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If you’re a member of the Police Force and are going through a divorce or separation, Simpson Millar is here to help.

Getting divorced is tough, emotional and stressful. What will happen to your children? What will happen to your home? And what will happen to the pension you’ve worked so hard to build up?

Our team of specialist Divorce and Family Law Solicitors are experienced in all areas of Family and Divorce Law and have been trusted advisors of a number of Police Federations across the country, for decades.

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We’ve supported officers in all ranks of the police force get through their divorces, and we’re here to help you get through yours.

From child custody arrangements and family mediation to police pensions and the division of assets, whatever you need, we can support you throughout the entire divorce process.

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Simpson Millar understands how we work and the pressures we, as officers, are under. You can’t underestimate how important that is when you need a family lawyer.Detective Constable Ward

Why Instruct a Family Law Solicitor experienced in Police Divorces?

The conflict and the physical and psychological pressures you face at work can put an enormous amount of strain on you. A divorce on top of that can make an already stressful life even harder.

If your marriage or partnership has broken down and divorce or separation is the best solution for you, our experienced team of Divorce and Family Lawyers will understand the challenges you are facing and get you through the process as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

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How Simpson Millar can Help you With Your Divorce

When it comes to divorce cases, we’ve been dealing with the Police Federation for years, making us specialists in dealing with the issues Police Officers face when divorcing.

We can help and support you in all areas, including:

Your Police Pension

Your Police pension is probably one of your most valuable assets so it’s important that it gets protected during a divorce. Many Family and Divorce Lawyers don’t fully understand the complexities that surround Police pensions and can often give incorrect advice to their clients. That’s why you need a specialist Police Family Law and Divorce Lawyer. We understand exactly how all the different Police pension schemes work so we know exactly how to protect yours.

Matters Involving Your Children

The divorce or separation process can often be hardest on the children if you have them. We’ll always put your children’s best interests at the centre of everything we do. If issues can’t be resolved between you and your ex-partner, then we can step in to negotiate what’s best for your children and help you to reach an amicable solution. If negotiations don’t work and we have to go to Court, we’ll be beside you, every step of the way.

Distribution of Your Finances and Assets

It can be difficult to decide who gets what when a marriage or partnership breaks down. We can help you divide up your finances and assets so that you and your ex-partner can move on as quickly and as amicably as possible.

Because your job in the Police force is unique, you need a unique set of legal services to help you get through life-changing events such as divorce.

This is why we’ve put together this specialised package for members of the Police Federation that are going through a divorce:

    • free initial consultation;
    • discounted fixed fees;
    • discounted hourly rates;
    • appointments to suit your shift pattern;
    • specialist Police pension advice.

What are my Next Steps?

If you’ve decided to start the divorce process, the first thing to do is contact our team of Police Family and Divorce Law specialists for a free, no-obligation consultation.

During the free consultation we will:

      • Talk through your situation so we can fully understand what you’re going through and establish how we can help you.
      • Explain what your legal position is, what the legal process for your case will be, what options you have and what the pricing structures are for each one.
      • Once we’ve all agreed on which option to take, we’ll talk you through the next steps in detail.

During the divorce process, you’ll have a whole team of specialist Police Family and Divorce Lawyers behind you. But you will also be given a primary source of contact who you can talk to whenever you have a problem, have any questions or need some advice.

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