Conveyancing Solicitor Takes on the Hackney Half Marathon for Day One Major Trauma


Conveyancing Solicitor, Mark Davidson, talks about taking part in the Hackney Half Marathon and what the charity Day One Trauma means to him. 

This Sunday, on 22 May, I’ll be taking part in the Hackney Half Marathon to help raise money and awareness for the charity, Day One Trauma.

Day One Trauma does some amazing work and I really wanted to get involved to help raise both money awareness of them as a charity and the things that they do.

There are over 20,000 major trauma cases every year. This number is alarming, and it means that there’s a huge amount of people who will unlikely receive all support and care that is needed when you are affected by such a devastating thing. The average age is only 40 years old.

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About Day One Trauma

Day One Trauma is a national charity which supports the lives of people who have been affected by accidents which have changed their lives. It was created with the help of patients, many of which are still actively fundraising for the charity.

Their story began in Leeds, where professor Giannoudis realised that reviews into Major Trauma Centers around the U.K. did not pick up on several gaps in providing support and care to Major Trauma patients. After his realisation, he got in touch with these patients, who all agreed they felt there was a lack of care and support for both themselves and their families.

Thanks to Professor Giannoudis and the patients that he spoke to, Day One now exists to offer loads of amazing practical and emotional support to Major Trauma patients. Their compassionate support methods are also tailored to each person, so everyone’s needs are met personally.

Day One provides their peer support alongside NHS clinical care, which means everyone is supported from every angle. I believe that this is amazing, and I want more people to know about Day One and what they provide for people.

Putting on my Running Shoes

I’ll be running the Hackney Half marathon (13 miles), which see’s thousands of other runners taking part, to raise as much money as I can for Day One. I am hoping to get them so exposure more than anything, but of course raising a huge amount of money for them would be incredible. I never wanted the marathon to be about me; I always wanted it to be about Day One.

Getting ready for the marathon has been a long process; I’ve been training three to four times a week. I’ve been doing this for the last month, alternating between sessions before and after work. As the marathon is getting closer, I’ll be upping my training slightly to give myself a last push.

Working in conveyancing, I don’t often deal with serious cases such as the Personal Injury team. They do amazing things for people who have gone through terrible times. A lot of the people who come to Simpson Millar for our help have received the help that they need, and I wanted to add to that; that’s why I’ve decided to get involved in this marathon for Day One.

As well as this, Day One has a base at a hospital close to where I am, so it felt right for me to get involved with something which feels very local. After recognising some of the work that they do, I wanted more people to learn about Day One, how they help people, and get them some more funding. I hope that by taking part in this run, I’ll get people talking about Day One, raise some money, and hopefully others will start to do some fundraising too!

I would really appreciate any donations big or small.

If you would like to sponsor my run, please click here.

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