Why You Need a Specialist to Make a Mis Sold Investment Claim

If you’ve been mis sold an investment, making a claim against the organisation that sold it to you could help you to try to recoup some of the money you lost. You might think that you have to handle your claim alone, but you don’t. By using a Mis Sold Investment Specialist to help make your claim, you can benefit from all their years of experience.

Here are the 3 most important reasons to use a Mis Sold Investment Specialist.

1 - To Know If You Were Actually Mis Sold an Investment

You’ll know that you lost money on your investment, but it’s difficult to know if you were actually mis sold. If you’re not sure, then speaking with a specialist can give you the clarity you need to decide whether to claim or not.

You could have been mis sold an investment if:

  • You were given misleading or unsuitable advice
  • You were pressured into investing your money
  • The risks weren’t properly explained to you
  • They didn’t offer you any alternative investments

These are only a few reasons, so if yours isn’t listed it doesn’t mean you weren’t mis sold an investment. Just give us a call and our experienced team will talk through your situation and give you specific advice on how you can move forward.

2 - Overcome the Time Limit to Claim

There are time limits in place to make a mis sold investment claim. A bank or financial organisation can potentially reject your claim if your investment started more than 6 years ago or was closed more than 3 years ago.

Because there is a time limit, having specialist advice can really help you to get the best outcome. Although there are time limits in place, our Claims Managers have successfully overcome these time limits many times for our clients. We’ll use our expertise to review your case and find important information to help support your claim. Then we’ll put together a plan of how we can make sure that you’re not time barred from making a claim.

3 - A Specialist Can Deal with Your Claim

By instructing a specialist to act for you, they can deal with the whole claims process for you so it’s a stress free process for you. Formal complaints procedures are often long and tedious. When you instruct one of our Claims Managers, you can be certain that they use all of their knowledge and expertise to get the best possible outcome for you.

Getting us to deal with your claim is easy – we’ll get some basic information from you in our initial phone call and then take your claim forward, usually through the organisation’s formal complaints process. Because we act as your representative, we’ll deal with any developments and push your claim forward for you.

How Can Simpson Millar Help You?

One of our Claims Mangers will talk you through the claims process for mis sold investments, and help you to understand if you have a claim. Our specialists take on claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, this means you won’t pay any of our costs unless your claim is successful.

You don’t have anything to lose. For the opportunity to get some of your money back, call one of our experienced team today.

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