Professional Negligence Claims against Architects

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When you hire an Architect, you expect the advice and service you'll get from them will be correct, and you trust that they have the relevant expertise for the job you’re hiring them for.

But unfortunately this isn’t always the case. If you suffered financially because something which has gone wrong because of professional negligence, you could have a claim against your Architect.

We have a team of specialist Professional Negligence Solicitors who can help you make a claim against an Architect.

If you’ve suffered a loss because of the negligence of an Architect, we understand that you must be feeling very let down, especially if you’re already going through the stress of building or reconstructing your home.

In these cases, you’re often spending large amounts of money, so if you’ve been let down by your Architect, this can have a major impact on your finances. We’ll aim to get you the best possible outcome to get to where you would like to as quickly as possible.

We can see if we can work with you on a No Win, No Fee basis to seek compensation from a negligent architect.

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What is an Architect Liable for?

Architects are used for various reasons, but their main responsibility involves construction work and the planning and design of buildings, including both residential and commercial properties.

Your Architect should provide a professional, high-quality service that’s delivered on time and to budget. If they fail in their duty of care towards you by giving you poor, misleading or just plain wrong advice, this could have disastrous and even dangerous consequences.

Like all professionals providing a paid service, Architects have a duty of care towards you, which means they’re expected to carry out their work to a professional standard.

Usually, they’re responsible for:

  • The design and preparation of architectural plans
  • Obtaining planning permission
  • The supervision and administration of works
  • Knowing if a project is beyond the scope of their expertise
  • Certifying works and allowing contractor payments

But some common examples of architect negligence we see include:

  • Taking on complex projects beyond their skill or expertise
  • Preparing unsuitable construction drawings and specifications
  • Failing to provide effective on-site supervision during construction
  • Approving and certifying works that have been carried out poorly
  • Approving and certifying works that do not correspond to the schedule of works
  • Failing to obtain sufficient planning permission

These are just some examples but this list is not exhaustive. If you’re unsure where you stand with the work carried out by an Architect, our Professional Negligence Solicitors are happy to advise you. We’ll look at your individual circumstances and tell you if you’ve got a strong chance of making a claim.

How can Simpson Millar help you?

  • Our Professional Negligence Team are experts in litigation and dispute resolution, and have helped many people make a claim against professionals like architects. We can tell you what you can expect during the claims process and how much compensation you’re likely to get.
  • We’ll give you a free initial case assessment, with no obligation to use our services afterwards.
  • As we’re the “Open Lawyers”, you can expect honest, straightforward communication during every step of your claim. If you’re unsure about anything at any stage, they’ll always be someone on hand to advise and reassure you.

Making a Professional Negligence Claim

    1. Get in touch with our Professional Negligence Solicitors – we’ll look at your case in detail to see if you’ve got grounds for a claim.

    2. We’ll gather and review any evidence before sending what’s known as a Letter of Claim to the architect. This may involve obtaining the opinion of another Architect to comment on the work.

    3. The Architect will either accept the claim or send a response letter, giving their reasons for defending the claim. If they accept liability (fault) we’ll look to settle out of Court. If they deny liability, we’ll advise you on how to issue a claim in Court. But don’t worry, if we do need to issue Court proceedings, we’ll be by your side the whole time.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Claim?

We usually handle Professional Negligence claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, which means that you only pay legal fees if your claim is successful. We’ll be transparent about any fees throughout, so you don’t have to worry about being caught out by any hidden costs.

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