Ex-Coal Board Worker With Mesothelioma Gets Compensation

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Mr G began noticing symptoms of stomach pain in June 2018, and was referred for x-rays, scans and a biopsy. He was eventually diagnosed with mesothelioma - an asbestos cancer of the lining of the peritoneum.

Before Mr G fell ill, he’d been very fit for his age and had enjoyed activities such as running. But following his mesothelioma diagnosis, his condition deteriorated very rapidly, and he suffered further symptoms including loss of appetite, extreme weight loss, bowel problems and lethargy.

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How We Helped

Mr G contacted our specialist Industrial Disease Lawyers for a free claims assessment, and after looking at his situation, I agreed to help him claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

My investigation started by looking at his entire working history, so we can pinpoint who he was working for at the time he was exposed to asbestos, and how they could be held legally responsible for his asbestos related cancer.

Mr G told us that he was exposed to asbestos while he was working for the National Coal Board during the 1950s and 1960s. During this period, he would work both underground and at various collieries, and also spent a month on secondment at a power station.

Mr G couldn’t recall being exposed to asbestos during any other jobs. This meant that although his exposure to asbestos was relatively light during his time at the National Coal Board, it was enough to cause his mesothelioma in later years.

Sadly, his symptoms continued to get worse, and he passed away just two months after instructing us to deal with his claim, and four months after he first noticed his symptoms.

An inquest was held following his death and his cause of death was confirmed as abdominal mesothelioma. The Coroner also confirmed that this was a death due to industrial disease.

The Outcome

I negotiated an out-of-Court settlement of £91,000 compensation. There was no dependency claim put forward in this case.

This case highlights the dangers of even fairly light exposures to asbestos many decades ago and the devastating effect that mesothelioma can have. The disease not only had a profound impact on Mr G, but also on his family and friends, robbing them of a loved one in a very painful and sudden way.

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