£375,000 Compensation for Asbestos-Related Illness

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Our client had worked for the same local builder ever since he had left school. But after experiencing breathing difficulties, he was diagnosed with an asbestos related illness and wasn’t able to continue with his work. 

His wife also had to reduce her hours at work to care for her husband and take him to his weekly immunotherapy treatments, which was a 200-mile round trip journey.

Despite only working for the one employer throughout his working life, he didn’t know precisely where or how he was exposed to the asbestos that caused his disease.

He contacted our expert Industrial Disease Solicitors for a free consultation and legal advice, and they are specialists in finding out when and where asbestos exposure at work may have taken place.

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How We Helped

Following a free assessment of his situation, Solicitor Helen Grady, who specialises in asbestos claims, agreed to take on his case.

Helen arranged an independent medical assessment for our client, so we could establish the precise nature of his condition and identify any care and rehabilitation requirements he may have.

Since our client couldn’t be sure where or how he was exposed to asbestos at work, he had at first presumed this was from cutting through Big 6 asbestos corrugated sheet panels. However, his employer denied breach of duty.

Nevertheless, Helen and her team remained in close contact with our client and in our discussions, he eventually managed to remember being asked to cut through asbestos soffits on houses, so he could fit extensions to these properties. This led to his employer’s insurance company accepting responsibility.

Our client was still working for the company responsible at the time he was diagnosed, which was factored into our valuation of his asbestos claim. Helen also considered the fact that our client had a young child, as additional compensation and future provision in a Will would need to be reflected in the claim too.

The Outcome

The employer’s insurer offered to pay a total of £375,000 compensation, which was accepted by our client. Solicitor Helen Grady also helped our client to access private immunotherapy and arranged appointments on his behalf.

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