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The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has a broad remit, including dealing with offences that occur on aircraft.

In both 2016 and 2017, there were over 400 reported incidents on aircraft involving acts of violent and intimidating behaviour. Even before the busy summer flying season had been taken into account, the CAA reported over 200 separate incidents in 2018.

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Our Aviation Solicitors can help in instances where you’ve been affected by a disruptive passenger, or if you’ve been caught up in an incident aboard a commercial aircraft.

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More information on Prosecutions / Civil Aviation Authority Reviews

The CAA is tasked by the Department for Transport to investigate and prosecute breaches of aviation safety rules, including major offences such as pilots attempting to fly whilst over the legal alcohol limit. Now, these cases are rare, but they do unfortunately happen.

Prosecution is one of the ways the CAA ensures that aviation safety is properly observed.

Contained within the Air Navigation Order are the following criminal offences, and the police and Crown Prosecution Service can use these to deal with cases of passenger disruption:

  • Endangering the safety of an aircraft
  • Drunkenness in aircraft
  • Smoking in aircraft
  • Authority of pilot in command of an aircraft
  • Acting in a disruptive manner

Civil Aviation Authority Compliance with UK Law

Airlines operating in the UK must comply with a range of consumer laws, some of which apply specifically to aviation. This includes:

  • Legislation relating to things like price
  • Transparency
  • Passenger rights during flight disruption
  • Access to air travel for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Unfair contract terms and requirements to trade fairly

For people affected by disruptive behaviour on an aircraft, be it the airline, or a passenger, reviews can be requested by the Civil Aviation Authority Board of Adverse Decisions. Our Aviation Solicitors can advise, prepare written representations and represent you.

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