Helping Separated Families Deal with Lockdown

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If you are part of a separated family, lockdown will have presented some concerns for you - whether you are the parent the children live with or not.

Parents who don’t live with their children because they are separated may be struggling to see them because of the Coronavirus pandemic - with some parents taking advantage of this situation, even where there’s a Child Arrangement Order in place.

But what can you actually do if you’re in this situation and what is the Government guidance on seeing your children during the lockdown?

The Government says that children can be moved between their two homes so they can continue to enjoy contact with both parents.

This does seem to suggest that anyone who has an agreement in place can do this, but what if you haven’t reached an agreement yet or you simply can’t?

We’ve seen a significant influx of new clients, because of Covid-19. At the moment, some parents are struggling to agree a framework for their children’s care during the health crisis.

Our Family Law Solicitors have already helped a large number of families successfully navigate the pathway towards a settled pattern of care, both in and out of Court. 

Last week we helped to get a little girl back to her mother’s care after she was taken by her father without consent at the start of lockdown.

In a separate case, where a parent was using the virus to try to restrict contact, we have secured a legal framework to protect that young child’s relationship with the other parent.

Even though we’re in lockdown, the Family Court is still open and we are using telephone and video hearings to make sure emergency applications can be dealt with quickly as they would be outside of the lockdown.

Life during lockdown is tough, but knowing that you are being stopped from seeing your children and maintaining your relationship with them can make the whole situation even worse, for them and for you.

If you are struggling to see your children because of social distancing, or you’re concerned about your child’s situation at home during the lockdown we can help.

Our bespoke fixed fees, tailored to your budget will help give you the certainty you need in these uncertain times.

You can call and speak to one of our Family Solicitors today – we’re here to help you.

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