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Customers of IT company Stone Refurb were told this week that their personal details have been stolen after a data breach. This included details such as their names, addresses and credit card numbers. One customer reportedly lost over £2,300.

Data breaches such as these are becoming more common and it’s the company’s responsibility to keep your data safe. You could make a data breach claim for compensation as having your personal data stolen can have a very serious impact on your life with the threat of identity theft or financial consequences from the breach.

If you’ve had your data stolen and want some advice or to make a claim, our Cyber Security Solicitors are happy to help you. Give us a call today and ask us if we can deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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How Were Customers Affected?

The exact number of customers affected by Stone Refurb’s data breach is still unknown. The people affected were reportedly hacked between March and May this year, but the long-term effects of the data breach are still unknown for those affected.

Customers had payments leaving their accounts after their data was compromised by a third party which hosts Stone Refurb’s website. The data breach was reported to the Information Commissioner (ICO) and the website was taken down immediately.

What Can You Do?

You can take some simple steps to protect yourself if you were a customer of Stone Refurb and it’s probably sensible to take these steps even if you’ve not been told your data was compromised. 

  1. Contact your bank or credit card provider - If you’ve not already done so, and report it to their fraud team. If there’s been unusual activity on your account, some banks will pick up on this first and contact you.
  2. Contact Stone Refurb Group - If they’ve not already contacted you to tell you you’ve been affected but you notice unusual activity on your bank statement, you should tell them your data has been breached too.
  3. Change your passwords - Immediately change your password for your Stone Refurb account and update any other accounts you’ve used that password for. Ideally use different passwords for all of your online accounts to reduce the risks of any of your other accounts getting hacked.

How to Check if Your Data was Breached

You might not always know that your data has been hacked, and the effects of a data breach won’t necessarily happen straight away. It’s good practice to update your passwords regularly and check whether your email address has been compromised.

You can use our free online data breach checker for instant results. Simply just type in your email address and we’ll straightway show you if you data has been breached. If it has, don’t worry – our Cyber Security team are on hand to offer you advice and support for what to do next.

But please note, if you don’t get any results, this doesn’t necessarily mean your data’s never been breached, as the checker can only pull information that is publicly available online.

Claim Compensation for a Stone Refurb Data Breach

If you want to make a data breach compensation claim against Stone Refurb or another company, we can help you. Our Cyber Security Solicitors offer a free legal assessment. We’ll discuss your case with you and let you know if we think you’ve got grounds for a claim.

We’ve helped clients claim compensation from both small and large organisations, including:

  • Banks and other financial providers
  • Independent businesses
  • Local authorities and the police
  • Health organisations
  • Education organisations

We can deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis – ask us for details.

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