Brangelina's Property Dispute Shines Light on 'Common Conflict'

Posted on: 1 min read
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Further details of Brad and Angelina’s sour divorce have once again hit the headlines, amidst reports that they cannot agree on the future of their £130m French mansion.

While the couple has previously battled over child arrangements, Brad has now accused Angelina of selling her shares in the 1,000-acre estate to investors without consulting him.

Lorraine Harvey, a leading Family Law Solicitor at Simpson Millar, said: “Sadly, the situation that Brad and Angelina find themselves in is not uncommon.

“While your average Brit doesn’t own 50% of a picturesque 35-bedroom mansion and vineyard in the South of France, it’s not unusual for couples to have shares in a business – be that through inheritance or as a result of their own trading activity.

“In our experience, many people overlook these at the start of a divorce process.

“Similarly, just like ‘Brangelina’ many couples have shares in a working ‘family business’ which provides a steady source of income and something that can be passed down through the generations.

“When things turn sour it’s not unusual for one or other party to ‘want out' of that partnership, but that’s not always a straightforward process. Especially with regards to valuation, which could vary significantly when the market is volatile, as it has been over the last year or so due to Covid-19.

“Ultimately, separating couples should look to get expert advice to make sure that all assets – physical and monetary – are fairly split.

“That includes pensions, investments, and property.

“If you sign the final Financial Order only to learn later down the line you’ve been short-changed, under English law it’s unlikely you’ll be able to drag your ex back to court to redress the balance.”

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