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Our Industrial Disease Solicitors are experts at dealing with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) claims, also sometimes known as Vibration White Finger (VWF).

See Case Study: £8,500 Compensation Awarded in HAVS Claim

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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is very common, as regularly using equipment that vibrates, such as pneumatic drills, concrete breakers and grinding tools, can put you at risk.

But since it can take a long time of exposure for symptoms of HAVS to become apparent, it’s important to get an expert Solicitor to handle your claim.

Our friendly, approachable and considerate team can help you prove that your employers have breached their duty of care by exposing you to harmful levels of vibration.

We’ll progress your claim smoothly, efficiently and quickly, and even if you’re not sure where the injury occurred, we can carry out a thorough investigation to find out who is liable.

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More information on HAVS Claims

If your employer has been negligent and put you at risk when they could have had a much safer system of work in place, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries under their Employer's Liability Insurance Policy.

It’s your employer’s responsibility to be aware of the risks of using mechanical or pneumatic tools and equipment that vibrates and to manage them accordingly.

So if they don’t, they’re breaking the law and you may have good reason to make a claim for compensation.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome often affects nerves, blood vessels and circulation in the fingers.

HAVS Symptoms Can include:

  • Tingling sensation/pins and needles in the fingers
  • Lack of feeling/numbness in the fingers
  • Problems with strength, grip and dexterity
  • Whitening of the fingers, with painful recovery.

In the long-term, these symptoms can get worse, with continued use of vibratory tools, with a person potentially developing carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

We can help you get the compensation you deserve, so you have access to the medical treatment and resources you need to live with your injury.

Rehabilitation and other Support

We can obtain medical reports from specialist Medical Practitioners and Vascular Consultants, so we can find out if rehabilitation or further treatment is needed. Our Solicitors will arrange it if it’s required, with the costs of treatment then being included in the claim.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the claims process?

If you’re making a claim for Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, the first step will be to identify the employers and their insurers, before taking a statement from you about your work, your symptoms and your treatment.

After explaining the process to you in full, we can then take detailed statements from witnesses who can back up your case.

We will obtain a report from a Specialist Medical Consultant, so we can demonstrate in Court that your injury has resulted from your work.

We know the Court process can be stressful and traumatic, so we’ll support you every step of the way.

What funding is available?

HAVS claims can often be funded through a No Win, No Fee agreement - ask us for details.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Any claim for Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome must be made within three years of the date you knew or ought to have known that you were suffering with the condition. So it’s very important that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible to seek legal advice.

I claimed for HAVS before but I’m not happy with the settlement. What can I do?

If you've already made a claim for Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, but feel like you may have under- settled, we can help you.

We’ve seen many cases where our clients have been left debilitated by HAVS and live a very uncomfortable life.

But to add insult to injury, a previous lawyer settled with their client's employer for an amount much lower than what you’d expect from a HAVS case.

If this sounds like you, our expert team of Solicitors can help you by proceeding with a claim against a negligent Solicitor, so you can get the right level of compensation to help you live with your condition.

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