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