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"Clearly developing a deeper understanding of consumers is a must, especially for the travel industry."

Holiday Statistics

This was a comment made by Callcredit, who commissioned YouGov to conduct research into holiday booking trends in the UK. According to the research, almost half of all fathers surveyed would take their children out of school to obtain a better holiday deal, compared to going in the school holidays.

The Statistics

The research looked at various factors when buying a holiday, such as the socio-economic background of consumers, gender, their budget for a holiday, and how they booked it.

59% of people who considered themselves 'on a budget' would risk school fines by taking their children out during term time. This seems to confirm that legislation introduced to prevent taking children out of school for a holiday is simply targeting less well-off families and stigmatising them. UK tour operators know many families have no choice but to go away during school holidays, but it seems quite unfair to increase prices during this time.

Buying Habits

Outside of the school holiday argument, there were some interesting results relating to the types of holiday being bought, and how.

The most affluent groups of travellers bought their holiday only 2-6 months ahead of time. This is when a holiday is likely to be more expensive, but also the chance to grab a last minute deal. In some ways, it may be better for bargain hunters to wait, but bear in mind, you won't have the same amount of choice, and might be landed with something less than suitable.

According to Callcredit

The survey also showed a disparity between views when a last minute deal became available. Approximately 48 per cent of the 'Business Elite' are prepared to drop everything and jet off compared to just 38 per cent of the 'Cash Conscious Communities'. This may indicate that flexibility, when it comes to taking time off work, could be an issue.

Those looking for a bargain generally went to a travel agent to book a holiday, as opposed to the more affluent traveller who was not only buying last minute, but doing it themselves.

Pay Later?

Although you may find yourself spending less when you put the holiday together yourself, there is the chance you could 'pay later'. Holidaymakers who book using a travel agent are protected in a number of ways if they book a package holiday. There are laws in place that cover any accident or illness you may fall foul of whilst on your break, assuming the travel operator is responsible or they failed in their duty of care towards you.

In the past we have detailed a number of benefits you may gain when booking a holiday via a travel agent. Coupled with the fact that those looking for a bargain are also using them, it could be 'win, win' this summer.

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