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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you think it’s been caused by being exposed to carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer) at work, we can help you.

Our friendly and supportive team offer a Free Claims Assessment so we can talk through your situation and tell you if we think you have a compensation claim. If needed we can also visit you at home (in England & Wales), or help you if you want to claim on behalf of a loved one who is suffering from cancer connected to their work.

We often deal with these claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, which means if you lose you don’t have to pay anything, so ask us for details.

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Why Choose Simpson Millar?

    • We care - our team of Solicitors often deal with people in this situation and know how we can help and provide you with the best legal support available in a sympathetic way
    • We’ve got a strong track record of helping people with work-related cancer get the compensation they need to access vital care, support and treatment
    • We are the Open Lawyers - We’re open, transparent and accessible and will speak to you in straightforward terms rather than legal jargon
    • You won’t be hit with any hidden costs
    • You’ll be kept regularly updated about what’s happening with your claim
    • Our team will tailor our service to your specific needs and circumstances, so we can deliver the best possible service for you
    • One stop shop - We’ve strong links with many charities, patient organisations and medical experts so you can get vital support in the future. Our aim isn’t just to get you compensation, we want to help you live with your condition as well as is possible

People We’ve Helped

£142,500 Compensation for Trichloroethylene Related Cancer

Our client got in touch with us as he believed he got cancer through working in the Armed Forces and wanted our help to make a compensation claim. At the start of his career he served in the Royal Air Force for more than a decade. This included four years of carrying out maintenance work on life rafts used in the Nimrod aircraft for the Ministry of Defence. During this time, he regularly used Trichloroethylene (TCE) to degrease and clean machinery and equipment.

Years later, he developed symptoms of a slow growing cancer in the lymph nodes and bone marrow, and had to undergo chemotherapy. He also struggled to carry out everyday tasks at home and needed lots of care from his wife.

With our help, he was awarded £142,500 in compensation from the Ministry of Defence. Our client said he was very happy with the outcome as it meant his family would be provided for after he died. Sadly, he passed away shortly after the claim was settled. Money can’t make up for the death of a loved one but the reassurance that your loved ones will be taken care of is invaluable.

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Can I Claim Compensation for Work-Related Cancer?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and suspect it’s work related, you can claim compensation if it can be proven your employer negligently exposed you to a known carcinogen that caused your cancer. This could include:

      • Asbestos
      • Benzidine
      • Cadmium
      • Formaldehyde
      • Rubber production
      • Trichloroethylene
      • UV Radiation
      • Dust

If the particular substance you came into contact with isn’t listed here, don’t worry. Medical knowledge of work related cancer is increasing all the time, so you’ve got nothing to lose by seeking legal advice from an expert Industrial Disease Solicitor and getting a Free Case Assessment to see if there is a possibility of making a claim.

What are the Most Common Work-Related Cancers?

        • Lung Cancer - Most commonly caused by exposure to asbestos fibres, but can also be caused by carcinogenic chemicals such as cadmium and from the rubber industry
        • Bladder Cancer - Can be caused by exposure to aromatic amines used in dyes and pigments, in rubber preparation and from exposure to benzidine
        • Throat/Laryngeal Cancer - Can sometimes be linked to exposure to acid mists
        • Nasal/Sinus Cancer - Often associated with exposure to wood dust
        • Skin Cancer - Usually associated with exposure to mineral oils (e.g. metal workers and printing industries) and coal-tar pitch/distillation

What’s the Claims Process?

        1. We offer a free claims assessment, so we can get details of what happened to you and see if you have a good chance of claiming successfully and getting the compensation you deserve.
        2. If we can take on your case, we’ll carry out thorough investigations to find out who is liable (at fault), so we can work to secure the compensation and rehabilitation support you need.
        3. We’ll find out if you need any further treatment or rehabilitation by getting a medical report from a specialist in this area of medicine, some of which isn't available on the NHS due to the cost. Our Solicitors can arrange this for you.
        4. If the medical expert believes you need any extra treatment, rehabilitation or support, the cost of this will be factored into our estimate of how much compensation you should claim.
        5. We’ll approach the party you hold responsible, or their insurance company, with the details of your claim. Even if the company responsible isn’t trading any more, we could still claim through their insurer.
        6. We’ll negotiate with the other side for a final settlement. Most claims of this nature settle out of Court, so don’t worry about giving evidence at a Trial, as that’s unlikely to happen.
        7. If the other party accepts fault and you have urgent financial or medical needs, we can apply for interim payments of compensation while the claim is still proceeding, so you don’t have to wait until the final settlement to get the help you need.

Time Limits for Making a Claim

You must claim within 3 years of the date when you first became aware that you were unwell and that your job was probably responsible.

If you’re bringing a claim on behalf of a relative who has passed away, it must be brought within three years of the day they died.

No Win, No Fee Claims for Work Related Cancer

We could handle your case on a No Win, No Fee basis, or your trade union may cover any fees if they referred you to us.

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