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Kate McCue

Medical Negligence Associate Solicitor

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We are proud to be the Legal Support Service Provider in Yorkshire and Humberside for the Child Brain Injury Trust, also known as CBIT. We have supported the charity since 2020 because we truly believe in everything they do, and we want to help.

We’re so proud that our Personal Injury Solicitors and our Medical Negligence Solicitors have been chosen to offer legal support to children who have suffered from an acquired brain injury, along with their families.

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What Does Child Brain Injury Trust Do?  

The charity supports children with brain injuries and their families through all the different challenges they face. This includes support whilst in the hospital, through rehabilitation, education, and transition into adulthood. They also provide lots of support and strategies for the parents and siblings in the family too.

It’s so important for CBIT to help families as soon as they need it, and they offer support in so many ways. They can offer advice on adaptations needed in the home so their child can come out of hospital while also offering support to families who are dealing with changes in behaviour because of the brain injury, among many others.

CBIT also recognised the need to give families access to the best people to help them with any legal issues they had as many children are injured through no fault of their own. That’s why they appoint Legal Support Service Providers in regions across the UK.

How to Contact CBIT – Yorkshire & Humberside

If your child has suffered an accident that had led to a brain injury, Child Brain Injury Trust can help support you and your child throughout the many challenges you will face.

You can self-refer to their service by visiting the website and completing a referral form. You can also access a range of helpful resources and factsheets through the website, for any immediate advice you may need.

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Brain Injury Compensation Claims: How We Can Help

Our experienced team helps children with brain injuries and their families through the legal process of making a claim.

It’s so important to get the right specialist solicitor who understands brain injuries in children. As they grow, the impact of their injury on their physical, mental, health, development, education, and care needs can change so it’s really important that the whole picture is looked at in detail by medical experts.

Any compensation will pay for the child’s care and support through the whole of their lifetime and many parents need to know that their child will have what they need and be looked after when they’re no longer around.

We can help take steps with insurance companies to ask them to pay for early assessment and rehabilitation while investigations into who was responsible for the accident take place. This makes sure the child with a brain injury can get help, support, and treatment right from the start.

We aim to get interim payments from the insurance company once responsibility of the accident has been accepted so adaptations can happen at home and any necessary equipment or care can be put in place without delay.

In addition to making a Personal Injury claim, we have an excellent Education Law team. They specialise in helping families with children and young people who have additional needs to get the right provision in a suitable school or college setting.

Because we have a strong Personal Injury Team working alongside a specialist Education Law team, we can offer seamless support that you wouldn’t get if you had to instruct two different firms to help you.

Also, if it turns out that you can’t make a Personal Injury Claim for your child or young person, our Education Law team can advise you on the Local Authority duties toward your child or young person and can help you challenge them if appropriate.

We’re delighted to be in a great position to support children with acquired brain injuries and their families.

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Starting a Compensation Claim for a Child

When it comes to starting a claim for compensation, typically you will have 3 years to do so. The 3-year time period starts from the date of your child’s accident. However, when the case is regarding a child, the 3-year timeframe starts on their 18th birthday, giving you up until they are 21 years old to claim.

For children who are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian can open a claim on their behalf. Sometimes, it may be relevant for a close family member who hasn’t got parental responsibility for the child to start a claim, but this is dependent on individual cases.

If you’re not sure whether you are able to open a claim for compensation on behalf of a child who has suffered a brain injury, get in touch with our team today. We’ll offer initial legal advice on who should be the one to initiate the claim.

The Process of Claiming Compensation

When a child suffers an accident that leads to a brain injury, it creates a whirlwind. As the family of the child, you’ll be feeling all kinds of emotions while dealing with the uncertainty of the future.

Starting a claim for compensation can feel overwhelming, but we aim to take all the stress away from you, while keeping you in the loop with what’s happening. We have created a clear process that has been built on offering a compassionate service that achieves the best results.

Here’s what you can expect from the compensation claim process with us:

  • Initial assessment – We will discuss your case with you in detail to gather an idea of exactly what happened. We’ll paint a picture of what’s going on now, with a view of piecing together what the future will look like.
  • Evidence – We will delve deep into gathering all the evidence we need to strengthen your case. This will include medical reports, witness statements, and more. This will be the foundation of your claim.
  • Claim – Once we have everything we need, we will start by contacting the other party. Our aim is to get them to accept responsibility and offer compensation with a view to settle outside of Court.
  • Negotiate – We will have an idea of how much compensation you deserve, and we won’t accept what isn’t right for you and your child. We will aim to secure the best possible result, so your child can have the care and support they need.
  • Court – If the other party doesn’t accept liability or they dispute the amount of compensation that we think you deserve, it may go to Court. We will support you the entire way and we will prepare for a fight for what’s in your child’s best interests.

Choosing the right solicitors for your case is crucial as it isn’t just about winning, it’s about achieving the best result for the well-being of your child, not only for now but for in the future. Our team are experts in these types of cases so we can hit the ground running.

Why Choose Us

Simpson Millar are experts in dealing with head injury claims, including children who have suffered a life-changing brain injury. Our compassionate team understand how devastating this can be, including for the family and loved ones.

Whether you need help with a personal injury claim, medical negligence claim,  we can offer our full support and legal advice that’s tailored to your needs. We’ll provide you with all the guidance you need every step of the way.

We can provide you with advice and support regarding:

  • Personal Injury – We can help you with a claim for compensation when your child has suffered a brain injury that wasn’t the fault of your family or your child.
  • Medical Negligence – If your child’s brain injury was a result of medical negligence, we can help determine who is liable and assist you with making a claim.
  • Finances – If you’re unsure about what benefits you may be entitled to now as a result of your child’s injury, we can offer some support and guidance with this. We’ll make sure that you understand everything that you’re eligible for, so you don’t lose out.

We understand that at a time like this, the last thing you need to be thinking about is funding your claim. We may be able to deal with your compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee agreement, so ask us for more details when you get in touch.

To discuss how we can help you, give us a call today to arrange a free claims assessment. Our expert solicitors will tailor our service to meet your individual needs, to make sure that you get the adequate support you deserve.

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    Kate McCue

    Medical Negligence Associate Solicitor

    Areas of Expertise:
    Medical Negligence

    Kate joined the Clinical Negligence department at Simpson Millar in January 2023 after previously working at Chris Kallis Solicitors in Plymouth. Kate qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and has developed extensive experience in both Personal Injury and Medical Negligence.   

    Initially Kate started working as a Defendant Solicitor for firms such as Bond Pearce LLP and DAC Beachcroft Claims Ltd. This has allowed Kate to develop a tactical advantage to her cases, using the experience of how a claim is dealt with from a Defendant’s perspective. 

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