Johnson & Symonds Tie the Knot – Reflections from a Family Lawyer

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While the marriage of Mr and Mrs Johnson might have been one of 2021’s best kept secrets, Family Lawyers say it’s ‘more than likely’ that preparations have been long in the making - especially as this is Boris’ third time tying the knot.

Lorraine Harvey, Partner and Family Law Expert at Simpson Millar, said: “This weekend's wedding between Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds seems to have come out of the blue, but as this is the second time that Boris has tied the knot, it’s highly likely that there has been much activity taking place behind the scenes for some time to get their legal affairs in order.

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“The idea that Prenup and Postnuptial Agreements are the sole preserve of the super-rich isn’t true, as many people who are getting married will have savings, a pension pot, a property or other assets and investments. So, if they get divorced, their partner can stake a claim on it.

“However, with a legal agreement in place which takes into consideration the life you lived before you met your current spouse, it’s possible to determine how your wealth should be split yourself, rather than leaving this in the hands of the Courts should you ever get divorced.”

  • "While Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements may be viewed by some as “unromantic”, the hard reality is that marriage is a fundamental change to your legal status, so people need to be prepared for any eventuality - especially when children are involved."

    Lorraine Harvey

    Partner, Family Law

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