£492,000 Compensation for Pedestrian Injured by Untraced Driver

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A Pedestrian Accident Claim Case Study – Client Situation

A woman in her late 30s was crossing the road one day when she was knocked down by a car. The impact led to her falling and landing on the left side of her hip, which had a number of lasting consequences.

For example, she developed pins and needles as a result of the accident and lost the ability to walk. As a result, she had to be treated in a rehabilitation unit, where she spent several months learning how to walk again.

The driver of the car drove off as soon as the accident took place, and could not be traced. The woman therefore decided to make a compensation claim for her injuries and financial losses through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). However, the MIB rejected her claim outright. She then contacted our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors for help.

How We Helped

After reviewing the details of the accident, we advised her that she could make a Pedestrian Accident Claim. Serious Injury Solicitor Rose Gibson took on the woman’s case and appealed against the Motor Insurers Bureau’s decision.

Rose achieved a positive result by agreeing that the claimant would accept some but not all of the responsibility for the accident. Rose secured what’s known as a liability split of 66.6% in our client’s favour.

The Motor Insurers Bureau offered a compensation settlement of £15,000, but this was rejected, as we felt it was not enough compensation given the scale of how the accident had affected our client.

Although our client had been able to go back to work after the accident, and was in fact earning a higher salary than she had been previously, she still a number of ongoing health issues.

Specifically, she was suffering relapses of a neuropathic condition, which led to her regularly needing to have periods of time off work. This led to an argument from the Motor Insurers Bureau that she was pretending to be incapacitated in order to avoid work.

Rose subsequently worked to prove that our clients’ condition was a direct consequence of her being knocked down by car, and that this should therefore be reflected in any compensation settlement.

The Outcome

Eventually, the Motor Insurers Bureau agreed to settle the claim for a total of £492,000 compensation – a considerably higher amount than the £15,000 settlement they had originally offered.

This was a life-changing result for the client, as she had lost her job as a result of her condition, but now had the means to start a new life in another country.

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