Abuse in Foster Care

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When children are taken into care by the local authority they may be placed into foster care, this can be on a short or long term basis and some children may have more than one foster placement over the course of their time in local authority care.

If you experienced neglect or abuse (physical or sexual) when you were in foster care we can help you make a claim for compensation against the local authority responsible for the selection and monitoring of the foster carer. If the foster care arrangement was made through a private fostering agency, a claim could be made against them. It may also be possible to bring a claim directly against the foster carer who neglected or abused you.  

Our friendly and approachable team have years of experience in dealing with the most complex abuse cases, and we work hard for fair and just outcomes.

When you are ready to talk about your experiences in foster care, we’ll give you a free initial consultation and let you know if we can help you to bring a claim.

Depending on your financial situation, you could qualify for Legal Aid. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid we could deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis.


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Why Choose Simpson Millar?

  • We’re specialists - Our expert team of Abuse Solicitors understand this extremely complex area of law and can make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible
  • We want to open up the law - We’ll always talk to you in clear, straightforward language, and we won’t use complex legal jargon
  • Accredited Lawyers - We’re members of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL) and we subscribe to its code of conduct
  • We’ll keep you up to date - You’ll have a specific Solicitor to contact who will keep you updated regularly
  • Clear about your Legal Costs - We’ll be upfront your legal costs in advance

Why Should I Make a Claim?

It can be a difficult decision to make, but for some abuse survivors, making a claim through the civil courts can be the only way to get some form of justice and recognition, particularly if the abuser was not convicted in a criminal court.

It’s not often about the compensation you’ll get in a civil claim, but any compensation you do receive should reflect as much as possible the pain and suffering you’ve been through and may still be going through now. It can also help you to get the treatment you need to help your recovery from the abuse you’ve suffered.

We’re happy to talk you through the claims process so you’re clear about what will happen and you’re under no obligation to make a claim. We want you to be comfortable with the process and with your Solicitor so get in touch for a free, no obligation conversation.

We Helped a Woman Abused by her Foster Mother

We represented a 23-year-old woman who claimed compensation for physical and emotional abuse she suffered by her former foster mother when she was a child. She was placed with her foster mother when she was just 6 years old, and reported to the police when she turned 18.

The foster mother was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for the abuse of our client and two other children in the household. With our help, she was awarded more than £146,000 in compensation. This amount reflects her pain and suffering throughout the abuse and afterwards, her lost earnings and the cost of potential future therapy to support her recovery.

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What if the Abuse Happened Many Years Ago?

If the abuse occurred in childhood, you have until your 21st birthday to issue court proceedings in order to bring a claim for the abuse you suffered within time.

Importantly, it is well recognised that it often takes survivors of abuse a long time to talk about what happened to them. In some circumstances, the court can be persuaded to allow claims to proceed out of time.

Even if the abuse occurred many years ago, you may still be able to bring a claim and we can advise you whether we think we can persuade the court to allow your case to proceed out of time.

Human Rights Act Claims

When the abuse occurred there may also have been a breach of your human rights. We’ll also consider if you have a claim under the Human Rights Act 1998.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

You could make a Criminal Injuries Compensation claim for the abuse you experienced whilst in the care of the Local Authority, if you have reported the abuse to the police. We’ll consider if you have a Criminal Injuries Compensation claim.

See why you would choose the team at Simpson Millar to help you.

What is the Claims Process?

  1. Free Assessment of Your Enquiry

    We’ll discuss key details of your claim during your free initial consultation and explain how we can help you.

  2. Collecting Evidence

    If we take on your claim, we’ll gather evidence such as documents and records including your social care records.

  3. Medical Report

    We may arrange an independent medical assessment with a medical expert. The expert will prepare a medical report outlining how the abuse has affected you and any treatment you need now and any future needs you may have.

  4. Details of your Claim

    We’ll provide details of your claim to the local authority and start negotiations for a fair and appropriate settlement that meets your needs and reflects what you’ve been through.

  5. Settle Your Claim

    Most abuse cases don’t go to Court, but if it does, we’ll be here to advise you one step at a time. We’ll instruct a Barrister to advise on your claim and to represent you at court.

How Much Will it Cost to Make a Claim?

Depending on your financial situation, you could be eligible to apply for Legal Aid. We could deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis - just ask us for details. If you have a Legal Expenses Insurance policy, you could also use this. These policies are usually bought as an addition to a home or motor insurance policy.

We can talk you through all your options and give you advice on which one is best for you.

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