Commercial Property Services - Video

Commercial Property Services - Video

A copy of our commercial property services video should be viewable below. A transcript of the file is also provided for your convenience. We hope you find the content useful and informative.

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Transcript - Commercial Property Services

Hi. I am Deborah Powell and I head the firm’s commercial property team here at Simpson Millar.

At Simpson Millar we pride ourselves on our commercial hands on approach to commercial property work. We aim to provide clear commercial advice at competitive rates with transactions been delivered on time and within budget. We realise that often in commercial property transactions the underlying objective can get lost along the way and unless the transaction is pro-actively managed it can get over complicated, lengthy with resulting increases in both budget and timescales. We are committed to cutting through this process by providing focused cost effective advice with close Partner involvement at all times.

Our specialist team of lawyers can deal with a wide of areas including; acquisition and development work, commercial leases, housing associations, licensed premises, pension funds, preparing environmental issues, property finance and construction advice.

I think the problem with a lot of commercial property advice is that clients do not get the right advice from the start so they will get advised by someone maybe whose junior, not a Partner and wont really know what they are doing they will not have that much experience and sometimes that will be OK for that particular transaction but other times if that is a more complex matter they need Partner involvement right at the outset so they can pick up what the key issues are and where the transaction should go to i.e you really need to get it right from the start and if you don’t the matter can very quickly deteriorate into long drawn out transactions with huge costs and ramble all over the place and don’t really get to the end very quickly. That is my experience where clients can sometimes get bad advice from bigger law firms, for example they just get stuck with junior lawyers who don’t really know what they are doing who still charge them an arm and a leg for doing it.

I have acted for landlords and I’ve acted for tenants on all sorts of leasehold property matters for a long time and I’ve got 20 years worth of experience for acting for all sorts of clients, big Plcs right down to Mrs Jones taking a lease of a butchers shops and I have acted on both sides of transactions so I know the issues from both sides really.

The main things we are trying to sell at Simpson Millar is the fact that you don’t have to pay through the nose to get good quality legal advice and quite often at the bigger firms you can end up paying an awful lot of money for a junior lawyer to give you not very commercial advice whereas if you come to a smaller firm, the overheads are less, you get charged less but you also get good quality commercial advice from a Partner with 20 years worth of experience.

Things that are key at the moment in this market are advising on purchase contracts eg can you get out of them, can you stop someone getting out of them, looking at leases to see whether or not you are been overcharged on service charge, also looking at property portfolios generally to make sure that properties that you have got rid of that have been leasehold that there are no nasty skeletons hiding in the closet, because basically once you have a leasehold property if you get rid of it, even if you assign it across or even underlet it they have a nasty habit of coming back to you in the future and a lot of people don’t realise that they thought they had got rid of that problem but in fact the lease is still existing, the tenant has gone bust and the landlord is now coming back to you to ask you to pay the rent so we can look at your portfolio and work out how many of those properties you have got in your portfolio and assess what the risk of those properties coming back to haunt you is.

We also advise on claw back provisions in those contracts, onerous conditions and planning conditions.

In terms of the range of clients that we act for in the past I have acted for Plcs right down to individuals to small owner managed businesses, medium sized owner managed businesses, charities, clubs, associations, housing associations, ecclesiastical work and farmers. You don’t have to get too far down the road where most transactions involving commercial property if you get someone who knows what they are doing then they can usually save you time and money. It can add money to a lot of transactions but there are some transactions where they are just fine and there isn’t a lot of risk or there isn’t a lot you can save the client for the odd one or two but for quite a few transactions you can.

Tax is another area where you can save them money, there are just different ways of dealing with things and different ways of achieving objectives and things to watch out for and traps to fall into and things to ask for its that kind of stuff that experience of 20 years gives you that enables you to give that advice to the client.

We have acted for an awful lot of clients, different clients and different needs and we have a lot of skill in advising those clients.

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