£215,903 Mesothelioma Compensation for Farm Worker

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Industrial Disease Solicitor Helen Grady successfully represented a man who was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of 55. He was still working, running a beef and dairy farm with his young family, when he was diagnosed with the fatal asbestos-related disease.

After being told he was suffering from mesothelioma, he also needed surgery to remove part of a tumour that was surrounding his heart. As a result, he wasn’t able to work for a long time, despite his family relying on his income.

He got in touch with our expert Industrial Disease Solicitors for a free consultation and legal advice on claiming compensation.

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How We Helped

Helen Grady, a Partner and Solicitor who specialises in asbestos claims, agreed to help him claim compensation for the asbestos exposure that led to his mesothelioma. Due to his recovery from the tumour operation, Helen had to show great care and patience when discussing his future and gathering evidence to support his claim for compensation.

At first, our client couldn’t recall being exposed to asbestos, as he had always worked on a busy farm. But following lengthy discussions with Helen, he eventually remembered a large fire at his late father’s farm when he was aged just 16.

The fire brigade managed to put out the fire, but our client had later been asked by his late father to sweep up the asbestos dust and debris left by the asbestos roof panels. He carried out this work for several weeks, enough time for him to be exposed to harmful amounts of asbestos dust and fibres, which would lead to him developing mesothelioma many years later.

Helen and her team carried out extensive investigations and were able to find out the supplier of the roof panels, which were asbestos cement sheets. We also tracked down witnesses who remembered media coverage of the fire at the farm when it happened back in the early 1980s.

Since the farm wasn’t insured, Helen put the claim through the Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, and showed that even though our client was working on a casual, cash-in-hand basis as a young lad from school, he could be considered an employee of his late father.

The Outcome

After lengthy negotiations, Helen secured a total compensation settlement of £215,903 for our client. At Simpson Millar, our mesothelioma clients receive 100% of the compensation awarded.

The case was highly important and a successful result was imperative due to the family circumstances. Our client was becoming too ill to run the farm, which meant he depended on outside help, as well as his wife and two young sons.

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