Court rules Tini Owens, the woman seeking divorce after 40 years, must stay married


The woman who wants to divorce her husband of 40 years because she says their marriage is unhappy has lost her Supreme Court appeal.

Five Supreme Court justices have ruled that Tini Owens must remain married to her husband Hugh Owens.

The justices unanimously rejected the appeal and upheld the previous rulings from a Family Court judge and Court of Appeal judges.

Tini Owens claims her marriage to her husband is loveless and has broken down irrevocably and that she should not reasonably be expected to stay married.

However, Mr Owens refuses to agree to the divorce and has denied his wife’s allegations about his behaviour.

Fiona Snowdon, family law expert at Simpson Millar said: “We are disappointed at this decision. Tini Owens has campaigned since 2015 for a divorce from her husband. This decision means she will remain trapped in a ‘loveless marriage’ for another two years. An incomprehensible idea in the 21st century and unreasonably paternalistic. But such is the outdated and archaic legislation of English divorce law”!

“Divorce can be a painful, drawn out experience. A no-fault divorce would avoid such a situation as this, and inject some much needed autonomy and practicality into the process”.

“Sadly for Ms. Owens, she will have to wait until 5 years separation gives her grounds for divorce which is surely a failure for the family Courts”.

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