Amounts of Compensation Awarded in Car Accident Claims

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The amount of compensation you receive in a successful car accident claim will usually reflect the extent of the personal injuries you’ve suffered. This generally means that the more severe your injuries, the higher the amount of compensation you’d expect to receive.

Personal injury compensation exists to try to get you back to where you were before the accident happened. So as Personal Injury Solicitors, it’s our job to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation and rehabilitation support you’re entitled to by law.

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How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Car Accident?

Below is a breakdown of the average amounts of compensation payouts in successful road traffic accident claims in the UK. While this may give you a rough idea of what size payout you could receive, remember they are not an exact amount of compensation for your car accident case. For detailed advice on what the true value of your claim could be, please get in touch with one of our Personal Injury Solicitors.

The Court has set guidelines for valuing personal injury claims called the Judicial College Guidelines. Each type of injury has a bracket of compensation and after they’ve received the medical report, your Solicitor can advise you which bracket your claim falls into.

There are two parts to the compensation that is awarded in a personal injury claim, these are called General Damages and Special Damages. In each of the amounts of compensation awarded for General Damages below, we show compensation amounts for minor, moderate and severe injuries.

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Average General Damages Compensation Payouts

Brain/Head Injury

Minor - A full recovery within a few weeks - £1,940 to £11,200

Moderate - Small risk of epilepsy, concentration and memory are affected, ability to work is reduced, intellectual deficit, personality changes and senses/speech affected - £13,430 to £37,760

Severe - Little response to surrounding environment, double incontinence, little or no language function, need for full-time nursing care - £247,280 to £354,260

Neck Injury

Minor - Soft tissue injuries (whiplash) that are resolved in three months to two years - A few hundred pounds to £6,920

Moderate - Fractures or dislocations, wrenching-type injuries, disc lesion, and injuries that have accelerated and/or exacerbated existing injuries - £6,920 to £33,750

Severe - Serious fractures, paraplegia, substantial loss of movement in the neck, loss of function in limbs, severe headaches - £39,870 to £130,060

Back Injury

Minor - Strains, sprains, disc prolapses and soft tissues injuries that are resolved in three months to five years - A few hundred pounds to £10,970

Moderate - Moderate residual disability with pain and discomfort. Maybe a need for surgery, acceleration and/or exacerbation of existing injuries - £10,970 to £34,000

Severe - Damage to spinal cord and nerve roots leading to chronic conditions and dysfunction - £34,000 to £141.150

Shoulder Injury

Minor - Soft tissue injuries with almost complete recovery in three months to two years - A few hundred pounds to £6,920

Moderate - Soft tissue injuries/frozen shoulder with symptoms lasting more than two years - £6,920 to £11,200

Severe - Dislocation, damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus causing symptoms, fractured humerus leading to restricted shoulder movement - £11,200 to £16,830

Arm Injury

Minor - Simple fractures of the forearm - £5,810 to £16.830

Moderate - Serious fractures of the forearm with significant permanent residual disability – either functional or cosmetic - £31,220 to £52,490

Severe - Serious injuries that cause a total loss of function - £84,310 to £114,810

Pelvis and Hip Injury

Minor - Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery, or injuries with little or no residual disability - Up to £3,460 to £11,040

Moderate - Significant injury to pelvis or hip but permanent disability isn’t major - £11,040 to 4,340

Severe - Extensive fractures and dislocation - £34,340 to £114,810

Leg Injury

Minor - Simple Fractures Up to £10,380 to £24,340 - Up to £10,380 to £24,340

Moderate - Severe injuries short of amputation - £24,340 to £119,210

Severe - Below the knee/above the knee amputation of one or both legs - £85,910 to £247,280

Other types of personal injury the Judicial College Guidelines cover include:

        • Damage to internal organs
        • Amputation
        • Brain / Head injuries
        • Damage to upper body limbs, including wrists, elbows, hands and fingers
        • Damage to lower body limbs, including ankles, knees, feet and toes
        • Injuries affecting the senses
        • Psychiatric and psychological damage
        • Chronic pain
        • Scarring Facial injuries

Special Damages

In addition to General Damages, you’re entitled to claim the out of pocket expenses known as Special Damages incurred as a result of the road traffic accident. This may include loss of earnings, help that you’ve needed from family and friends (care and assistance), travel expenses, treatment costs and medication.

Your Personal Injury Solicitor shall calculate the Special Damages by adding together all the finances you’ve lost. This will entirely depend on your own personal circumstances. For example, if you can no longer work as a result of the road accident, you’ll receive more compensation for Special Damages than someone who is still able to work.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors that specialise in road traffic accidents have many years of experience and will work to ensure that you receive the highest possible amount of compensation to reflect your injuries and personal situation.

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