GMB member wins compensation after dog bite


Simpson Millar has successfully pursued a GMB member's claim for nearly £1,700 damages after he suffered a dog bite while collecting refuse.

Dog Bites

The accident took place on 8 July 2011 when, at around 7.30am, our client was working outside a property in Bexhill-on-Sea.

As the GMB member loaded the householder's waste-bin into the back of his dustcart, and without any warning, a Jack Russell terrier ran from the house and bit him twice on his leg. As he twisted around to try and protect himself, the worker hurt his right ankle.

The attack was later described as "vicious and unprovoked" by an animal that was known to have an aggressive temperament. Under the terms of Section 2(2) of the Animals Act 1971, its owner had failed to adequately restrain the dog and protect the worker.

A later medical report, which we obtained after the householder had admitted liability for the accident, showed that the dog attack had caused puncture wounds to the worker's left calf and his right ankle, along with suspected ligament strain and shock. Our client was also forced to take nearly 3 days off work.

Instructed by the worker's GMB union, we made a claim against the householder for compensation, which luckily was covered by insurance. Without too much delay, the defendant admitted liability.

Since our client's injuries did not require further surgery, we were able to start negotiations with the defendant, resulting in a successful damages claim for our client of £1,687.49.

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