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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulates workplace health and safety in Britain. Its aim is to prevent work-related injury, fatal accidents and ill health. But, the latest statistics show that it is still a common occurrence for slips, trips and falls at work.

Workplace accidents are more common than you would think. According to The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 565,000 working people sustained an injury at work during 2021/2022.

Case Study

Our client was visiting her mother at a hospital in Bolton when she slipped on a wet floor, causing her to sustain a fracture. Because it had been raining outside, she had used the doormat to dry her feet and had not walked excessively quickly down the corridor however, this was not enough to prevent her fall Along with this, she claimed that there were no wet floor warning signs present.  After her fall, it was found that the floor was indeed wet, but the cause of the water could not be identified. Luckily for our client, her accident was caught on CCTV.

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How we helped

We obtained a witness statement from our client and from her husband who saw the accident. We also examined statements from the Assistant Domestic Manager who confirmed the incident had happened and that she had asked for someone to dry the area immediately, plus make sure there was a wet floor warning sign visible.

The Hospital Trust claimed that responsibility lay withtheir cleaning contractor and not with themselves. However, there was no evidence that the hospital had taken reasonable steps to ensure their cleaning company was carrying out their work correctly before the accident.

It was also pointed out that our client was possibly wearing unsuitable footwear and should have walked with a little more care – This would therefore have an impact on the claim if their argument was indeed correct

On behalf of our client, we considered prospects and took steps to pursue the claim on her behalf.  Within our client’s claim, we included an amount for pain, suffering and loss of amenity together with her financial losses, which included past and future loss of earnings, loss of pension contributions plus care and assistance charges. 

The Outcome

The Hospital Trust proposed a Net “Part 36” offer. This is phrase used when one side of the claim wishes to settle before going to court. Our client agreed to this, and eventually settled for £25,000. The money will cover the time which she had off work, and be used to make sure she gets the rehabilitation she may need.

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Amy Baker

Graduate Solicitor Apprentice

Amy is a Graduate Solicitor Apprentice within our Personal injury department, based in our Manchester office.

She helps clients who have sustained injuries resulting from accidents at work and accidents in public places to recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

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