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Simpson Millar LLP actively support charities throughout the UK and are proud to be working alongside the charity "Just a Drop"

Just a Drop (JAD)

Just A Drop

Moved by the plight of so many youngsters throughout the world, where clean water is still a luxury, not a right, Just a Drop was launched in 1998 as a dedicated water aid charity. The charity raises desperately needed funds to build wells, bore holes, hand pumps and run health and sanitation programmes that will offer these children the most precious gift on earth - the chance of a healthy life.

Over 1.4 million children die every year, that�s one child every 20 seconds, from water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea, caused by either the lack of access to fresh water or polluted water.

Polluted water is the biggest killer of children under the age of 5 in the world for although we can survive a month without food; we can only survive 3 days without water. It is the very essence of our being.

Visit their website to find out more about Just a Drop.

Leave a Legacy Campaign

A gift in your Will could help to bring clean, safe water and suitable sanitation to communities that so desperately need it around the world. Find out more...


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