Gender Pay Gap Statement

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Our Approach

At Simpson Millar we remain steadfast in our commitment to having a representative workforce that is inclusive and diverse, made up of different backgrounds, experiences and values that enable us to best meet the needs of our clients.

We are focused on making sure that our colleagues can reach their full potential, and we are dedicated to establishing equality across the business.

This includes paying people who do the same job the same amount, as well as continued investment in our training, the promotion of high performing colleagues based on merit, and the recruitment of high performing people.

We are committed to continuously reviewing our progress, and to making the changes needed to ensure equality for all.

The Current Position: 

Looking back to the period from April 2022/2023, Simpson Millar’s (mean) gender pay gap was 23.9%.

Although it’s pleasing to see that the mean gender pay gap continues to decrease year-on-year, it is right that we acknowledge that the progress to date has been slow. We are therefore reviewing our strategy and have set up a working group to ensure gender pay remains at the forefront of our agenda as a firm.

To be clear, the statistics reported do not mean that there is a gap in pay between women and men who do the same job. We are confident that men and women who do the same job get the same pay.

Our Progress:

The firm continues its strong performance in terms of gender diversity with women accounting for 65% of all colleagues across the business, including holding 43.02% of the roles that make up the Upper Hourly Pay Quartile, and more than 60% of the roles that make up the Upper Middle Quartile.

That includes our colleagues both within the legal practice areas and our business support services.

Whilst we will always only promote and appoint on merit, in our 2023 promotions round, a total of 16 colleagues were promoted for their continued contribution to the success of the business – this included 10 women, and 6 men. 

Many of our colleagues also continue to benefit from our family friendly policies, which allow parents and carers to strike the right balance between work and family life. We know that many women within our firm take the role of primary caregiver, and our policies are aimed to give colleagues the freedom to thrive both at work as well as home.   

Our open working policies also provide flexibility around how and where our colleagues work. It allows our people the freedom to structure their working day in a way that helps them balance other responsibilities. In a survey last year, colleagues told us that the benefit they most valued was flexibility.


We confirm that that Simpson Millar’s gender pay gap calculations are accurate and have been calculated in line with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Greg Cox

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