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Hywel Thomas

Senior Associate Solicitor, Abuse


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Areas of Expertise:

Hywel works as a Senior Associate Solicitor in the Abuse Claims Department at Simpson Millar.

Professional Biography

With a background in Personal Injury Claims and Criminal Injury Compensation Claims, Hywel started specialising in Abuse Claims in 2001. Over the years, he has seen the area of abuse law evolve, presenting new challenges and learning opportunities. He has tackled cases against diverse groups, from local authorities to private schools, charities, medical organisations, and even individuals.

His passion for understanding psychological injuries led him to this area of Law.  Hywel's work extends beyond seeking financial compensation for his clients; he focuses on helping victims and survivors access support, making a real difference in their healing process. He values each client's unique motivations, ensuring they achieve what they desire through the legal process.

He has vast experience in high-profile group actions, such as the Manchester Homes Group Actions and the Nugent Care Society Group Actions. His expertise also includes appealing CICA decisions before first-tier tribunals and obtaining redress under various schemes, notably the Irish Government's Residential Institutions Redress Board. After a brief time back in Personal Injury work, where he represented individuals with severe and life-changing injuries in both civil and CICA claims, he returned to the Abuse sector in July 2021, where he began working for Simpson Millar.

Hywel is dedicated to building strong connections with support organisations to better help his clients through a trauma-focused approach, understanding the importance of collaborations to enhance the support system for victims and survivors. This collaborative mindset has been instrumental in breaking stigmas, bringing about positive changes in the law, and ensuring victims and survivors are heard and believed.

Professional Memberships/Accreditations

Between 2014 and 2022, he actively contributed as a Trustee and Board member of 42nd Street, a Charity supporting young people with mental health issues. He's also a member of ACAL.

Case Studies / Notable Cases

One of Hywel's most notable cases involved a client who faced childhood abuse, with its effects worsening after another trauma later in life. Thanks to Hywel's dedication, the client received early interim payments for essential psychiatric treatment, allowing them to return to work and be able to start rebuilding their life. Another case that showed Hywel’s commitment involved a client who was directly impacted by his empathetic approach, and not just by the compensation received. Hywel made him feel truly heard and believed. Another significant career milestone for Hywel was securing a six-figure win for a client, highlighting the defendant's recognition of the deep mental impact of abuse.

Hywel not only seeks compensation for those who have been abused but also focuses on their healing and support. With years of experience backing him, he has won numerous significant cases for his clients, demonstrating a deep commitment to his clients' well-being throughout the process.

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