£50,000 Compensation for Cyclist Hit by Car

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A Cycling Accident Claim Case Study – Client Situation

Our client was on her bicycle waiting at a set of traffic lights and started moving when the light turned green in her favour. However, the driver of a car heading in a different direction jumped a set of lights that had turned to red.

The car hit the rear wheel of our client’s bicycle and she was thrown about 20m from the point of impact into the gutter. As a result, she sustained injuries including a fractured breastbone and damage to her lower back and left leg.

Our client also suffered head injuries, which led to her experiencing memory loss. In addition, she suffered a number of psychological symptoms following the cycling accident, including mood swings, cognitive problems, relationship difficulties and social withdrawal.

She also suffers from anxiety when riding her bike or travelling as a passenger in a vehicle.

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How We Helped

She approached our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors for a free consultation and legal advice.  We were confident she had a strong case for compensation, as the accident was caused by the driver of the car going through a red light.

Our Head of Road Traffic Accidents, Solicitor Simon Stanfield, took on her case and arranged for her to be assessed by a Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. These specialists prepared medical reports outlining the severity of her injuries and what treatment she might need in the future.

Simon brought the cycling accident claim to the car driver’s insurer, highlighting the errors made by the driver that led to the accident taking place. These included:

  • Driving too fast
  • Failing to apply the brakes in time
  • Not keeping an adequate stopping distance
  • Failing to keep a proper lookout for hazards
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Proceeding through a red light
  • Exposing the cyclist to a foreseeable risk of injury

The driver of the car admitted liability (fault), which meant the case didn’t have to go to Court. Instead, Simon negotiated with the insurer for a compensation settlement that he believed reflected the severity of our client’s injuries, and the financial losses she’d experienced as result.

The Outcome

Our client was awarded a total of £50,000 compensation for the cycling accident. This helped to cover her expenses such as travel and medication costs, as well as the cost of care and assistance, which was over and above what would have been given in the ordinary course of family life by her partner and family.

The compensation payout also covered expenses such as her college fees and 1 year’s loss of earnings, as her injuries meant she had to retake a year of college and delay potential employment opportunities.

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