Has Your Solicitor Mishandled Your Personal Injury Claim?

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Robert Godfrey
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If you’re seeking compensation after suffering a serious personal injury, you put your trust in the Solicitor handling your case. It’s their job to steer you through all the complexities and processes and recover the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

So you accept the advice they provide as they’re acting on your behalf and in your best interests, and when you’re told the settlement offer is a good one, then you’ll accept that without question.

It can therefore come as a huge shock and a big disappointment to find out your Solicitor may have mishandled your personal injury claim and that the amount of compensation you received wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, this is a growing problem, and professional negligence claims arising out of the mishandling of personal injury claims is on the rise.

If you are not happy with the compensation you received, get in touch with our Professional Negligence Solicitors for free legal advice.

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Claiming for Professional Negligence

At Simpson Millar, our Professional Negligence Solicitors deal with claims for people who’ve been let down by their Solicitors and have suffered a loss as a consequence.

We can operate on a No Win, No Fee basis and ensure that all those cases which merit investigation are properly and fully investigated, and where an individual has been let down, we try and put it right.

Common failings in personal injury claims include:

      • Settlement before a full recovery has taken place
      • Settlement at too low a level of compensation
      • Failing to recover loss of earnings
      • Failing to recover pension losses
      • Not ensuring all out of pocket expenses have been included in the claim (such as additional heating costs, travelling expenses, medical costs)
      • A failure to recover the cost of assistance provided with everyday tasks which you now struggle to do such as cleaning, gardening, DIY, decorating
      • A failure to recover the costs of someone providing you with care and assistance both immediately after the accident and into the future (regardless of whether it’s paid for or provided free of charge by a family member or friend).

All of these may entitle you to seek compensation from your Solicitor. Too many personal injury cases are being settled too early. The correct questions and enquiries aren’t being made of the client. There is often a failure to understand the medical evidence and where necessary, raise appropriate issues with the expert who examined the client.

Furthermore, there’s an overuse of standard letters, the majority of which contain some information, but which often isn’t specific or relevant to the client in question, and they don’t always contain advice. However, our Professional Negligence Solicitors can help you get justice if you believe your case has been mishandled and that you didn’t get the compensation settlement you feel you deserved.

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