Compensation After Losing an Inch of Leg During Negligent Hip Replacement


Sarah Holdsworth, our Solicitor specialising in Medical Negligence, recently helped a victim of a negligent hip replacement receive £35,000 for the harm and suffering he endured.

Sarah Holdsworth Justice | Medical Negligence Specialist

Negligence Caused 18 Months of Pain

After a long delay in arranging surgery, our client attended the NHS Solihull Hospital for a hip replacement due to severe osteoarthritis, a type of joint disease that causes pain and stiffness. Our client had a total hip replacement and was referred to have physiotherapy following the surgery.

Our client's physiotherapists soon began to realise our client was experiencing problems, and that something wasn't right. At his 7 week scan he raised concerns that his hip was clicking and that his left leg was much lower than his right. He was given a shoe raise to align the height difference but our client was soon back at his GP because his symptoms were worsening and he was now experiencing muscle weakness.

Once again, no other help was offered other than to continue with physio. Our client's surgeon had left the Trust, and upon being seen by a different specialist, it was found that our client had lost as much as an inch and a half of his leg.

Medical Report Revealed True Failings

Sarah sought a medical report for our client and the expert report revealed evidence to support the belief that negligent treatment took place. In fact, the expert viewed that a grossly abnormal bone cut had been made with an excessive amount of bone removed.

Our client was put through another surgery to try to correct the damage done and was pleased to have an improvement in movement and pain.

Taking Steps in Getting Help and Moving Forward

Our client decided to get help when he felt that after regular hospital visits over 12 months he was still seeing no improvement and there didn't seem to be any hope of this in future. Sarah was able to help our client get the answers he needed, along with £35,000 in compensation to help him in future.

Our client explains how we helped and why others in his situation should speak to a solicitor:

"I contacted Simpson Millar when I most needed help and support. On contacting them I received an excellent response in the form of a house visit. There was someone ready to help me. The service I received throughout from Simpson Millar was excellent towards reaching my settlement. More people need to know about this service."

If you think that you've been injured because of hospital negligence, it's important to seek help. Finding out what truly happened not only gives you peace of mind, it ensures you can get the right treatment and help in future with the support of a compensation settlement.

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