Claiming Compensation for Occupational Lung Disease

Deborah Krelle
Deborah Krelle
Partner, Head of Industrial Disease

If you work in an environment where you are exposed to dust or fumes, then you may be at risk of developing an occupational lung or respiratory disease, particularly if your employer isn’t adequately protecting you against that risk.

There are many categories of workers who commonly find themselves in a job that causes exposure to dust and fumes, such as those working with chemicals, asbestos, paint spraying, metals, woodwork, engineers, factory workers and bakers, to name just a few.

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Occupational Lung Diseases

There are a range of lung diseases that can be caused by exposures in the workplace:

      • Lung cancers, which may be caused by a range of exposures such as asbestos, diesel engine exhaust emissions and mineral oils
      • Work-related asthma (asthma caused or exacerbated by substances at work)
      • Pneumoconiosis, a scarring and inflammation of the lung and is commonly caused by exposure to asbestos, known as asbestosis. A person may also develop coal worker’s pneumoconiosis from inhaling coal dust, and silicosis, after inhaling respirable crystalline silica
      • Asbestos diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening, which is caused by exposure to asbestos fibres.

There are estimated to be around 20,000 annual new cases of self-reported breathing or lung problems caused or made worse by work. Some occupational lung diseases come on many years after the first exposure occurred, and others may occur after only a short period of time.

If you are at risk of being exposed to hazardous dust, fumes or chemicals at work, then your employer ought to be protecting you against the exposure. Preventative steps they could be taking may include providing you with appropriate personal protective equipment, such as masks, and providing adequate extraction and ventilation at your place of work. Furthermore, you should be receiving information and training on the risk of exposure to harmful substances in the workplace.

How Simpson Millar Can Help You

If you feel that you may be suffering with a lung disease caused by your work, then our Industrial Disease Solicitors may be able to help you with a claim for compensation against the employer responsible. We are specialists in industrial disease claims with a dedicated team of Solicitors, Lawyers and support staff who have a wealth of experience.

It may not matter if your exposure was many years ago and your employer no longer exists, as we can undertake searches to try to find their insurers and we can then pursue the claim directly against them.

To make a claim, we would need to take information from you about your work processes, the substances that you have been exposed to, your symptoms and diagnosis.
We would then obtain copies of your medical records and obtain a report from a specialist medical consultant to confirm that your injury has resulted from your work. We will investigate your claim and advise you on the prospects of success as the case progresses.

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